Best Pizza Stones for Grills in 2023

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Best Pizza Stones for Grills in 2023

Best Pizza Stones for Grills

Do you know which is the best pizza stone for a grill? 

Pizza stones for grills are an excellent tool to utilize when you’re in the mood for a pizza with a crunchy crust. 

Additionally, there are various selections regarding pizza stones for grills.

Indeed there are a variety of materials, although there are a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate barbecues, ovens, smokers, and other cooking appliances.

You can get a lovely golden crust on your pizza by baking it directly on your grill; however, this method might be more challenging.

Having a pizza stone that can be used on a grill or over an open flame is also quite helpful.

You can also use them for baking artisan bread and buns; some people use them for baking bread and other sweet goods. They have a wide range of applications other than pizza making.

If you are determined to elevate your crusts to the next level, the following recommendations are for the best pizza stones for grills.

Let’s check them out!

Why You Need a Pizza Stone for a Grill

Pizza stones for grills are just thick, flat slabs of stone, steel, or other heat-resistant material designed to absorb and maintain heat while cooking your dough.

Although you can grill pizza on the grill grates without a pizza stone, there is one particular reason why it’s better to cook pizza on a pizza stone for a grill.

By using a pizza stone for a grill, you will not risk having the pizza stick to the grill grates, and the crust will not have the marks of the grill, cooking the crust more evenly.

Most stones’ unglazed surface helps suck moisture out, leaving you with a crispy crust!

pizza stone for a grill

What to Look for When Purchasing a Grill Pizza Stone


Not all pizza stones are made equal, nor are not all pizza stones adequate for grills.

Cast iron, cordierite stone, steel, marble, and ceramic are the most common pizza stone materials. The material is the key to a crispy crust and a rapid baking time. You want a heat-conductive pizza stone, which means it heats up quickly and evenly.

Compared to the other materials, stainless steel is arguably the best heat conductor and requires less maintenance. It may, however, be costly.


Regular steel is a less expensive choice, although it is prone to rust. The heft of steel helps everything bake better and increases the efficiency of your oven by improving heat retention.


Cast iron, a popular option, is prone to rust but is a conductive material that warms up quickly. The most frequent materials used to produce pizza stones are ceramic and clay. They’re wonderful for transmitting heat and absorbing moisture from the pizza dough but can shatter over time.


Cordierite stone is comparable to pottery and clay, but it is more likely to endure longer because it is more resistant.

Pizza stones for grills are prone to cracking due to poor handling and moisture exposure. Therefore it’s important to have a long-lasting item in your outdoor kitchen. Baking steels are particularly excellent for achieving a crisp bottom crust on pizza.


Thinner pizza stones for grills are more likely to break, so choose one at least three-quarters of an inch thick—it will last longer.

Pizza stones with handles are excellent for carrying your stone in and out of the grill while wearing protective mitts, but they aren’t always essential because it’s best to wait until your stone has completely cooled before moving it.

Size and Shape

A rectangle stone for a rectangular regular grill will be roughly 16 by 14 inches, while a round or square stone will be between 10 and 16 inches in size.

The size and form of your pizza stone will be determined by your personal preferences and the size of your grill, but bear in mind that there should be some space around your stone in the oven to allow for air circulation.

Rectangular stones provide the biggest surface area and are more adaptable.

Round or square-shaped baking stones should serve if you solely plan on utilizing your baking stone for pizza.

A good quality pizza stone is frequently on the heavier side, so feel the stone’s weight to make sure you can manage to transport it to and from the grill.

Heat Retention

Because a pizza stone’s purpose is to assist your home oven or grill simulate the baking conditions of a high-temperature pizza oven, most baking stones are OK up to 600 degrees (some even withstand temperatures of 900 degrees or more).

The heat retention of a pizza stone is also a significant factor when deciding which pizza stone for a grill to buy. heat retention is based on when a pizza stone can retain its heat.

To attain these high temperatures, place your pizza stone in a cold grill and let it come to temperature over a long period, especially if your stone is thick.

Always verify the manufacturer’s specs to be sure the stone is suitable for the temperature range you’ll be working with.


Most don’t need to be seasoned when you initially purchase a pizza stone for a grill. If they’re constructed of cast iron, there’s a good chance the manufacturer pre-seasoned them to keep them from sticking.

If you season a pizza stone alone, it may smoke or acquire an odor. When buying a pizza stone for a grill, read all the directions before using it for the first time.

However, certain pizza stones can be re-seasoned. This entails scrubbing the pizza stone, lightly oiling it, then baking it for an hour. Check the handbook for detailed instructions, as always.


You can’t just throw a pizza stone in the dishwasher.

Because of their nature and weight, you must wash them by hand. Soap or strong detergents should never be used.

Instead, clean the pizza stone with a brick or a harsh nylon brush instead.

If a steel stone becomes wet, dry it as soon as possible to avoid corrosion. It’s best not to submerge the stone in water because it will take a long time to dry.

Soap or detergents should never be used on porous materials like clay, cordierite, or ceramic, as the stone may absorb them and subsequently come into touch with food. If food becomes caught on the pizza stone, splash water over it and scrape away any leftover food particles with a nylon scrubber.

Glazed stones are simpler to clean but may not be as absorbent. A stone with a roughly half-inch thickness will absorb more heat and distribute it more evenly.


Many of today’s pizza stones for grills are priced similarly across manufacturers and materials, with a big rectangular cordierite stone costing around $50 and a large rectangular baking steel costing just under $100.

While several less-priced pizza stones are on the market, you may compromise quality or thickness in exchange for small savings.

Because pizza stones may endure for years, don’t be afraid to invest a little extra in a thicker stone that bakes evenly and resists breaking.


Most major manufacturers will provide some type of guarantee, whether it be a limited or lifetime warranty.

These warranties usually cover any flaws in materials or craftsmanship, but they don’t cover normal wear and use, accidents, misuse, or commercial damage.

Always check the manufacturer’s warranty before buying to be sure it’s acceptable.

Pizza Stones for Grills

Best Pizza Stones for Grills – Best Overall

Unicook Heavy-Duty Cordierite Pizza Stone

The Unicook pizza stone is constructed of natural cordierite, has no odor, can withstand temperatures of up to 1,450 degrees Fahrenheit (787 degrees Celsius), has exceptional thermal shock resistance, and is designed to outlive all other stones.

Benefits of Owning this Product

The stone from Unicook is an excellent tool for cooking delicious pizzas like a professional for your loved ones and friends at home.

You should seriously consider acquiring this pizza stone because of its versatility; it will help you improve your Italian cuisine skills.

Our Top Pick
Unicook Heavy Duty Pizza Grilling Stone Unicook Heavy Duty Pizza Grilling Stone

Unleash the hidden chef in you with the Unicook Heavy Duty Pizza Grilling Stone. This exceptional tool, crafted from durable cordierite material, promises to transform your homemade pizzas into culinary masterpieces. Its thermal shock resistance ensures that it can withstand extreme temperatures, from the high heat of your oven or grill to the cool countertop post-baking.

Heat resistant up to 1,450°F (787°C).

The Unicook Pizza Stone evenly distributes heat for a consistently crisp and beautifully browned crust every time, while its porous surface absorbs excess moisture, bidding goodbye to the dreaded soggy crust. Its considerable size makes it perfect for baking family-sized pizzas, bread, biscuits, and more. Step into a world of unmatched flavor and crispness with the Unicook Heavy Duty Pizza Grilling Stone—your gateway to a home pizzeria experience.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you!


  • Includes a free multi-purpose plastic dough scraper to cut dough and clean the stone.

Reason To Buy This Product

A grill pizza stone from Unicook may be used in outdoor grills and home ovens. This stone is versatile since it can be used to make homemade and frozen pizza.

The stone can be utilized to prepare various foods, including pizza, bread, cookies, biscuits, baguettes, rolls, and more.

Your grill will benefit significantly from the addition of this baking stone. Many users claim they could not bake without it.

Reasons To Avoid This Product

It has no odor but will emit a foul smell when heated if you don’t clean it properly.


  • Excellent in terms of exceptional strength and durability.
  • The Unicook baking stone has a unique porous structure with tiny holes that are hard to see.
  • The pizza crusts are made crisp because the stone’s interior contains numerous micropores that absorb extra moisture from the dough.
  • Big enough to hold two pizzas


  • It cannot be combined with soap or detergent when cleaning.

Black Pizza Stone for Oven and Grill with Wood Pizza Peel & Pizza Cutter

This grill pizza stone is a large cordierite stone measuring 15 inches in diameter that has been glazed with black ceramic and is designed to withstand high temperatures.

It also comes with a carrying tray that can be removed, a pizza spatula made of acacia wood, and a slicer knife made of stainless steel with a cover and a bamboo handle guaranteed to last with style.

Black Pizza Stone for Oven and Grill with Wood Pizza Peel & Pizza Cutter

Ritual Life gives you the absolute highest value bundle of pizza baking accessories for your homemade pizza creations. We have included all essential pieces in one set for your convenience. Whether you're a beginner in the kitchen or a master chef, our quality tools will satisfy your pizza baking or grilling needs. Great for baking, BBQ, or parties. They have included an instruction manual with each baking set. Stylish packaging makes for a great gift. 

Check it Out
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Benefits of Owning this Product

You could bring it for outdoor parties.


Coated in Ceramic Cordierite Stone

Cordierite is a mineral renowned for its resistance to high temperatures. The ceramic covering makes the kitchen easier to clean and more fashionable.

The cordierite substance of a pizza stone retains heat more uniformly than the metal of a baking sheet, and the porous surface absorbs excess moisture from the dough as it cooks.

Its rectangular shape covers more area than standard round stones.

The Acacia Peel

Due to its density and tenacity, acacia has proven to be an exceptionally resilient wood. When kept properly, these items will last decades.

More distinctive and fashionable than conventional bamboo peels.

This Premium hardwood board features a tapered edge that makes it simple to move raw pizza dough, baked pizza, loaves of bread, pastries, and other foods to and from the oven, pan, or outdoor grill.

Rocker Knife (stainless steel)

This pizza cutter is better than a regular pizza roller slicer that pushes the toppings to the side. Its sharp blade and rocking motion make cutting through the pizza crust easy.

For your safety, it has a hard plastic cover. Each day in the kitchen, it can be used to chop and dice things quickly.

Stainless Wire Stone Stand or Handles

Compared to other grill pizza stones, this one has an additional item that can either be used to remove the stone from the oven securely or as a stand that can be placed on your dinner table to hold the hot stone you serve, keeping the pizza hot.

Reasons To Buy This Product

This product is not just for your pizza alone but also for other things like baking pastries. You can also use the wood peel as a charcuterie board, and if you have a lot of frozen snacks from yesterday’s movie night, you could also bake them using the pizza stone.

Reasons To Avoid This Product

It is imported to the US and still needs to check the compatibility of the country. 


  • It is made with premium and high-quality materials.
  • It is an excellent choice as a gift.
  • Very easy to clean.


  • Too many items to clean up.

Cast Elegance Thermal Shock Resistant Thermarite Pizza and Baking Stone for Oven and Grill

Whereas other pizza stones may break when exposed to high temperatures, the Cast Elegance Stone with Thermarite has been developed and tested to endure tremendous heat shock.

It will continue to function and be in good shape for many years.

It’s all about the thickness when making a beautiful, crunchy bite worthy of a pizza shop.

The 5/8-inch thickness of Thermarite makes it an ideal tool for absorbing moisture, achieving a crisp crust, and facilitating a smooth transition from the peel to the oven.

Cast Elegance Durable Thermal Shock Resistant Thermarite Pizza and Baking Stone for Oven and Grill

Make restaurant-quality pizzas at home without the need for a bulky wood-fired or brick pizza oven. This 5/8th inch thick (0.625 inches) Thermarite pizza stone will get perfect crispness.

Check it Out
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Benefits of Owning this Product

Since there’s a recipe book included in the product when purchased, you won’t have difficulty considering what to prepare for your guests. Just flip the book, and you can choose anything from it.

Featured Products

  • This product includes a scraper that can be used for cutting and cleaning.
  • A cookbook with thirty pages of different recipe ideas.

Reason To Buy This Product

It works wonderfully for cooking indoors and outdoors and can be used with charcoal or gas. 

Reason To Avoid This Product

It cannot be cleaned with soap or water because it is odorless but still emits an odor.


  • It’s not easy to crack under high temperatures.
  • It absorbs moisture that makes the crust more crispy. Compatible with ovens and even grills.


  • It stains easier than other pizza stones.

Pizza Stone by Hans Grill Baking Stone For Pizzas used in Oven and Grill

This cordierite pizza stone makes your handmade pizza crispy and cheesy.

The Hans Grill oven baking stone retains the dough’s moisture and cooks the pizza foundation evenly. The outcome is a crispier, crunchier pizza than your neighborhood Italian pizzeria.

Pizza Stone by Hans Grill Baking Stone For Pizzas use in Oven and Grill

This pizza stone and wooden pizza paddle have gone through months of testing. This pizza set will last a lot longer than the cheaper aluminum metal pizza peel. The stones are 14.9 x 11.8 inches so will fit in most ovens or barbecues.

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Benefits of Owning this Product

You can use the stone aside from making pizza. You won’t need other cooking utensils. After making pizza, you could do BBQ next.


  • Pizza Peel
  • The instruction book will help you to use the product.
  • Recipe book with so many ideas.

Reason To Buy This Product

It can be used in any appliance, including the oven, grill, or barbecue. Compared to its thickness of 1.5 centimeters, this pizza stone heated up very fast.

Reason To Avoid This Product

Aside from making pizza, this is not for you if you won’t use it.


  • Distribution of heat in an even manner.
  • Excellent for use in the oven, on the grill, or in a backyard barbecue.
  • Safe to use. It has a long wooden handle that guarantees the board is securely placed.


Augosta Pizza Stone for Oven and Grill, Free Wooden Pizza Peel paddle

This stone makes it easy to cook various foods, including frozen pizza, homemade pizza, slices of bread, pastries, and crackers, among other things. The pizza stone can weigh up to 6.7 pounds.

Pizza Stone for Oven and Grill, FREE Wooden Pizza Peel Paddle, Thermal Shock Resistant

Cooking pizza at home is becoming more popular, which leaves you free to select the best ingredients and save money. Augusta pizza gusstone can be used in outdoor grills and home ovens. This stone is convenient for cooking a homemade pizza, frozen pizza, bread, cookies, biscuits, and more.

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Benefits of Owning this Product

There is no limit when it comes to cooking with the pizza stone.

Featured Products

  • Free pizza peel board when you purchase the product.

Reason To Buy This Product

This pizza stone set can be used in various other culinary experiments and baking pizzas made from fresh or frozen ingredients. At home, it’s ideal for baking bread, cookies, and stuffed calzones.

Reason To Avoid This Product

Too small for the pizza oven.


  • It has no scent and has exceptional resilience to thermal shock. 
  • It is made of cordierite stone that is 100 percent natural and safe for use by the FDA. 
  • Heat-resistant up to 1112 degrees Fahrenheit (600 degrees Celsius).


  • Because cordierite is the primary component of pizza stones, so they are susceptible to breaking if not transported cautiously.

Who Should Get a Pizza Stone for a Grill?

Everyone can benefit from using pizza stones for their grills. If you enjoy the challenge of developing your own recipes and would be excited to test them out using a pizza stone, this is for you!

Cheap Pizza Stone for a Grill VS Expensive Pizza Stone for a Grill

Ceramics, clay, cordierite, and even steel can be pizza stones. Both perform the same functions, and results vary on use.

Pizza stones for a grill come in different thicknesses, forms, and durability.

The pizza stone price depends on the manufacturer and components-the pricier ones of longer-lasting and more valuable materials than the cheap ones.

Lightweight materials are one of the cheap ones’ disadvantages. 

The Pitfalls of Different Pizza Stones for Grills

You want to ensure that your pizza stone is heat-conductive so it heats up rapidly and uniformly.

Compared to the other materials, stainless steel is almost certainly one that conducts heat most effectively and requires significantly less upkeep.

On the other hand, the cost may be significant. Despite its propensity to rust, standard steel represents a more cost-effective alternative.

Tips on How to Use Pizza Stones for Grills

  1. Preheat the stone until it reaches 550 degrees Fahrenheit. If possible, the temperature of a pizza stone in the oven should be higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Put the pizza, which should be at room temperature, in the middle of the stone.
  3. Cook for five minutes with the grill/oven cover closed, then remove from heat.
  4. Remove the stone from the oven or grill when cooled before cleaning it.

The Unicook pizza stone is recommended as the most acceptable option for grilling pizza because it comes with free attachments, and there is no need to purchase anything else.

Here’s a Video Brought to You by Weber on How to Use a Pizza Stone on a Grill

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting a pizza stone for a grill?

Pizza stones are better than steel because they are cheaper and easier to use.

The only real problem with them is that they are hard to move around, meaning is another kitchen item you have to store. If you clean them well and don’t drop them, they will last long.

Do pizza stones for a grill make a difference?

The crust starts cooking right away when the pizza is put on the stone, like in a traditional brick oven. A pizza stone will speed up cooking and make the crust much better.

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The Last Slice

A good pizza stone for a grill makes all the difference when you make pizza at home or on the grill. The porous surface creates the perfect crusts of ceramic stones.

The stone can absorb the pizza’s moisture, which helps it cook better and bake evenly.

If you try one of these stones and practice, you’ll soon be able to make pizzas as good as those in pizzerias!

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