Lynx Napoli Professional Oven Review

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Lynx Napoli Professional Oven Review

What you need to know before you buy

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Lynx Napoli Professional Oven Review


The Lynx Napoli 30-Inch Professional Outdoor Oven is a powerful, durable appliance for preparing the perfect pizza and other baked foods.

It is a high-grade pizza oven for those who want only the best but is it the right option for you?

Let’s find out!

Lynx Napoli Professional Oven Review

The Lynx Napoli 30-Inch Professional Outdoor Oven countertop/built-in gas pizza oven will take your pizza creations to the next level. 

This is the next best thing to complement your outdoor kitchen.  Get creative with your cooking skills and impress your friends.

This outdoor pizza oven can be set on top of a countertop or built into an outdoor kitchen. The Lynx Napoli pizza oven is 30″ W x 28.5″ D x 24.5″ H overall and can run on propane or natural gas. 

The net weight of the Lynx Napoli 30 pizza oven is 254 pounds.

This pizza oven has a stainless steel exterior, a specially formulated concrete refractory interior dome, and a cooking surface.

The cooking surface pulls forward for easy access to food and the door is removable.

The control knobs are backed by blue LED lights for nighttime use along with the interior light. A 12.25″ x 20″ pizza peel is also included so you can access your pizzas easily.

What Is the Lynx Napoli Outdoor Oven?

The Napoli Oven by Lynx is a 30-inch oven designed for serious foodies. It offers 400 square inches of cooking space and uses variable infrared heating with temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The oven has simple controls, which are illuminated with blue LED lights for use in the dark. After turning the oven on, it quickly preheats to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a Nut Shell – Lynx Napoli Professional Oven Review – Quick Specs

Lynx Napoli 30 Specifications

Lynx Napoli 30 Specifications
Configuration Built-In/Countertop
Fuel Type Gast (Natural or Propane)
Made in the USA Yes
Max Temperature 800F
Total BTUs 40000
Cooking Surface Material Refractory Ceramic
Total Cooking Surface Area 400sq
Thermometer Yes
Front Shelf Yes
Lights Yes

Lynx Napoli 30 Dimensions

Lynx Napoli 30 Dimensions
Width 30″
Depth 28.5″
Height 29″
Weight 254 pounds

Lynx Napoli Professional Oven Highlighted Features

The main features of the Lynx Napoli oven include:

  • 400-square-inch cooking surface
  • 800-degree Fahrenheit maximum temperature
  • Stainless-steel housing and components
  • Ceramic infrared burner
  • Backlit control knobs
  • 40,000 BTU capacity
  • Slide-out cooking surface

Out of these features, the slide-out cooking surface is what helps set the Lynx Napoli oven apart from the competition. You can easily pull the cooking surface forward for easier access to food.

This countertop or built-in propane pizza oven is the next great thing to complement your outdoor kitchen with the capacity to bake an 18-inch pie, the inside hosts a specially formulated concrete heat-retaining dome and 400 square inches cooking surface, which is perfect for the high heat demanded.

The variable infrared heating system is designed to preheat to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, saving energy quickly. The front door seals the pizza oven closed, focusing the heat on the pizza. 

Who Is the Lynx Napoli Oven Designed for?

The Lynx Napoli pizza oven is a top recommendation for anyone tired of dealing with cheap ovens that break down easily. It is also easier to operate than many high-end ovens, making it a great introduction to the world of quality outdoor ovens.

Why Choose a High-End Outdoor Oven?

The Napoli Oven shares many common features with other products in this price range, including seamless welded construction and a reversible chimney.

The one drawback of the Lynx Napoli outdoor oven is the price. It is an expensive appliance. However, you get what you pay for.

Cheap outdoor ovens are not built to last. They typically feature plastic housing and inferior components that break down easily with repeated use.

You may also notice that cheaper ovens rarely cook evenly. One side of your pizza may become crispy while the other side remains underbaked.

When using the Napoli oven, you do not need to deal with those issues. It has a stainless steel exterior and a refractory ceramic cooking grate for enhanced durability.

It is also equipped with a ceramic infrared burner, which offers increased efficiency compared to other heat sources.

Lynx Napoli Professional Oven Potential Pitfalls or Difficulties

You should not need to worry about any difficulties using the Napoli oven. The flawless design provides superior outdoor baking. However, you do need to choose between propane and natural gas power sources.

Connecting the oven to a natural gas line requires professional installation, which increases the overall cost. Luckily, propane is quick, cheap, and easy to connect.

Lynx Napoli Professional Oven Installation and Assembly

The Napoli oven comes mostly assembled. However, the installation depends on whether you choose the built-in or countertop versions. You may need professional help fitting the built-in version in your outdoor kitchen along with hiring someone to connect the gas line.

If you want to bake pizza and other meals like a professional chef, try the Lynx Napoli Outdoor Oven for yourself. It preheats almost instantly and relies on infrared heat to deliver fast, even baking. Get your Napoli oven today to discover the joy of baking with a high-end appliance.

Lynx Napoli Professional Oven Product Videos

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Lynx Napoli Professional Oven Expert Review

A Taste

A variable infrared heating system quickly preheats to 700 degrees.

Uses infrared technology to heat up quickly and cook evenly

Blue LED control knob illumination and interior halogen lighting assist in baking at any time of day.

What we like about the Lynx Napoli Professional Oven

  • Easy to Use – Just turn it on, let it heat up and you are done!
  • Easy Access – We love the pull-out drawer; you don’t do that in any other pizza oven. You have easy access to your pizza and the removable front door, which seals the oven tighter than a traditional door with hinges.
  • Best Performance – Because it’s powered by either propane or natural gas, the Lynx Napoli pizza oven heats up faster and requires less attention than wood-fired pizza ovens.
  • Stylish Design – This oven will be the focal point of your outdoor kitchen! The hand-polished, mirrored edges of the body make it one of the most attractive and eye-catching pizza ovens out there.
  • Adjustable Exhaust – The chimney top is even reversible and can vent to the front or back of the unit, allowing you to control where the smoke exits depending on your space and the placement of guests.

What we don’t like about the Lynx Napoli Professional Oven

  • High Price Point – It is on the high-end spectrum compared to other ovens, but you get what you pay for.
  • Baking Surface – We wish it would be bigger; with this oven, you can only bake one pizza at a time.
  • Wood Space – This oven does not have an area to place wood that could be heated properly to add flavor.
  • Baking Surface – We wish it would be bigger; with this oven, you can only bake one pizza at a time.

Bottom Line

For all pizza bakers out there, the heat output of the Napoli oven ensures your dough will cook quickly, which is ideal for creating a crust that is crisp on the outside and preventing the base of the dough from becoming soggy.

Factors to Consider about the Lynx Napoli Professional Oven

Lynx offers a lifetime warranty for the Napoli pizza oven’s burners and stainless steel bodies. The valves and refractory dome are covered for five years, and all other parts carry a two-year warranty. Lynx will also repair defective parts under warranty for one year.

As a bonus, the Lynx Napoli comes with an included pizza peel. 

Lynx Napoli Professional Oven Manufacturer’s Product Information

Get access to the manufacturer’s product information.  Check how to use and take care of your oven, the specific measurements, what is required to install your oven, and much more.

Care & Use / Installation

Find how to use and take care of your Lynx pizza oven.

Island Cutout and Dimensions

Find specific measurements for your Lynx pizza oven.

Product Layout Dimensions

Find all structural dimensions for your Lynx pizza oven.

Gas Plumbing Requirements

Find all plumbing requirements for your Lynx pizza oven.

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16,000 BTU
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Wood-Fired Starting at 594 sq inch. Starting at one 14-inch 1,000ºF Starting at $2,299 MSRP Outdoor or Indoor Built-In Yes
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40,000 BTU
456sq inch One 14-inch Over 1,000ºF $7,299 MSRP Outdoor Built-In or Countertop Yes
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*Check your price – When checking your price you will be redirected to our preferred vendor for that particular oven. Take advantage of the offers we’ve found for you! If you make a purchase we may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.  For additional information, please see our Advertiser’s Disclosure.

The Last Slice

The Lynx Napoli 30 offers the best of all worlds. It is quite compact without being small, still offers lots of cooking space, has a sleek appearance, and the slide-up drawer is a game changer.

While other models have something similar, the angle and nature of this model’s slide-up drawer make it far and away from the most convenient, thus making this the best built-in pizza oven from an ease of use as well as an aesthetic perspective.

Get your Lynx Napoli 30 Pizza Oven Today!

Pull-Out Pizza Stone is a Game-Changer!
Lynx Professional Napoli 30-Inch Built-In / Counter Top Propane Outdoor Pizza Oven

This countertop or built-in propane pizza oven is the next great thing to complement your outdoor kitchen. With the capacity to bake an 18-inch pie, the inside hosts a specially formulated concrete heat-retaining dome and 400 square inch cooking surface which is perfect for the high heat demanded. 

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