Ultimate Pizza Toppings List (The Best of 2023)

By: the PROs

Ultimate Pizza Toppings List (The Best of 2023)

Plus: A Creative Tool to Make Your Own Pizza Topping Combination

Best Pizza Toppings List

Are you looking for the ideal pizza toppings list?

Well, you don’t have to worry because we’ve got your back on this one! 

The perfect pizza toppings list comes from a combination of your favorite ingredients. So not everyone is going to be on the same page. 

For this reason, we will make a pizza toppings list of each type of pizza topping ingredient in a quest to find the perfect ingredients.

Besides, what is your favorite pizza combination?

To learn more about everything to do with this pizza toppings list, hang on with us.

Let’s get started!

Order of Pizza Toppings

We all start excellently when preparing the pizza dough, perfect garnishes, cheese, and sauce. 

But the problem comes when it’s time to combine them.

Well, we have no type of indifference to people who have no standard order. But we are sure some Italians won’t be happy with the toppings before the sauce. 

Here is a standard pizza toppings list you could follow to create the perfect homemade pizza.

Order of pizza ingredients


List of Pizza Sauces

Sauces are essential in pizza preparation for their thick nature prevents sogginess in your meal. Incorporating the dough with tomato garlic pizza sauce allows them to cook to a crisp simultaneously.

The garlic sheds its pungent punch upon cooking and adopts a sweet, savory taste that warms the mouth. The ranch-flavored sauce is perfect for lovers of sour-tasting foods since the buttermilk introduces the tangy taste of sour cream, thus giving the sauciest raunchiest pizza ever.

List of Sauces for Pizza

List of Cheeses for Pizza

Getting cheesy with your pizza results in a melty and stringy pizza to desire after the clean plate.

Mozzarella, for instance, produces shreddable pizzas with a golden brown layering. Its health benefits are an added benefit since the carbs consumed in the pizza require healthy backup options.

When picking cheese for your pizza, factors include the type and moisture content. For example:

  • Soft cheese like fresh Mozzarella has 50 to 80 % moisture
  • Cheddar is a hard cheese with a 40% moisture content
  • Semi-hard cheese options like Parmesan stand at 34%

Check out our comprehensive list of cheeses for pizza for more.

list of cheeses for pizza

List of Meat Toppings for Pizza

The meatier the pizza, the more appealing it is to the eye. Pepperoni toppings are an all-time classic, with their thin slicings covering the top of a nicely cooked flatbread.

The uniformity it forms around a round or triangular slice compliments the chewy textural taste, especially on crispy pizza.

Sausage toppings can be prepared versatilely by dicing the rolls, crumbling the sausage meat up from its casing, or making long thin stripes to spread on your dough.

Mats add to the crispiness of the meal, and the juicy crunches magnify the experience.

Buffalo chicken goes well with ranch-flavored sauces and dressings since you can always use more ranch condiments to cross the cravings.

list of meats for pizza

List of Seafood for Pizza

Need a break from all the beef and chicken layered on your pizza?

The Italians almost predominantly pick anchovies over all other seafood options.

The tiny fish bring a flavor combination ranging from savory to salty.

Their nutritional health benefits with the provision of Omega 3 fatty oils, magnesium, zinc, and proteins make it the ultimate seafood topping for your pizza.

Anchovy pizza recipes are pretty easy to make, and if you pair them with the right wine, you’ll celebrate.

list of seafood for pizza

List of Veggies for Pizza

Most vegetables marry well with pizzas making them look colorful and desirable in your vegetarian pizza. Fewer calories are consumed with these toppings instead of meaty and saucy options.

Green peppers and red onions are universally used vegetable toppings. You do not have to pre-cook your vegetable toppings since their cooking time matches the pizza cooking time.

However, if you are using mushrooms, they should always be pre-cooked due to their high moisture content.

Also, chewier vegetable options like broccoli can be blanched beforehand to ease their tough nature.

For additional flavor, pan sautee your onions till they are caramelized before placing them on your pizza. Uncooked onions often contain excessive moisture and may cook unevenly once directly placed on raw dough.

list of vegetables for pizza

Ooni Promo

List of Fruits for Pizza

Fruits such as pineapples are used in the “controversial” Hawaiian pizza as healthy alternative delicious toppings.

For a meatier consistency and intense flavor, incorporate figs with pungent cheese such as prosciutto and creamy goat cheese.

list of fruits for pizza

List of Herbs & Spices for Pizza

Spices generally give the pizza dough a minty and savory taste. Basil and oregano are the most common herbs and spice families for pizza toppings.

Mix different fresh herbs and spices into your dough, such as mint, thyme, and fennel seeds, especially complement pizza with pepperoni, spinach, and brussel sprouts.

Rosemary should be carefully used since it is a solid and overpowering ability over other ingredients. It should be incorporated into the tomato sauce-making process instead of spreading at the top.

Use peppers and black pepper as your garnish when going for a piney woody taste, depending on your pizzas theme when you do have one.

list of herbs and spices for pizza

List of Nuts & Seeds for Pizza

Nutty pizzas are jammed with flavors, especially when roasted nuts are the ingredient. They are healthy snack options since cashews, almonds, and pumpkin seeds are highly nutritious.

When using roasted nuts, ensure that they are entirely relaxed to evenly dry and not a soggy pizza-also, the purpose is to achieve an equal nut-to-marinade ratio.

This type of pizza is a vegan, gluten-free option.

List of Garnishes for Pizza

Garnishes are what are going to bring color to your pizza. Green is the most predominant color when garnishing pizza using cilantro or parsley.

Red, orange, and yellow are common colors that you can use for peppers like Thai chili peppers or roasted red peppers.

You can also bring black into the pizza game by using garnishes like black salt, truffles, and caviar. Your budget will be the limit!

list of garnishes for pizza


Are you trying to impress your loved one?

Try adding fine cheese and pepperoni. The combinations include pizza sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, and any other cheese you choose. It can be simple, but it is a win!


Pepperoni? More, please! The supreme pizza contains pepperoni, peppers, pizza sauce, mozzarella, Italian sausage, olives, mushrooms, and bacon.


Don’t be one of those people without trying the homemade Hawaiian pizza. The combination is pineapple, ham, pizza sauce, mozzarella, and other sauce.


BBQ is the ultimate combination of meat for meat lovers. It contains bacon, pepperoni, sausage, ham, beef mince, and BBQ sauce.


Are you trying to find your Italian side? Italians love the blend of Buffalo mozzarella, pizza sauce, salt, and olive oil. Margherita will be your unique pizza combination once you try it.

  1. Pepperoni

According to research, Americans love their pepperoni pizza. We disagree on many things, but 53% of the pizza-eating population say cheese and pepperoni are their favorite pizza toppings. 

Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza

So, if you want an inclusive topping, you can try pepperoni. Both your friends and family will enjoy pepperoni because of the tangy, spicy, and rich taste.

Pepperoni will pair well with plain cheese or any other vegetable. 

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are becoming one of the most popular toppings worldwide. These fungi are healthy for our bodies because they contain fiber, minerals, iron, and proteins.

That is because both vegans and meat lovers can enjoy it. 

Mushroom Pizza

Mushrooms have low calories, and their subtle earthy taste allows people to pair them with other toppings. Let’s not forget how it contributes to the overall presentation of your pizza.

  1.  Onion

Are you looking for a vegetable with a savory taste? Jolt down on the onions on your shopping list at this moment! 

Besides the taste, you get that crunchiness and juicy onion taste that breaks the monotony of the cheese taste. 

onion pizza
Onion pizza

Many people love onions on their pizza because they are versatile, and you can pair them with any ingredients. The distinct color and onion shape will make your pizza look more attractive.

  1. Sausage

We could not agree more on the sausage toppings. Some of the typical sausage flavors include spicy sausages, beef, pork, chicken, salami, and the rest of the 200 varieties. 

sausage pizza
Sausage Pizza

The good thing about the sausage is that you can also pair it with other meaty or vegetable toppings. You can choose to add different types and flavors to spice up your pizza and, hopefully, your pizza game too!

  1.  Bacon

Are you looking to play it safe, hoping your family will love your pizza? Bacon is key if no one in your family is vegetarian. The salty and crunchy taste will pair well with anything. 

bacon pizza
Bacon Pizza

Pair it with any cheese, vegetable, or any other meat and get the parent of the year award. If bacon soup, ice cream, and bacon soda exist, what could go wrong on your end?

  1. Extra Cheese

Yes! Extra cheese is also a topping. Forget the regular mozzarella. Even though it could work, we have many types of cheese that could contribute to the pizza’s taste and presentation. 

Extra cheese pizza
Extra Cheese Pizza

Who doesn’t enjoy the extra gooey, thick, and stringy vibe the pizza gives when you take a bite? If that is what you will do, add measurements to your recipe. 

As we have heard above, many types of cheese have mild, sharp, nutty, smooth, buttery, smoky, sweet, meaty, and creamy flavors. Find your favorite cheese and treat yourself to a homemade pizza.

  1. Black Olives

Black olives are diverse! They have a mild, subtle salty flavor that makes them possible to pair with other ingredients. 

black olive pizza
Black Olive Pizza

You can pair black olives with garlic, parmesan, feta, tomato, onions, meat, and mushrooms, and people will love your pizza. 

Sliced black olives also accent your pizza’s color, making it stand out.

  1. Green Pepper

We all know that red and yellow bell peppers are sweet, unlike the mildly bitter green peppers. 

green pepper pizza
Green Pepper Pizza

But today, we can assure you that you will love the zingy, crunchy, and rich flavor and aroma that the green peppers contribute to your pizza. The green color also eliminates the dullness of the pizza.

  1.  Pineapple

First of all, we come in peace talking about pineapple as a topping. Let’s not start a war on why pineapple made it to the pizza toppings list, but some people love the warm, juicy, and rich taste. 

Pineapples can make great standalone toppings or pair well with other ingredients. 

Hawaiian pizza
Hawaiian Pizza

Still, we are open to critiques that say otherwise. 

All jokes aside, we agree that pineapples are colorful and contribute to the presentation. If you are a family of pineapple lovers, go ahead and add some to your pizza. 

There are no laws in the US that prohibit it.

  1.  Spinach

Spinach on pizza? When cooked right, pizza can make up for all the past cooking shenanigans that your family has experienced. 

spinach pizza
Spinach Pizza

The green color stands out from the other toppings and contributes to the presentation. Some people will not like the thought of a vegetable on their pizza, but after realizing it has no taste, it can change their minds. 

The good thing is that you can add it raw or pre-cooked, which will still contribute to the body’s nutritional value.

What Are Some Unusual Pizza Toppings?

You have probably tasted most, if not all, of the most common ingredients found in this pizza toppings list.

Why don’t you try some unusual toppings if you make homemade pizza? You might end up liking them. Pick one of the following combinations:

Pizza Topping Ideas


Do you always order calamari at your favorite restaurant?

Why don’t you try it on your pizza too?

Since people, we can confirm spinach is one of the people’s favorite toppings. Baby spinach, cheese, and aioli sauce can never go wrong.

 Chicken Tikka Masala

If chicken is your favorite, you will love the mild spice and the thick buttery sauce as your topping.

 Apple Honey BBQ Sauce, Basil, and Rhubarb

The Apple honey BBQ sauce and Rhubarb will give you a tasty savory flavor. Besides, the combination is not complete without basil’s mild, earthy taste.

 Red Peanut Curry

This recipe should be one of your best choices. Imagine biting into cooked chicken dipped in red peanut curry and fresh basil leaves.

That combination will have you craving more. You can also use beef, prawns, pork, or any other protein if you don’t like chicken.

Sausage, Jalapeno, Sriracha Sauce, and Bacon

Are you looking for something spicy? If you’re a meat lover, you will love this combination.

Homemade Pizza Toppings

You can add your favorite topping to your local store to your homemade pizza. 

But the trick is to keep it simple. Some of the homemade combinations you should consider are:

  • Sausage and kale
  • Cheese and Garlic Pizza: mozzarella, garlic sauce, and oregano.
  • Rosemary and Potato – Extra virgin olive oil, fresh rosemary, potato, and mozzarella
  • Gorgonzola and mushroom
  • Sliced pancetta, sliced fresh tomatoes, and rocket
  • Capers, anchovies, and black olives

Tips to Make Your Homemade Pizza Tastier

  1. Don’t buy pre-shredded mozzarella cheese. Shred your cheese.
  2. Choose a few pizza toppings. It won’t be easy to cook many pizza toppings.
  3. Follow the order of layering your pizza, as we have mentioned above.
  4. Use good quality canned tomatoes for making your homemade sauce.
  5. Avoid making the pizza soggy. It would be best to drain the pineapple before putting it on the pizza and pre-cook vegetables like spinach or mushrooms.

How Many Pizza Toppings per Pizza?

We recommend adding no more than 5 toppings per pizza, excluding the sauce and cheese. A pizza should always have a kind of sauce and cheese, so we are not counting them as toppings for these purposes.

Remember that toppings can add a lot of moisture and weight to the crust. The more toppings you have, the more difficult it is to cook the pizza thoroughly. You want to evenly distribute the toppings throughout the entire pizza.

Pizza Toppings: How Much?

If you are wondering how much of each topping you should add to your pizza, here’s a reference guide per pizza size.

Recommended Amounts of Pizza Toppings

Pizza SizeSauceCheesePepperoniMeatsVegetablesTop Cheese
Personal 7″1.5oz2oz8 Slices2oz1 – 2oz.5oz
Small 10″2oz3oz16 Slices3oz2 – 3oz1oz
Medium 12″4oz6oz20 Slices4oz3 – 5oz1oz
Large 14″5oz8oz32 Slices5oz5 – 7oz1oz
X-Large 16″6oz10oz40 Slices6oz6 – 10oz2oz

IMPORTANT: For purposes of determining the weight of toppings, if you are adding multiple toppings, then the amount of topping should be the total weight of the toppings combined.

For example, if you add pepperoni and meat to a large pizza, the combined weight of the two toppings should be no more than 5oz.

You can also play it by ear, or in this case, by your eyes. The toppings must make sense, and you can always judge if you have too many or too few toppings.

What is the Perfect Pizza Topping Combination?

Creating the perfect pizza topping combination is entirely up to you and your personal preferences. You want to create balance and cohesiveness among your pizza toppings. Every topping will serve a purpose in achieving your flavor profile, which could be either saltiness or sweetness.

For example, if you want to create an umami flavor profile, then your toppings should be those that complement each other to create a specific flavor.

For purposes of this example, you can use soy sauce, mushrooms, and shredded aged cheese and finish it with a drizzle of sesame oil.

The sky is the limit!

Pizza Flavor Profiles

When deciding which kind of pizza topping combination you want to make, you can choose from the following pizza flavor profiles:

  • Savory (Salty)
  • Sweet
  • Creamy
  • Spicy
  • Acidic
  • Crunchy (Texture)
  • Umami

How to Create the Perfect Pizza Topping Combination

  1. Decide on the flavor profile you want to accomplish
  2. Make a pizza toppings list or ingredients list that fits into that profile
  3. Choose the toppings according to your preference

My Homemade Pizza Recipe

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The Last Slice

Now that you know how to order your pizza toppings, you have a pizza toppings list, know some popular combinations, and choose your favorite ingredient.  

We hope you also understood some of the tips on making a homemade pizza. 

Besides, you can pick the homemade combination or the unusual one if you find it hard to determine your best ingredient.

For this reason, it is time to start preparing your pizza toppings and be the best baker among your family and friends.

Do You Want to Create Your Homemade Pizza Recipe?


Fill out the form below with your recipe details, and we’ll send it to you!

Choose from your favorite ingredients and unique toppings combinations, then share them with your friends and family!

Let us know how you did; we would love to know.

Contact us if you want any additional toppings added to the form, and we will gladly add anything you need. Your inspiration is our motivation!

Here are our recommended baker’s percentages per pizza style to help you create your recipe.

IngredientNeapolitanNY-StyleSicilianChicago Deep

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