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Grill Like a Pro with These Top 5 BBQ Pizza Ovens

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Along with the invention of the wheel, the BBQ pizza oven is one of the best human inventions!

Maybe we exaggerate a bit, but a barbecue pizza oven is a wonderful option to make a fantastic pizza in almost any situation.

Almost everyone who has a garden at home has a barbecue, but very few people have a pizza oven.

BBQ pizza ovens are an excellent choice for making great Neapolitan pizza outdoors at your barbecues with your family or friends, at a campsite, at the beach, or wherever you are.

The BBQ pizza ovens are an efficient option; thanks to their base and lid that keep the heat at the top, the pizzas are at their perfect point. It is golden brown on the top and crispy on the bottom, without losing any of the juiciness that characterizes them.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

So perfect that you are probably already thinking of buying one, but wait, here we will tell you which are the 5 best BBQ pizza ovens, so you can choose the one that best suits you!

Let’s get started!

Best BBQ Pizza Ovens at a Glance

  1. Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit (for Webber BBQs (Round)
  2. BakerStone Professional Series Pizza Oven
  3. Cuisinart CPO-700 Grill Top Pizza Oven Kit
  4. Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit Fits for Most Gas Grill
  5. KettlePizza Gas Pro Basic Pizza Oven Kit (for Rectangular Grills)

Benefits of Owning these BBQ Pizza Oven Kits

Great Flavor

Simply put, BBQ pizza oven equals flavor. Smoke carries and caramelizes sugars produced by burning hardwood while imparting a particular taste depending on the wood.

It’s Fun!

Grilling pizza gets dinner done fast, but BBQ pizza is a hobby. Some even call it an art; competitions are held yearly to celebrate authentic barbecue pizza.

Feed the Masses

BBQ pizza ovens can feed an army, but a large one should still be enough to cater lunch at a family reunion.

Diverse Flavors

With many different types of cooking woods, liquid injections, sauces, and rubs, you can create endless flavor profiles to grace just about any pizza.

Easy to Use

Though a distinct subset of hard-to-use pizza ovens has given the whole category a bad rap, the advanced tech of pizza ovens for barbeques simplifies cooking.

Quick Learning Curve

Anyone can become a pizza master! BBQ pizza ovens remove some guesswork, and learning the ways of charcoal requires only a bit of training.

1- Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit

(for Weber BBQs (Round)

Having a Weber grill at home means you like grilling. On top of that, this kit will make you feel like an absolute pro while handling it! 

It’s a premium product well worth its price tag, and it rewards some experience in the usage of a grill– but it also welcomes experimenting!

It includes the KettlePizza insert plus ProGrate, a tombstone, a firebox, and a free aluminum pizza peel.


  • Refueling your grill is fast since it has two convenient drop slots on either side of the grate.
  • Its assembly allows you some versatility if you prefer to cook pizza without the stone.
  • Perfect for those who like to experiment with other foods.


  • You need a 22.5” Webber BBQ grill. It might not fit other round grills comfortably
  • Using it has a bit of a learning curve, as keeping the heat can get tricky
  • Its price may be steep, considering other options available
Made in USA Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit

This kit offers the basic KettlePizza unit plus the popular ProGrate/Tombstone Combo. This kit has a Tombstone which is stone is 15.7 inches x 14.5 inches with a rounded edge.

Since it is thicker, it retains more heat and makes pizza placement and removal easier. This combination allows higher dome temperatures for quicker bakes and side access openings for easier refueling.

This kit includes a FREE Aluminum Pro Pizza peel

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2- BakerStone Professional Series Pizza Oven

This oven was designed by Tim Case, who defines it as the more prominent and faster brother of the unique stone pizza ovens, as it is a refractory baking chamber with an external baffle that captures and redirects heat.

It is a stone box capable of collecting and transmitting the heat necessary to produce a crispy crust and the desired browning on the top of a pizza.

As said by its creator, the most significant advantage is that many other foods can be cooked in this oven.


  • It is straightforward to use. Just put it inside your grill– no more assembly is required!
  • Ideal for making other baked goods, such as bread and cookies


  • The pizza stone might break after regular usage. which would mean replacing the whole thing
BakerStone Professional SeriesOutdoor Pizza Oven for Grill Professional Series

The BakerStone Professional Series Grill Top Pizza Oven Box allows you to transform your grill into a gourmet pizza oven.


  • Professional Series Pizza Oven Box
  • Dust Cover


  • Patented 5 Sided Stone Baking Chamber
  • Converts most 3-burner and Larger Gas Grills into a Gourmet Pizza Oven
  • Bakes Pizza, Bread, and Cookies. Roasts Meat and Vegetables, Cooks Fish
  • Create Pizzeria Quality Pizzas in 2-4 Minutes*
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3- Cuisinart CPO-700 Grill Top Pizza Oven Kit

Still, within the terrain of one-piece boxes, the Cuisinart Pizza Oven surprisingly gives us a lot of bang for our buck.

It is effortless to use and installs in a few seconds, as it is simply a matter of placing the box on the barbecue grill.

In less than five minutes, you can bake a pizza (not counting the oven preheating time), although everything will depend on the performance of the barbecue and the weather conditions, among other things.

With its built-in thermometer measuring up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s straightforward to know when our pizzas are ready to go in!


  • It’s the most affordable option on this list.
  • It’s as straightforward to use as putting the box inside the grill!


  • Its built-in thermometer might give the wrong reading
  • The pizza peel needs a bit more attention than other options on this list
Cuisinart Grill Top Pizza Oven Kit

Turn your grill into a pizza-making machine with the Cuisinart Grill Top Pizza Oven Kit! The kit includes the Grill Top Pizza Oven Box and a 12" Aluminum Pizza Peel. The Grill Top Pizza Oven Box is powered solely by your grill. The oven sits directly on the cooking surface of your grill and is powered by the heat source of your grill. The oven features a cordierite baking stone that is ideal for retaining heat to produce a perfectly cooked crust. 

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4- Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit

This pizza oven box is a godsend for the novice griller.

Some would argue against baking a pizza in a gas grill since it isn’t as similar to a wood fire pizza as a charcoal grill, but what makes or breaks a BBQ pizza is temperature, not the fuel used.

This nifty stainless steel box also comes with a built-in thermometer.


  • A solid mid-range option for the gas griller, although it adapts well to other types of grills.
  • Sturdy but lightweight, easy to carry and put away


  • It takes a considerable amount of time to learn how to heat it correctly
  • Your grill might not fully close if it’s not big enough to fit the handles
Only Fire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit

Turn Your Kettle Grill into A Professional Pizza Oven - This pizza oven kit is specially designed for 22” Charcoal Kettle grills like weber, Char-broil, Napoleon, and other models. It is the perfect choice if you don’t have the space for a wood-fired oven, it turns your outdoor kettle grill into a professional-style pizza oven.

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5- KettlePizza Gas Pro Basic Pizza Oven Kit

(for Rectangular Grills)

This Pizza Oven kit is ideal if you own a large gas grill. Its enclosure creates the perfect cooking space for a pizza, efficiently concentrating the heat on top and below to get that golden brown, crispy pizza we crave. 

Again, the folks at KettlePizza give us a premium-labeled product with a bit of a learning curve, but one that can work wonders when mastered!


  • Its independent design makes the stone easily replaceable if need be
  • The enclosure is made of stainless steel; it can last a lifetime


  • As with other KettlePizza products, handling requires some experience (or trial and error).
  • It’s the most expensive option on the list
  • Will only work with 3-burner grills onward; smaller grills are not compatible
KettlePizza Gas Pro Basic Pizza Oven Kit

The KettlePizza Gas Pro is a pizza oven kit for propane and natural gas cooking grills. The unit creates a cooking chamber that focuses the heat into a small space which is great for getting the tops of your pizzas brown and properly cooked. The KettlePizza Gas Pro is intended for grills with at least three burners and a minimum cooking area of 24 inches wide by 17 inches deep. Just place the Gas Pro enclosure and stone onto your grill surface, allow it to adequately heat up (about 20 minutes for the chamber and stone) and start cooking pizzas! 

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you!

Who should get a BBQ Pizza Oven?

Now comes the best and most important news if you’re interested in one of these pizza ovens. Who would get the most out of a pizza oven kit for a BBQ?

Here’s our way of seeing it:

  • BBQ enthusiasts who want to try something new and exciting with their grills
  • Pizza enthusiasts who would like to go outside the house and try something other than their regular oven
  • Anyone who wants to have the best pizza available without having to spend tons in a wood fire oven

The best part?

You don’t need grilling experience at all to enjoy a pizza oven!

As long as you learn how to keep your grill fired up (if you have a charcoal or pellet grill), you will enjoy using a pizza oven (and get roughly the same results) as a pro griller or a skilled chef!

Common product features

All of these products are top picks because of the features listed below.

  • Compact. These BBQ pizza ovens are usually for individual pizzas, so they are small and easy to transport. Thanks to this, you can take them wherever you want. You can keep it in the trunk of your car, along with your grill. You can enjoy a high-quality pizza right in your backyard or on a road trip!
  • Easy to use. You don’t need to be a grill master to operate them. Their installation is quite simple, requiring little to no assembly with no tools, and after reading the basic instructions, you can use them ideally.
  • Versatile. Most of the barbecue pizza ovens recommended in this list adapt to any grill or barbecue. These ovens can work wonders if you set out to cook a restaurant-grade steak! You can even cook other things in them.
  • Resistant. These BBQ pizza ovens are manufactured with high-quality materials, guaranteeing their resistance, durability, and long functional life.
  • Price. A remarkable feature is that their price is quite acceptable for all the benefits that barbecue pizza ovens offer. You will also find different models with varying prices to choose the one that best suits you.

Out of all the features listed above, the one that adds the most value would be how welcoming these products are to the novice cook/griller.

They don’t require months of training or special knowledge to use them and bake a delicious pizza.

You only need to fire up your grill, keep your fire going (if it’s not a gas grill), keep an eye on the temperature, and take out your pizza when it’s done.

It’s as easy as that!

The differences between cheap vs. expensive BBQ Pizza Oven options:

It is time to decide whether it is worth getting higher quality or whether lower-cost bbq pizza oven options will do the job.

When it comes to pizza ovens for grills, it will depend greatly on our starting grill.

Sometimes, it is valid to ask ourselves, are higher cost options truly better or merely leveraging name brands?

Most pizza ovens use very similar materials, so the kind of grill we have and the care we provide to the stones in the pizza oven we choose are more important.

If we have a Webber grill at home and want the most comfortable experience or a large, powerful grill, it’s okay to splurge a little and buy the more expensive options on the list KettlePizza brands.

They also have a bit of a learning curve, so if you are willing to be patient and try before getting exactly what you want in a pizza, it’s a good idea to get any of those.

However, suppose we have a relatively small grill at home.

If we prefer consistency over customizability, or our budget is currently tight, any of the lower-range options will do just fine.

Pitfalls to watch out for

When it comes to add-ons to turn our grill into a pizza oven, most are constructed with the same things in mind: stainless steel that can trap a fair amount of heat and a reliable pizza stone.

It sounds like little to nothing can go wrong with such a sturdy combo.

However, we must be mindful of some things related to the pizza stone. The pizza stone is the most vital part of your pizza oven, yet often the most fragile.

With proper handling and care, a pizza stone might last a long time; however, some stones last more than others.

Look out for the following:

  • Make sure to specify your shipment as “fragile.” We’re talking about steel and stone, which are reasonably sturdy materials; however, we wouldn’t want to receive our pizza oven only to find out the pizza stone broke in transit! Some companies will void the guarantee if the stone is cracked.
  • Not all ceramic stones are made equal. If you can, try going for cordierite, and make sure you choose a thick one.
  • Even when handled with the utmost care, your stone might break during usage. When it breaks, it might pose no problem; however, trying to cook with a broken stone afterward, besides potentially sticking your pizza to it, is just asking for trouble.

There is, of course, the issue with plastics and temperature. Most plastics can quickly melt at temperatures around, and 800 degrees Fahrenheit, which sounds great for cooking the top of our pizza but not so much for the oven handles.

For this reason, try to go all stainless steel when buying a pizza oven if possible.


Can A Grill Be Used As A Pizza Oven?

Yes! We can quickly transform any grill into the household pizza oven your local pizzeria will envy with a bit of know-how.

Regardless of the type of grill you own, there are many options, although they all revolve around the exact basic requirements.

To use your grill as a pizza oven, we need to maintain a high temperature, sound insulation, and an excellent surface to cook your pizza. Some options even get so close to the wood fire pizza oven that it’s surprisingly worth trying!

How do I turn my BBQ into a pizza oven?

Since we need to increase the heat of a regular grill to a minimum of 600 degrees Fahrenheit, we can try a couple of solutions:

  • We can put bricks on the bottom of your grill to increase the heat
  • We can improvise an enclosure with aluminum foil or tin
  • Fuel choice may also impact the temperature you can reach
  • Depending on the temperature reached, we might need to keep our grill lid closed

After that, it’s time to decide what base we will use for cooking our pizza. Ideally, we would use a pizza stone, but we can also cook it directly on the grill or with the help of a pan.

How do you turn a Weber grill into a pizza oven?

Turning a Weber grill into a pizza oven is reasonably straightforward.

Essentially, we need two things: to make sure we have enough space for our pizza with its stone or pan and have a good amount of heat throughout the cooking time.

The cheapest solution would be getting a steel ring that fits the inside of the grill; about 7 inches of height should do the trick.

Since we are putting our pizza in from the top, screwing some handles onto the steel ring is a sound idea.

Another way to turn a Weber grill into a pizza oven is by getting a premade insert. Most insert kits come with a pizza stone, which helps ensure your pizza is cooked perfectly.

Most follow the same principle of a steel ring; however, this ring is slotted so you can insert your pizza from the side instead of from the top.

However, we don’t even need a pizza stone to work! We can cook our pizza directly on the grill. There is a trick to it: we need to cook one side of the plain dough first.

When your disc is cooked enough to have some consistency, flip it over to put your ingredients on the cooked side. Of course, to make pizzas directly on the grill, we need to think of a thick crust.

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The Last Slice 

Eating a pizza made by yourself in a BBQ pizza oven is almost magical. Since you can get pretty similar results in the comfort of your backyard, you won’t want to leave home for a pizzeria ever again.

You will want to make the best pizza for yourself- and others.

We hope you have learned today how to turn your BBQ grill into a pizza oven and, most importantly, how easy it is to use one!

Buy a BBQ pizza oven today and live what could be the adventure of a lifetime!

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