Surprising Insights About Freezing Pizza

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Surprising Insights About Freezing Pizza

How to keep pizza in the freezer

Can you freeze pizza? You asked.

Do you know how long you can keep the pizza in the freezer?

We all understand that putting food in the freezer is a great way to store food in the long run. When it comes to keeping pizza, there are specific rules on how to seal it to stay fresher.

This short guide will give you plenty of tips on storing pizza in the freezer, whether cooked or not. We’ve got your solution to freezing it properly.

Let’s find out!

Can You Freeze Pizza?

If you love your pizza, it will always be the case that one may not be enough for you. You may have baked a few pizzas for yourself and your family, but what if you cannot have all of them at once?

leftover pizza

Can you put the leftover pizza in the freezer?

Absolutely! Yes, you can keep the pizza in the freezer.

Will the pizza sauce remain fresh and good if you do that?

So, how long does the pizza last? There are many factors on which the answer to that question will depend. Of course, some factors affect how long you can keep it in the freezer, which may include things like the method of preparation, how the pizza is stored, and the sell-by date.

Having said that, and for more info on this, you may want to check what the USDA says on this;  pizza is consumable and stays good in the freezer between 1 and 2 months from the date it is kept in the freezer.

Keeping any food fresh and consumable is to stop the microbial activity.

All microbial activities cease immediately when the pizza is stored in the freezer under extremely low temperatures. Your pizza retains the taste, flavor, and texture after 4 months.

How Long Does Pizza Last in the Freezer?

Your freezer is set to a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit and lower in any standard condition.

This temperature ensures that food becomes frozen and will help preserve your food for longer. Because pizza is not your average food, it’s an odd combination of pizza dough, cheese, pizza sauce, and various toppings.

There’s a lot more at stake so the average time pizza will last in your freezer wrapped in plastic wrap or a Ziplock bag is 2 months.

That doesn’t mean this applies to all pizzas since many methods will improve frozen pizza’s lifespan.

What you will learn from these tips can extend the amount of time that frozen pizza can last while frozen.

But keep in mind that you can achieve these results if you follow these instructions closely. You’ll risk common problems such as freezer burn if you don’t.

This process is the crystallization of water molecules trapped in your plastic bag and will ruin any pizza you try to freeze.

Crystallized pizza in freezer

You can avoid this quickly enough, but that’s not the only problem you might face. If you’ve ever wondered how long pizza lasts in the freezer, this next section will explain more.

It will also give you better instructions on how to store your pizza using every kitchen material.

Pro Tip

It may seem a bother at the time, but unless you label it, you might not remember what it is, let alone when it was frozen. Buy a permanent marker and start labeling your pizza.

How to Store Pizza in the Freezer?

The key to properly freezing pizza all starts with insulation from the cold.

This process might sound silly to hear at first, but it makes perfect sense. Yet, the truth remains since you need to shield your pizza from the harsh cold.

This is easy if you don’t have special equipment. Plastic wrap is a good idea since it can cover pizza slices and self-seals around it. It also needs to be wrapped with a layer of aluminum foil to insulate it further.

This is easy if you don’t have special equipment. Plastic wrap is a good idea since it can cover pizza slices and self-seals around it. It also needs to be wrapped with a layer of aluminum foil to insulate it further.

pizza wrapped in foil

Fresh Pizza

Buying or making fresh pizza involves the same element since the pizza bread is still relatively soft. The ingredients will also be cooked, so there’s a fair amount of moisture they are giving off.

Please don’t place the leftover pizza in the freezer immediately. It needs to be at room temperature before you put it into the freezer.

Here are the correct steps you should follow to store it better.

  • First, take your cooled pizza slice and a piece of cling wrap and fold it over so it covers your pizza twice over. Use your hand to smooth away air from the center out to the edges.
  • Fold under the wrap so the air can be removed as best.
  • Once you have a tight wrap, you can fold the rest of the cling wrap under the pizza slice. Then you can take any aluminum foil and wrap it using the shiny toward the cling wrap.

This process helps the foil stick to the cling wrap better since it’s smoother and will bond to the plastic effectively.

The dull side should now be facing outwards. You can form the foil so it lays against each slice, keeping air pockets from forming. Now, place these pizza slices at the back end of your freezer at the lowest point possible.

This method will ensure that the cold that freezes your pizza is colder than the rest of your freezer space.

Frozen pizza

Most frozen pizza is already covered with plastic. If you’re lucky to have a vacuum-sealed frozen pizza, you can take it out of the pizza box.

  • Now all you do is cover your pizza with aluminum foil as fresh pizza.
  • The foil side must be laid against the plastic covering to stick better.
  • If you recently brought it from the store, wipe the plastic down with a dry paper towel to remove any moisture on that plastic surface.

Once again, store all of your pizzas at the lowest point of your freezer at the very bottom. If you have more than one, you can stack them on top. Not only does this take up less space, but the cardboard box won’t attract moisture by accident.

Can You Vacuum Seal Pizza?

Alternate Methods to Store Pizza in the Freezer

If you would like to extend further the time you can keep your pizza in the freezer, there is an alternate method you can use; this is by using a vacuum sealer.

Vacuum Sealers

A handy vacuum sealer is one of the best and most welcome additions to any kitchen. They aren’t as expensive as they used to be and can be extremely useful for freezing pizza.

You will need a freezer bag that is meant for vacuum sealing. These bags are usually thicker than average and better for long-term freezing.

These bags are jumbo-sized to hold any average frozen pizza measuring 14″ x 16″.

Once the pizza is sealed, you can seal off the Ziplock slider, making the plastic space more compact. Once again, it would be best to put aluminum foil all over the bag to act as insulation from the cold.

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Zip-Lock Bags

If you don’t have bags meant for vacuum sealing, you can use Ziplock freezer storage bags that can also be vacuum-sealed.

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Properly sealed vacuum bags will allow your pizza to remain in the freezer for up to 4-8 months. This method is two to four times the amount of time that regular cling wrap sealing offers.

Since most cheese will do just fine in the freezer for 2-4 months when adequately frozen, this is perfect for frozen pizzas.

The total air removal from the vacuum seal bag also removes excess moisture. This method helps pizza become frozen with less chance of developing any freezer burn.

Pizza Pun

What do you call a freezing German city?


How to Reheat Frozen Leftover Pizza?

Let’s say that you’ve sealed your leftover pizza and now want to reheat it. Is there a method that makes leftover pizza taste as good as before? You bet!

How to reheat pizza using your kitchen oven:

  • It all starts with preheating your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Then take your pizza slices out of the freezer and remove the outer aluminum foil.
  • Take off the cling wrap and then wrap sections of foil over the crust. Wrapping the crust section creates a heat shield that helps the crush become crispy again. If you don’t, you end up with a soggy crust.
  • Place each slice on a cookie tray in your oven for 12-15 minutes. As the oven’s heat defrosts the cheese and sauce, it will allow the cheese to remain chewy and tasty.

  • Don’t microwave frozen pizza, as this will have uneven cold spots. Oven baking will evenly heat each slice.
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How to reheat pizza using a toaster oven:

Alternatively, you can use a toaster oven instead.

  • It all starts with preheating your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You can place your pizza slice onto a layer of aluminum foil with foil covering your crust.
  • It takes only 3-4 minutes per slice when you set the heat to 350F.

Because a toaster oven is smaller, you need to watch your pizza slice so it doesn’t start to burn. The result is a reheated slice that tastes as good as when you last enjoyed it warm.

How to reheat pizza using a Skillet

The last method is effective and straightforward if you have one or two slices you want to reheat. For this, you’ll need a cast-iron skillet or stainless steel skillet. A non-stick skillet may leave your pizza soggy.

  • Set the heat to medium and unwrap your frozen pizza completely.
  • When the skillet is warm enough, add your pizza slice to warm up for a couple of minutes. You’ll also need a lid that covers the skillet.
  • Now you’ll add a few drops of water on the side of the pan, not on your pizza. As the water starts to boil, cover it.
  • The resulting steam will start to rehydrate the cheese and warm the entire slice using steam pressure. After a few minutes, you can remove the lid so the crust can get a bit crispier. Then it’s ready to serve.

Keep in mind that a cast-iron skillet is best for this, but the trick is to use this type of skillet. Non-stick pans don’t work so well since a skillet is thicker metal and stores heat differently.

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The Last Slice

When was the last time you got great results from reheating your leftover pizza?

We hope this guide has given you more helpful information about freezing pizza.

Since there are so many different ways to freeze takeout pizza or home-baked, now you freeze it effectively. We want you to feel comfortable using the freezer to save and preserve your pizzas.

That’s why we’re offering the best advice on freezing, so you’ll get the best results -anytime.

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