Costco Pizza: Everything You Ought to Know [20+ FAQs, Tips, and More]

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Costco Pizza

We recently asked some Costco loyal shoppers what they loved the most about the retail giant – the answer was a tie between stealing prices and the delicious Costco Pizza.

Were we amused to hear the majority’s answers – yes!

But were we surprised?

Big no!

After all, one expects such a response from a place that ranks as the 14th largest pizza chain in the country; it is a different story that many people don’t know the business sells pizza.

Even the people who know about Costco pizzas don’t know everything about it!

But hey, what else are we here for? With 20+ FAQs, pro tips, and more, we have composed this article as the ultimate guide to Costco Pizza.

So, let’s get started!

Tips on Buying Costco Pizza

No one likes ordering pizza the traditional way!

Placing an order for our favorite flavor and waiting for 45 minutes is too much a hassle.

Luckily, some tips can help customers buy Costco Pizza:

  • Call to Order Costco Pizza

The company claims speedy delivery, but let’s admit it: Costco favors members like parents favor the youngest child.

So, people who don’t have a Costco membership but don’t want to wait in line to get a pizza can call to place their orders.

However, the Costco pizza menu only facilitates call orders for entire pizzas, not single slices.

  • Order 30-minutes in Advance

Customers who call to place their Costco Pizza orders should call at least 30 minutes in advance.

The company guarantees quick service when customers order 15-minutes in advance. But there may be unexpected delays, so it’s best to call in advance!

Similarly, it is best to leave an hour of margin during rush hours.

  • Placing Pizza Order: The First Thing to Do At Costco

Another convenient way of receiving piping hot Costco Pizzas without waiting an hour in line is to arrange delivery at a later time.

Customers can place their orders when they enter a Costco and ask the food court staff to “place it in the oven” by their desired time.

  • Leave the Pizza for Last!

Pizzas lose their freshness when customers pick them up from the food court and load their cars with their purchases afterward.

To get the best of both worlds, Costco Pizza lovers can place an order right before checking out, go back and pay for their purchases, load their cars and return just in time to pick up their hot pizza.

Costco Cheese Pizza
Costco Pizza

Costco Pizza FAQs

  1. Does Costco Sell Unbaked Pizzas?

    While Costco doesn’t sell uncooked, take-and-bake pizzas, customers can get pre-cooked pizzas at any Costco deli station and heat them in the microwave or oven before serving.

    Additionally, customers can buy frozen alternatives. Since these unbaked pizzas come with heating instructions, we suggest people go through them to get a perfectly cooked pie.

  2. What Pizzas are Available at Costco?

    Costco Pizzas are available in three delicious flavors: pepperoni, cheese, and Combo. The cheese pizza is probably the most popular Costco food court item, mainly because they don’t use processed cheese. Instead, they only use fresh cheese.
    The Pepperoni Costco Pizza, on the other hand, contains 60 pepperoni slices. The Combo consists of meat, cheese, and vegetables. It is a supreme pizza that includes all the ingredients from both the pepperoni and cheese types.
    Whether customers buy a whole pie or a single slice, they will benefit from quick service, regardless of the flavors.

  3. How Much do Costco Pizzas Cost?

    Costco pizzas are incredibly cheap, surprising because it is a larger pizza chain than California Pizza Kitchen. The retail chain sells its 16″ to 18″ pizzas for around $9.95 each. A large pepperoni pizza costs around $14.99, while they sell their large cheese pizzas for $8. And the best part is that they rarely increase their prices; the last time they raised their prices was in 1989!
    On the other hand, individual Costco Pizza slices cost $1.99, less than a Starbucks Latte! The cost of Costco Pizzas remains the same throughout their 815 locations. Customers can get further discounts if they sign up for a $60 yearly membership.

  4. How Much is a Costco Box of Pizza?

    A four-pack frozen pepperoni pizza at Costco costs around $13.49. Customers can find these delicious delights in the store’s frozen foods section with other gluten-free and mini personal pizza boxes.

  5. Can We Special Order Pizza at Costco?

    Costco allows customers to customize their Costco Pizza from the food court. It roughly takes 10 to 15 minutes, and the result is a perfect pizza to meet their family’s needs. Additionally, people can choose from pizza toppings, including red onions, black olives, Italian sausages, bell peppers, and mushrooms.

  6. Do We Need to Order Costco Pizza Ahead of Time?

    While it is not mandatory, calling out for pizza orders is a valuable service because customers have their orders ready by when they arrive for pickup. Not to mention it buys the employees some extra time.

  7. How Many Slices Are in a Whole Costco Pizza?

    Costco Pizzas contain exactly 12 delicious slices, enough for six to eight pizza lovers. However, customers can ask for 8 or 16 slices. Customers can buy individual slices since the company doesn’t sell small or medium-sized pizzas.

  8. Why is Costco Pizza So Good?

    Apart from the fantastic price, customers find Costco Pizzas incredibly delicious because of their uniformity. They have refined their pizza-making process by using automated machinery to increase efficiency.
    The store uses a “pizza robot” that spreads an even layer of tomato sauce on the pizza dough. Additionally, the supermarket ensures that each pizza slice has the same amount of cheese, pepperoni, and other toppings. Moreover, they use an 80-20 blend of low-fat buttery mozzarella cheese and 10-month-aged shredded Parmesan in their cheese pizzas.

  9. Did Costco Pizza Get Smaller?

    Costco pizzas have been the same size for the past ten years, and they are larger than most pizza chains. A large Costco Pizza is around 16″, while the same pizza from California Pizza Kitchen is around 14″.

  10. How Long Does a Costco Pizza Take?

    The Costco food court can be extremely crowded during peak hours, with ten or more people in lines not uncommon. Even the most extensive lines move quickly thanks to how fast the pizzas are prepared and baked. Thanks to automated procedures, a dough ball transforms into a beautiful ready-to-bake pizza in under 30 seconds.
    They use a dough squisher and pizza sauce turntable that roll the dough and evenly spread the sauce. The staff then manually adds cheese and toppings, after which the pizza goes on a conveyer belt oven where it cooks for around six minutes.

  11. Why Did Costco Stop Selling Take and Bake Pizzas?

    Costco used to sell take-and-bake pizzas that customers could take home and bake for a nice lunch. However, they stopped selling the product, although the customers can still buy frozen and fresh pizzas from the food court.
    According to a Costco employee, “Costco headquarters decided that [take-and-bake] pizzas weren’t worth it.”

  12. What Size is a Costco Pizza?

    Costco is the perfect pizza place for people who want humongous pizzas to satisfy their cravings.
    Costco bakes larger pizzas than most famous pizzerias. Costco Pizzas are usually 16″ to 18″. Although Costco doesn’t sell small pizzas, customers can order as many individual slices as possible.

  13. How Many Slices is a 16-inch Pizza?

    A 16-inch Costco Pizza yields 12 slices. However, customers can request 8 or 16 slices as per their liking.

  14. What is On Costco Combo Pizza?

    The Costco Combo Pizza is similar to other pizzerias’ “supreme” flavor. It is topped with a traditional combination of onions, olives, pepperoni, bell peppers, mushrooms, and sausages. It is a combination of Costco Cheese and Costco Pepperoni Pizzas.

  15. What is on a Costco Supreme Pizza?

    A Costco Supreme Pizza is the same as a Costco Combo Pizza. So, it includes the same toppings like olives, pepperoni, bell peppers, mushrooms, and sausages.

  16. Did Costco Stop Selling Combo Pizza?

    Unfortunately, yes. The Combo Pizza is one of the top 5 items removed from Costco’s menu that people miss the most.
    In a Reddit conversation with a customer, a Costco staff member responded: “We realize your disappointment that the Combo Pizza is not available on our menu. Unfortunately, the Combo Pizza was withdrawn from our menu due to a difficult decision to simplify our business. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused; nonetheless, these are not always simple decisions.”

  17. Is Costco Supreme Pizza Back?

    Unfortunately, no! Many Costco customers are disappointed that the combination of vegetables, pepperoni, and sausage on a large Costco pizza slice (or whole pie) is unavailable.

  18. Does Costco Deliver Pizza?

    The answer is again a no!
    Costco does not deliver pizza or other food court items to customers’ homes.
    Members can, however, purchase food court delights in person at the store. If they’re in a rush, customers can even place their orders ahead of time to save themselves from the trouble of waiting in line.

  19. How Does Costco Put Sauce on Their Pizza?

    Costco uses an automatic sauce dispenser that distributes tomato sauce evenly across the dough and the crust. This makes it easier for them to prepare pizzas in bulk efficiently.

More on Costco Pizza

Find how they make it and much more!

The Last Slice

A trip to the warehouse retailer would be incomplete for many Costco members without a stop in the food court.

And what better to order at Costco than a piping hot pizza with crispy cheese and bubbling cheese?

Through this article, we shared our tips on ordering Costco Pizza with all the loyal Costco customers and also answered some of the most frequent concerns, like why Costco discontinued its Combo Pizza.

That said, customers can always recreate the much-loved Costco Combo Pizza. If they remember the taste and ingredients that went into the pizza, all that’s left for them to make their Costco-style Pizza is a good oven.

Our top recommendation here is the Ooni pizza oven. The portable outdoor pizza oven has a pizza stone that gives the perfect crispy crust.

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