Costco Pizza Price 2024 (Best Bang for Your Buck!)

Costco Pizza Price 2024 (Best Bang for Your Buck!)

Costco Pizza Price 2024

Costco Pizza is one of the best options for finding delicious and affordable pizza. Its large portions and great value make it a favorite among many customers.

But what exactly is the Costco pizza price?

In this article, we will examine the prices of Costco’s pizza offerings, including their cheese and pepperoni options, and compare them to other pizza options in the market.

Whether you’re feeding a family or just looking for a quick and satisfying meal, Costco’s Pizza is a great choice for any budget at an affordable price.

So let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

Costco Pizza Price 2024

The Costco pizza price is $9.95 per pie, and the pizza slice price is $1.99.

The combo pizza was discontinued, and it may be permanent.

You can only order Costco pizza in person at the food court or by phone, as Costco does not offer online ordering or delivery for pizza.

How Much is Costco Pizza?

The Costco food court is a popular destination for various reasons, but pizza is one of the most popular foods sold there.

Costco Pizza is known for being the best-tasting and most affordable pizza available. It’s also handy because you can buy them by the slice or in bulk, ensuring you never run out!

Pizza is a popular food in the United States, with the average American eating 23 pounds of it in their lifetime, according to the latest stats. The Costco food court will come to mind if you seek inexpensive yet delightful pies.

For many of us, the thought of a Costco pizza conjures images of a nightmare rather than something delicious.

However, with so many people raving about these pizzas on social media, it’s worth looking into for yourself.

You never know; you could be pleasantly surprised!

We’ll examine what makes Costco pizza unique and why there are such strong opinions on whether they’re excellent or horrible on both sides of the aisle.

We hope you love it as much as we did!

Pizza at Costco

Do you want a delicious pizza slice that will delight your taste buds without breaking the bank?

Pick up some freshly baked cheese delights at a fair Costco pizza price among other American eateries today at any Costco food court location!

What makes them so delicious, apart from the fact that they’re huge and reasonably priced?

So, let’s check into it.

Costco Pizza Styles

The pizza available at Costco varies from one food court to the next.

However, the most popular pizza styles on the Costco pizza menu are Cheese and Pepperoni.

Unfortunately, the Combination pizzas have been temporarily discontinued.

Costco Pizza Price 2024

FeaturesCheese PizzaPepperoni PizzaPrice
Costco Pizza Slices1212$1.99 per slice
Costco Pizza Size18 inches16-18 inches$9.95 per pie
Waiting time7-12 minutes6-12 minutes

Costco Pizza Price 2024

Costco’s pizza prices are known to be extremely low on almost anything. It’s not unusual to get amazing deals on food goods at Costco, but how much are Costco pizzas?

You might be surprised by the response. Costco’s whole pizza price is $9.95, whereas a similar pizza from Pizza Hut costs $18-20, depending on the region.

Costco pizza prices vary based on where you go. In most circumstances, you’ll need a Costco membership to buy it.

Costco’s whole pizza price is $9.95 per pie, and the Costco pizza slice price is $1.99.

Costco Food Court Nutrition Value and Menu prices may slightly differ from place to place. Please check with the relevant branch for accurate information.

Cost of Costco Pizza – $1.99

There are just five variations accessible at any one moment across the country, which might be restrictive if you’re searching for something special, such as gluten-free or vegan alternatives.

Costco Pizza Toppings

Many people are unaware that the wonderful Costco pizzas include more than pepperoni. In reality, sausage, black olives, pineapple, and green peppers are among the toppings available at Costco for the slice of pizza.

On the other hand, some clients may be unaware of the advantages of purchasing a complete pie with these toppings rather than just one or two pieces.

When you purchase a complete pie with all the toppings (rather than individual slices) from Costco Food Court, you’ll get a lot of extras, saving you time and money in the long run!

  • Bell Peppers
  • Pepperoni
  • Red Onions
  • Black Olives
  • Mushrooms
  • Sausage

Costco Pizza MenuIngredients of Costco Pizza
Combo Pizza  The Combo mainly combines meats with veggies. Simply, it’s a combination of the ingredients used in both the pepperoni and cheese varieties. (Discontinued)
Cheese Pizza  Cheese pizza is possibly the most popular of all Costco snacks. All cheese is fresh, and they don’t use processed cheese.
Pepperoni  Pepperoni Costco Pizza has 60 slices of pepperoni.

Costco Cheese Pizza
Costco Pizza Price in 2024 – $9.95

Costco Pizza Calories

Costco’s food court is a favorite for many customers due to its economical and delicious offerings. Among the popular items is their pizza, known for its size and cheesy toppings. However, as with most fast food items, it’s also important to consider the caloric content.

A slice of Costco’s cheese pizza weighs approximately 700 calories, while a slice of their combo pizza weighs approximately 680 calories. For the pepperoni pizza, a slice carries around 620 calories. It’s crucial to remember that these are estimates, and the actual calorie count can vary based on the exact ingredients and serving size.

Costco Pizza Calories

Pizza TypeCalories per slice

Please note a full pizza from Costco has 12 slices. Therefore, if you plan to consume the whole pizza, you must multiply these values by 12 to get the total calorie count.

Costco Pizza Nutrition

Costco’s food court pizzas are a popular choice for many, offering large portion sizes at an affordable price. While they’re undeniably tasty, it’s also important to consider their nutritional value. Costco pizzas are high in calories, fat, and sodium, typical for many fast food offerings.

However, they offer moderate protein and calcium, particularly in their cheese and combo varieties. The following is an estimated nutritional breakdown per slice of their most popular pizzas:

Costco Pizza Nutrition

Pizza TypeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Sodium (mg)Carbohydrates (g)Protein (g)

Keep in mind, these values are approximate and can vary based on exact ingredients and portion sizes. A full Costco pizza contains 12 slices, so if you’re considering consuming a full pizza, remember to multiply these numbers by 12.

Costco Pizza Prices, Slices, and Sizes

Don’t resist the urge any longer! The Costco food court is ready to save you from sore tummies with its fantastic pizza. But what are the Costco pizza prices?

And what sizes do they come in?

The pizza at Costco measures 16-18 inches in diameter and costs $9.95. The pizza comes in 12 pieces, each of which costs $1.99.

How Do You Order Pizza from Costco?

As far as we know, you can’t purchase it online at the Costco website, but you can order Costco food court pizza over the phone. Schedule a 15-minute call beforehand, then pick it up and pay.

You can get their phone number by dialing the warehouse’s extension number, which connects you to the Costco food court service.

Their excellent customer service department will review the menu and the Costco pizza price.

Ordering pizza from Costco isn’t always the most convenient or time-saving option.

You may order your slice ahead of time or wait in line in the Costco food court, but if neither of these alternatives appeals to you, there are other possibilities.

Those who place an order over the phone will have it ready when they arrive, which is a valuable service!

If standing in line isn’t your thing, ordering at a store’s checkout lane can be the ideal option because all orders are handled faster than ever before- without the need to travel out of one’s way to obtain some slices.

From one of our favorite wholesalers!

Go to Costco or call your local Costco Food Court to place an order. Costco food court staff members will gladly help you there.

Look for Costco Warehouses Closest Location

Costco Pizza Delivery

Did you know that now you can order pizza from Costco?

Another alternative is that you can now get Costco pizza delivery via Learn more on how to get your Costco pizza delivered.

Costco Pizza Delivery

Traveling to Costco to try out their pizza menu is well worth the time. You will see that no one can beat the Costco pizza prices. But we’ll tell you a little secret: Costco prefers customers who sign up for their memberships.

Check our article on Costco pizza delivery for more information on this.


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Top 5 Costco Pizzas 2024

  1. Costco Cheese Pizza

Look no further than Costco’s Classic cheese pizza if you’re searching for a quick, easy lunch to feed a lot.

The Costco cheese pizza is made with pizza dough, 10.5 ounces of tomato sauce, and 24 ounces of a blend of fresh mozzarella, provolone, and Parmesan cheeses, creating the perfect crust-to-sauce-to-cheese ratio.

The Costco cheese pizza recipe was designed to emulate a New York-style pizza so you can expect a relatively thin, foldable crust with a crispy bite.

Because of its delightful cheesy flavor, this inexpensive alternative is usually a success for kids and adults. It’s also ideal for those occasions when you need a quick lunch.

  1. Costco Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza from Costco is a tasty and economical alternative for dine-in or take-out.

The Costco pepperoni pizza is a classic, crowd-pleasing option available at the food court in all Costco locations. The pizza is made with fresh ingredients and has a soft yet crispy crust. It is topped with a generous amount of tangy tomato sauce, gooey mozzarella cheese, and 60 spicy pepperoni slices.

The pepperoni is typically cut in large, thick pieces and is known for its rich, savory flavor. Pizza is typically sold by the slice, but you can also buy the whole pizza.

Costco is known for its great value and large portions, making it a popular choice for families and large groups. The Costco pepperoni pizza is a tasty and budget-friendly option for those looking for a satisfying meal.

Costco’s pepperoni pizza will surely delight you, whether you are looking for something quick and straightforward or a fun way to spend time with friends!

  1. Customized Pizza from Costco

Did you know that the business also provides custom-made pizzas? Choose from a choice of toppings and crusts to make your personalized pizza.

  1. Take-and-Bake Pizza from Costco (Temporarily Discontinued)

Costco is well-known for its delectable pizzas. You may now order your personalized pizza directly from the warehouse club. Costco covers you whether you’re craving a traditional cheese pizza or something more daring.

  1. Frozen Pizza from Costco

One of the most popular things on the shelves at Costco is frozen pizza. It provides excellent value for money and is a quick and easy supper alternative for those hectic evenings.

But what are the best methods to prepare frozen pizza from Costco?

Check our article on Costco pizza instructions to make the best Costco pizza.

Is it possible to freeze it once it’s been cooked?

Yes, you can; you can freeze your leftover pizza, lasting about 1 to 2 months.

More on Costco Pizza

Other Items at Costco Food Courts

Costco food courts continued to expand their menu, offering various affordable and delicious items beyond their well-loved pizza. Shoppers could enjoy the classic all-beef hot dog combo, which included a generous-sized soda. The addition of a satisfying chicken bake, filled with tender chicken, cheese, bacon, and Caesar dressing, remained a favorite for many, and of course, their famous chicken Caesar salad.

For patrons seeking lighter fare, the açaí fruit bowl offered a refreshing, fruity treat, while the turkey and provolone sandwich provided a healthier option. To top off their meal, customers could choose from a selection of desserts, including the ever-popular churros and an ice cream bar with frozen yogurt swirls.

The Costco pizza is not Gluten-Free, but the restaurant offers a gluten-free option. The pizza is made with a specially formulated gluten-free crust and cheese. A vegan-style pizza is also available for those looking for vegan options.

Costco Pizza’s Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Costco pizza in 2024?

The Costco food court menu includes the following: The 18-inch Costco pizza price is $9.95, and a pizza slice is $1.99. Costco whole pizzas come with six slices and can serve up to six people, one slice for each person. At no additional charge, you can select between cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza. These affordable prices are just hard to beat!

An 18-inch Costco pizza has how many slices?

Costco pizzas’ slices are double the size of the 18-inch circular with 12 pre-cut pieces. Best for eating these pizzas when they’re still hot and fresh is the best way to enjoy them (order before shopping and pick them up when you leave). If you are patient, it is possible to warm up for up to 48 hours after purchase.

Is it possible to order Costco pizza without having a membership?

It is generally not possible to order Costco pizza without having a membership. Costco is a membership-based retail store; membership is required to enter the store and make purchases, including at the food court.

However, there are some exceptions. Some Costco locations may have a designated area for take-out orders, and pizzas can be ordered without entering the store.

Additionally, in some cases, a non-member may be able to enter the store with a member and make a purchase at the food court.

However, this is at the discretion of the individual store and not a general policy. Therefore, you need to have a membership to order Costco pizza.

Also, check if the store you’re visiting has a pharmacy, as not all Costco locations do. Sometimes, they will let you in to go to the pharmacy without a membership.

If you’re weary of hearing how excellent and inexpensive the other menu items are, like the beef hot dogs, chicken bake, and pizzas at the Costco food court, you don’t need a membership to test them.

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The Last Slice

Costco’s food court offers various delicious options, including their famous cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza.

But if you are not up for pizza, Costco offers other menu items. You can try other Costco food court items like an extra long hot dog, chicken bake, turkey provolone sandwich, and a very berry sundae.

And the best part? Costco’s food court prices are almost too good to be true.

The diverse menu options at Costco food courts in 2023 provided customers with various delicious choices while upholding the exceptional value that has become synonymous with the Costco pizza price.

With Costco locations nationwide, finding one near you is easy and enjoying a satisfying meal at low prices is easy. Be sure to check the Costco food court hours of operation before heading to the store, and keep in mind the various options in the Costco menu to make your experience more enjoyable.

Whether grabbing a quick lunch or feeding a crowd, Costco’s food court satisfies your hunger.


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Costco Pizza Delivery: Find How You Can Get It Now!

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