Baker’s Percentage Calculator for Pizza Dough: Is as Easy as 123

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Who doesn’t love a delicious homemade pizza? But to achieve that perfect dough, understanding your ingredients’ proportions is crucial.

This is where the concept of “baker’s percentages” comes into play. This unique system used extensively in professional baking, can seem daunting at first, but fear not! We’re here to demystify it, ensuring your next pizza is your best one yet.

With our Baker’s Percentage Calculator for Pizza Dough, balancing your dough ingredients becomes a slice of… well, pizza. This tool simplifies the process and takes your pizza-making experience to the next level, ensuring consistently stellar results.

Don’t let the term ‘baker’s percentages‘ intimidate you; it’s much simpler than it sounds, and we’ll walk you through it.

Whether you’re an amateur cook, a seasoned home baker, or a professional pizzaiolo, you’re in the right place! Stick around, continue reading, and unlock the secret to the perfect pizza dough.

Get ready to impress your friends, family, or customers with the best pizza they’ve ever tasted. Let’s get started on this delicious journey.

Let’s get started!

Baker’s Percentage Calculator for Pizza Dough

This Baker’s Percentage Calculator for pizza dough will allow you to calculate the baker’s percentage for any given pizza recipe in a few seconds.

It streamlines your pizza-making process by precisely balancing your dough ingredients, leading to consistent, deliciously improved outcomes each time you fire up the oven.

Set the ingredient proportions weight in grams and enjoy your custom baker’s percentage pizza recipe.

Instructions on How to Use This Baker’s Percentage Calculator for Pizza Dough

For example:  Let’s say you have a pizza recipe that calls for the following ingredients:


In the Grams Column in the center of the chart, enter: 

  1. In the Flour row – Enter weight in grams in the center column.  For example, enter 500.
  2. In the Water row –  Enter weight in grams in the center column.  For example, enter 350.
  3. In the Salt row – Enter weight in grams in the center column.  For example, enter 10.
  4. In the Yeast row- Enter weight in grams in the center column.  For example, enter 5.

If you want to add any additional ingredients, add the name of the ingredient you want to add in the Ingredient cell where it says “OTHER” and enter the corresponding weight in the center cell – Enter weight in grams.

You will get the result for each desired ingredient in percentages. 

Your recipe will look like this:

  • Flour 100%
  • Water 70%
  • Salt 2%
  • Yeast 1%

Easy right?  Here we go…

Baker’s Percentage Calculator

Enter the weight of your ingredients in grams:

We challenge you to experiment with different hydration percentages to create your own recipe tailored to your taste.  You can also try different pizza styles requiring other ingredients and percentages.

Below the chart is a quick reference to the recommended baker’s pizza and dough weights percentages.

Baker’s Percentages for Pizza Dough

by Pizza Style

IngredientNeapolitanNY-StyleSicilianChicago Deep

If you already know your desired total dough weight you’re your preferred hydration percentage, and want to know the proportions of ingredients that you need to make your desired pizza(s), check out our Finished Pizza Dough Calculator. 

This calculator inverts the process. You enter the desired weight of your doughball depending on how many pizzas you are making, and it will tell you how many ingredients you need. Super easy!

If you want to learn more about Baker’s Percentage Method, Hydration, Yeast, and Salt, check out the below posts.

Learn More About Baker’s Math with this Ooni Video

The Last Slice

We hope this baker’s percentage calculator for pizza dough helps you in your pizza-making journey. Now you can easily try different percentages and create your very own pizza specialties.

If you want to try something different, we invite you to try our pizza dough calculator, there you can change your pizza style and ingredients percentages and get a copy of your recipe. Check it Out!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us and let us know about your pizza-making process, what you are doing differently, and what other ingredients you are using; we would love to know. Share our love for pizza with us around the world.

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Homemade Pizza FAQs

How to Start Making Pizza?

Making pizza at home is actually very simple and anyone can do it.  If you don’t have a mixer you can still make the dough by hand.

Check our guide on How to Get Started to begin your pizza-making journey.

Do I need a pizza oven to make pizza at home?

No, you can make pizza in a regular kitchen oven, and these days you can even make pizza on your stove or your grill. 

Check our Recommended Oven Section to find the oven that best suits your needs.

What is the best flour for pizza?

The best flour for pizza is flour that contains a high-protein content.  Of course, it will depend on the kind of oven you have.

In terms of the brand, we’ve found that Caputo Chef’s Flour works best for home ovens while Caputo Pizzeria works best for high-temperature ovens. 

To learn more about flour and why we think Caputo is best check the Best Flour for Pizza article.

How long should I bake pizza?

The time to cook your pizza will depend on the kind of pizza you are making and the kind of oven you have. 

The lower the temperature the longer will take to cook your pizza.  On average it will take 12 to 15 min to cook pizza in a 500F oven. 

For details on specific cooking times and temperatures check the Guide to Oven Temperature and Cooking Time article.

What kind of yeast should I use for pizza?

To make pizza dough you can use any yeast you have available.  You can use fresh, instant, or active dry yeast. 

The amount of yeast to use will vary depending on which one you use. 

We found that active dry yeast gives the best results, to find out why we think is best to check Yeast: Here is What You Need to Know article.

What is the best hydration percentage?

On average water should be 65% of the total weight of flour.  For example, if your recipe calls for 500g of flour, you should add 325g of water (500 x .65 = 325).

Of course, the temperature of the oven will also have an impact on your final result. 

Check our guidelines our Baker’s Percentage Charts for the best results.

For more pizza questions, check our Pizza FAQs Page or Contact Us.​

Additional Resources

If you want to calculate more, don’t forget to check Our Homemade Pizza Dough Calculator.  

You can choose your pizza style, enter the desired percentages, and download your recipe.

homemade pizza dough calculator

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