Homemade Pizza Pro Conversion Charts

Easy Conversion Charts

Homemade Pizza Pro Conversion Charts

Here are quick conversion charts you can use as a reference when you need to convert from one unit of measurement to another.

Volume Conversion Chart

U.S. Imperial Metric
1 tablespoon 1/2 fl oz 15 ml
2 tablespoon 1 fl oz 30 ml
1/4 cup 2 fl oz 60 ml
1/3 cup 3 fl oz 90 ml
1/2 cup 4 fl oz 120 ml
2/3 cup 5 fl oz 150 ml
3/4 cup 6 fl oz 180 ml
1 cup 8 fl oz 240 ml
1 1/4 cups 10 fl oz 300 ml
2 cups 16 fl oz 480 ml
2 1/2 cups 20 fl oz 600ml
1 quart 32 fl oz 1 liter

Weight Conversion Chart

U.S. / Imperial Metric
1/2 oz 15 g
1 oz 30 g
2 oz 60 g
1/4 lb 115 g
1/3 lb 150g
1/2 lb 225 g
3/4 lb 350 g
1 lb 450 g

Length Conversion Chart

Inch Metric
1/4 inch 6 mm
1/2 inch 1.25 cm
3/4 inch 2 cm
1 inch 2.5 cm
6 inches 15 cm
12 inches 30 cm

Temperature Conversion Chart

Fahrenheit Celsius
250°F 120°C
275°F 135°C
300°F 150°C
325°F 160°C
350°F 180°C
375°F 190°C
400°F 200°C
425°F 220°C
450°F 230°C
475°F 245°C
500°F 260°C

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