Can You Buy Pizza Dough? Yes, You Can! Find How to Choose and Where to Find It

By: the PROs

Can You Buy Pizza Dough? Yes, You Can! Find How to Choose and Where to Find It

Can you buy pizza dough, you ask?

Of course, you can! Is there anything you can’t buy at stores? 

Considering this is your first step in the world of store-bought pizzas, we would like to give you a tour around!

Read this post till the last to learn everything about buying pizza dough. Whichever option you choose, we hope you enjoy your next pizza night. 

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

Can You Buy Pizza Dough?

Yes. You can buy pizza dough from your local grocery store, pizzeria, or online.

You can buy fresh, frozen, canned, or gluten-free pizza dough.

Store-bought pizza dough is not the same as where to make your own, but it is certainly an alternative.

Types of Pizza Dough You Can Buy

If you love making pizzas at home, but can’t spend the time to make your own dough because, well, let’s say you have unexpected guests, then you have two options.

Either you drop the idea of serving them pizzas or compromise on the store-bought dough. 

If you are fond of comparing and contrasting multiple options when shopping, you will be glad to hear that pizza dough comes in various options. 

After all, it is only fair that we get pizza dough in various forms when everything else, including clothes, accessories, makeup, and even fruits and vegetables, comes in various options. 

So, what different types of pizza dough can you buy?

Let’s take a look!

Types of Pizza Dough

Canned Pizza Dough

Frozen Pizza Dough

Fresh Pizza Dough

Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

Is naming the different types ever enough?

We think not!

Here is the analysis of every pizza dough so you can easily buy it. 

Canned Pizza Dough

If you are looking for pizza dough that you can buy and store in your pantry for months to deal with unexpected guests or your midnight cravings, then the canned type is the one for you!

Pillsbury Classic Pizza Crust

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You might have guessed by the name – canned pizza dough comes in an airtight container that keeps the dough fresh for ages after you toss it in your pantry.

It is easy to use; you have to take it out of the can, put your favorite toppings on top, and it’s ready to bake! 

While canned dough may not be the first choice for pizza lovers because it has a puff-pastry feel, it is a good option for emergencies. 

Frozen Pizza Dough

If your search for the perfect ready-made pizza dough isn’t over because you don’t like canned pizza dough’s texture, you should try the frozen option. 

Frozen dough has a better texture than the canned option. The fermentation process stops because the pizza dough comes frozen (like that wasn’t obvious!).

It comes in two varieties:

Pizza Dough Balls 

Frozen pizza dough balls can be stored in the freezer for nine months. You must take it out of the freezer and defrost it by leaving it overnight or on the countertop for an hour or two.

Then rolling, topping, and baking are steps we probably don’t need to explain. 

You can always make garlic knots with any leftover doughballs, so nothing goes to waste.

Pizza Crust

Frozen pizza crusts come rolled and sometimes partially baked, making them a quick alternative to the homemade dough.

Frozen crusts are perfect for those who want to do away with the hassle of rolling and shaping their dough after defrosting.

What’s the catch?

Frozen pizza crusts have a shorter shelf life than frozen dough balls -the rolled-out version can only be stored for six months.

Fresh Pizza Dough 

If you don’t like the idea of preservatives in your pizza dough, then the fresh dough is the one for you!

Many stores sell fresh pizza dough from various food brands; you can head to your local grocers and check if they have any. 

While on the one hand, fresh pizza dough gives a better taste than the other types, on the other, it comes with a catch. You can’t store fresh dough for too long.

If you don’t want to use it within a week, store it when you bring it home.

Pizza Dough Balls for Ooni Pizza Ovens

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Fresh Pizza Dough Best Practices

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Never keep your fresh pizza dough in the open, even if you would be using it within an hour.
  2. Always refrigerate fresh pizza dough!

Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Who says you can’t have pizza on a gluten-free diet?

The pizza dough manufacturing companies don’t, that’s for sure!

Gluten-free dough is a healthier alternative to regular store-bought pizza dough. It is made of rice and tapioca, making it a low-cholesterol option for dieters.

Gluten-free dough is rather wet and sticky, but it’s easy to roll out if you place it between two sheets of parchment paper

But buyers, beware; choose the wrong gluten-free dough, and you will end up with an unappetizing, chewy pizza for lunch.

Conversely, if you find a good brand like Trader Joe’s (great, now you know our secret spot!), you will get a tasteful blank canvas to paint on with your sauces and toppings. 

Where Can You Buy Pizza Dough Balls?

The quality of your store-bought pizza dough depends upon where you buy it from. It’s not like we are Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who loves pizza in every shape, form, and texture – we need good pizza dough balls! 

So, we have a few major grocery stores suggestions if you are considering where you can buy pizza dough balls.  They usually keep it at the bakery section.

Can You Buy Pizza Dough at Grocery Stores?

Of course, you can! Grocery stores deal in all kinds of eatables, from fruits and vegetables to sauces, packaged meat, and, not to forget, pizza dough! 

You can find it in your local market’s refrigerator or freezer section.

f you want a homemade pizza without the hassle of making dough, store-bought versions can be a great compromise.

While the pizza dough available at grocery stores doesn’t taste the same as your own pizza dough, it suffices in emergencies. Nevertheless, you must try different brands to see which matches your taste. 

You must also check the ingredients; the less, the better. Pizza dough should only have flour, water, yeast, salt, and sugar. No preservatives.

Also, check the cheese, should be a good quality mozzarella cheese.

We are a big fan of the whole wheat pizza dough from Whole Foods. This best-seller dough from Whole Foods Market cooks up beautifully at high heat – try baking it at 500 degrees.

Is Store-Bought Pizza Dough Any Good?

People have significant indifferences when it comes to their pizza crusts. Some people like their pizzas with thin crusts, some prefer thick crusts, some crispy or doughy or filled, and the list could go on. 

The only way to ensure you get the perfect crust every time is by making your pizza dough at home.

But if you can’t invest the time and effort in mixing, kneading, and proofing the dough, you can settle for an array of store-bought doughs.

Store-bought pizza dough is nowhere close to the taste and texture (and pleasure) of making the dough from scratch.

However, it is a convenient alternative for a quick yet customizable pizza. Moreover, you get various options like pre-rolled or frozen and gluten-free.

So, we would say that store-bought pizza dough is a good investment if you can’t make the dough at home. 

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How to Choose the Best Store-Bought Pizza Dough?

We assume that it must be daunting for you to buy store-bought pizza dough for the first time.

But because you have come this far, you deserve some tricks on choosing the best store-bought pizza dough. 

Listed below are some things that you should keep in mind when investing in ready-made pizza dough:

1- Choose the Freshest Pizza Dough

Do you know how our mothers would avoid buying the items in the front of the rack and reach out to the one that’s third or fourth in line?

Well, it’s time you take some tips from her because this is precisely what you must do!

You can check the expiration dates when buying packaged pizza dough from grocery stores. Make use of this and get the freshest pizza dough available.

2- Don’t Buy Pizza Dough That Sticks to the Bag

If you buy packaged pizza dough that sticks to the bag when you take it out, switch the brand!

Sticky dough means it either has too much water or is poorly kneaded.

Either way, you should leave that brand and experiment with something else unless you want your baked pizza to have a crumbly crust.

3- Try to Buy Dough Balls 

Dough balls are always better than half-cooked or pre-rolled versions. Not only are dough balls easier to work with, but they also do the best job indicating if the dough is too watery or over-proofed.

That’s not all!

Dough balls are the most versatile – you can convert them into thin crust, thick crust, pizza balls, mini pizzas, square-shaped pizzas, individual slices, and much more.

Can You Buy Pizza Dough from a Pizza Place?

One great alternative to buying ready-made pizza dough from grocery stores is to buy them from pizza places. Many local pizzerias sell their pizza dough – you have to ask!

If you wonder whether pizza dough bought from pizza places would taste good, what do you expect? That’s what the chefs there specialize in!

While store-bought pizza dough does the job, it is bland in flavor. But by getting the dough from a local pizza shop, you can rest assured of receiving fresh pizza dough that’s light on your pocket and heavy on the flavors. 

But be sure to store the dough in a refrigerator until it is ready to roll and cook.

Pizza dough bought from pizzerias lasts for around a week in the fridge, but the taste will change after four days.

Find a local pizza place near you.

Can You Buy Gluten-free Pizza Dough?

The most straightforward answer to the question, “Can I buy gluten-free pizza dough” is yes! 

The best thing about buying pizza dough from supermarkets, apart from convenience, is that you get various options.

You’ve got the canned option if you want pizza dough that can sit in your pantry.

You’ve got a frozen dough option if you want something that lasts longer.

And if you are craving a pizza on your gluten-free diet, you can buy gluten-free pizza dough.  gluten-free dough is rather wet and sticky, but it’s easy to roll out if you place it between two sheets of parchment paper.

Gluten-free pizza dough is usually chewier, but if you rub it with a bit of olive oil and bake it for ten minutes before adding your toppings, it’ll give the crust a crispier finish.

What To Do With the Dough Once You Buy It?

Have pizza dough leftovers after the party? How to store pizza dough, you ask? You freeze it, of course! Why through it when you can be savvy and store it instead?

Freezing saves the pizza dough from developing fungus and saves you from wasting your money by throwing it in the bin.

And there is no need to be concerned about the taste and the texture – frozen dough returns to its original texture once you thaw it.

Your pizza dough is ready to freeze! It does well in the freezer for up to three months, but don’t forget to mark the date on the bag.

How to Freeze Pizza Dough?

Here are the three easy steps you will need to follow to freeze pizza dough:

Step 1: Divide it into equal portions (enough to make an individual pizza).
Step 2: Roll it into a ball.
Step 3: Brush the ball with olive oil.
Step 4: Seal it in a plastic bag and mention the date on top of the bag.

How to Defrost Frozen Pizza Dough?

Listed below are some ways in which you can defrost your pizza dough:

– Keep it in the refrigerator overnight.
– Leave it on the kitchen counter for one to two hours (but don’t leave it too long, or it will over-proof).
Put the pizza dough in a plastic bag and let it sit in a bowl of room-temperature water until it thoroughly defrosts.

How to Handle Defrosted Pizza Dough?

Buying pizza dough from a grocery store or pizzeria doesn’t free you from the effort of rolling, shaping, and baking it.

Following is the procedure for using store-bought pizza dough:

Step 1: Take the dough out of the bag and form it into a perfect dough ball so that it rises evenly (be careful with forming the ball; you want to fold it in gently, without ripping it apart, so it doesn’t lose its elasticity).

Step 2: Cover it with a bowl, a tea towel, or cling film and let it sit on the countertop for twenty minutes.

Step 3: When you press the dough ball with your finger, and it doesn’t instantly bounce back, it’s ready to be stretched.

Step 4: Dust the dough ball with flour or semolina (for extra crispiness) and stretch it with your fingertips. Your momentum should be “press” the dough with your fingertips, “stretch” it with your hands, “rotate” it and repeat until your dough has formed into a round pizza base.

Step 5: Top it with pizza sauce, your favorite toppings, and cheese. Bake on a pizza stone and enjoy!

Can You Buy Pizza Dough from Dominos?

Here comes the good news – you don’t need to scan YouTube for Domino’s signature pizza dough recipe. You can buy the dough from Domino instead!

You can get the same delicious pizza base that you get at Domino’s, only healthier because you’ll know what goes on the pizza!

Can You Buy Pizza Dough from Costco?

No! As much as we would like Costco to sell ready-made pizza dough, it doesn’t!

But you can get frozen pizzas at the Costco franchises; you have to pop them in the oven for around ten minutes, and they are ready to eat!

The Last Slice

We hope that we have answered your question. Can you buy pizza dough?

Pizza dough is one addictive yeast bread – once you start making your own, there’s no going back!

Any store-bought pizza dough is unmatched by the taste and pleasure of being titled the best pizza baker in your family!

But we all have days when we crave homemade pizzas but don’t feel like making pizza dough from scratch. In this case, the only option we have is to compromise on the store-bought dough. 

We hope you found this guide on pizza dough helpful.

At least you know that your eight minutes didn’t go waste – you learned the answer to your question, “can you buy pizza dough” and how you can store your pizza dough for later use.

With that said, our work here is done!

Happy baking!

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