What the Heck! Why is Pizza Round and Comes in a Square Box? Find the Amazing Truth

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What the Heck! Why is Pizza Round and Comes in a Square Box? Find the Amazing Truth

Why is Pizza Round?

Why is pizza round? Why does pizza come in a square box? You asked.

The truth is that square boxes are much easier to make and assemble, cheaper to mass-produce, and easier to store than round ones. They’re easier to hold with one hand, and the pizza fits better, leaving extra space to grab a slice.

Let’s be honest; there’s a lot more to it.

So, let’s find out!

What are the Different Shapes of Pizza?

Although the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of pizza is the classic round shape, some companies such as Telepizza have bet on revolutionizing this and creating a square-shaped pizza, from which you can eat even the edges.

But this is not as revolutionary as one might think, as the Sicilian pizza (rectangular) and the focaccia have been around for a long time.

And these days, you can make just about anything with a bit of imagination and a pizza crust. After all, it’s just crust made with flour, water, oil… We can shape it as we please, and the possibilities are endless.

heart shaped pizza

Do you know that many heart-shaped pizzas have already been baked worldwide?

Among other reasons, for Valentine’s Day. Or, you know, maybe someone just felt like enjoying a heart-shaped pizza.

 That’s how far we’ve come!

Another excellent example of this is dinosaur-shaped pizzas. Yes, they also exist and are perfect for children’s birthdays or those fond of these creatures.

You get the idea.

As you can imagine, our point is that shaping the crust is up to the consumer or the baker.

Although, yes, most commonly, pizzas are either round, rectangular, or square.

We will probably find more variety in some emblematic places, such as Italy, since it’s a popular, traditional food.

But in the vast majority of countries across the world, the round shape still wins by a landslide.

Was Pizza Originally Square or Round?

Who were the pizza pioneers?

The ancient Egyptians already used yeast to bake a round pie in the shape and color of the sun.

Invented by ancient Egyptians, Italian bakers in the 18th century were the ones who spread it.

It’s not as if the Italians vilely stole the idea; the reality is that the pizza as we know it today, we can say that they invented it.

pizza on firewood oven background

More than 2,000 years ago, in southern Italy, in Pompella and Naples, a type of freshly baked flatbread was already being consumed, a very close version of what the renowned product is today.

It was seasoned with some garlic, olive oil, and cheese made with buffalo milk, rosemary, and other local spices, more like focaccia.

So we can assume that the Italians introduced it to gastronomy – which we all attribute the credit to anyway.

The original shape of the pizza, at least in Egypt, was indeed round. 

As for Italy, there does not seem to be much consensus, and it probably had a more rectangular shape, like the focaccia mentioned above.

This delicacy is considered the best-selling food globally: more than five billion pizzas are sold yearly.

One out of every five restaurants in the world is a pizzeria.

And, despite the different shapes it can come in, most of us associate it with being round.

Ooni Promo

Why is Pizza Round and Comes in a Square Box?

We’ve all asked ourselves this question, especially after a fun night out when we’re craving a pizza at four o’clock in the morning.

And it’s only natural for us to think about this. How many of us have seen round-shaped pizza boxes? Some must be out there, but they don’t seem very popular. 

If pizza is round, why does it make sense for its packaging to be square?

This question has probably haunted the most influential philosophers of our modern times.

pizza box

In theory, it would appear more straightforward to occupy a box surface equal to the shape of the pizza. 

Experts point out the opposite: more cardboard is saved by making a square wrapper than a round one.

Pizzerias themselves admit the convenience of the square shape. These pizza boxes are more comfortable to handle – particularly if you have to carry or store more than one pizza.

Square boxes also constitute an advantage for the user: they are easier to open and close, hold with one hand and store. Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone.

Are there Round Pizza Boxes?

As we discussed regarding the pizza’s shape, everything seems to have been invented nowadays.

It would even be strange if no one had come up with the brilliant idea of creating a round pizza box, though not so helpful.

We are sure the first person to propose it got a raise.

Some of the most renowned companies, such as Pizza Hut, are now betting on round pizza boxes.

To rephrase their own words: a team of engineers worked on creating a round box over two years to make the products taste better. 

The underlying idea was for the pizzas to stay hotter and crispier.

pizza hut round pizza box

The exciting thing is that Pizza Hut claims this type of round box will simplify the operational experience for their employees and team members.

Isn’t it supposed to be precisely the opposite?

Don’t experts claim to be more economical, materially and financially speaking, and logical for the packaging to be square to save headaches and unnecessary waste?

According to this company, round boxes will reduce the amount of material used, which will also be recyclable, so there’s nothing to be worried about. 

It seems that technology will never cease to surprise us. 

And who knows, maybe boxes will no longer be square but round in the future.

Why is Pizza Cut into Triangles?

Another question that sometimes haunts us.

Why do three geometric figures coexist in something as simple as one pizza and its container?

Circle, square, and triangles.

geometrical figures

I’ve been this close to making a why are we back at school and math lessons? Joke. But, if you think about it, it’s pretty mathematical.

The most equitable way to divide a circle is by triangles. And we all like the portions of our food to be equal. No one wants to share pizza and get the smallest slice!

Speaking of equal portions, imagine if the pizza was divided differently. Everyone would be served a randomly cut slice.

It would be perfectly plausible that you’d either get to eat the center of the pizza, the tastier part, or you’d have to settle for the edges.

Who could be satisfied with just eating the edges?

Why is Pizza Cut in Squares?

You might think that you have seen pizza cut into squares several times before. And you got the point.

If we were to discuss or list every shape or way available when it comes to cooking – or anything, for that matter – we would never finish!

Pizza is often cut into squares or rectangles to take away or be served at an event.

We’ve all seen that stand on the street that sells pizza slices for two or three dollars. And what shape are they?


We are probably more attracted to a nice slice of this shape than a triangle since the latter may seem smaller.

square pizza

Our brain works like this; we are very basic creatures! Our brains tell us that a square slice means more pizza because it has a larger surface area, and we are hungry… the rest of the story we can imagine.

On the other hand, pizza cut in triangles tends to crumble, and it’s easier to get stains on us while eating it.

We think we’ve all been there when we take the first bite of the slice, and… it’s gone.

It fell off.

This problem can be solved relatively easily by cutting the pizza into a square shape.

It is handy at events or parties, where people don’t want their clothes stained with cheese and tomatoes.

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The Last Slice

We hope this article was entertaining and helpful. Sometimes we have questions like this that, a priori, we dismiss as unimportant.

Indeed, there are more significant problems than a pizza box being round or square. But curiosity keeps us alive as humans and makes us want to thrive and learn.

The question of, why is pizza round, and why is pizza in a square box? 

Can lead us to discover the origins and the most exciting curiosities on the subject and the new technology and innovations being implemented in the culinary world.

Now, having absorbed all this information about pizza, its origins, and the different shapes it comes in, get ready; it’s your turn!

Now you get to bake your own tasty, great pizza at home, whatever shape you prefer!

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