Pizza Lingo 101: The Essential Glossary for Pizza Lovers

Glossary of Pizza Terms and Definitions

“Pizza” is a word that any language can understand.

Welcome to the most comprehensive pizza glossary and terms definitions on the internet.  We carefully added what we think are all words related to pizza and pizza ovens. 

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We have from the most serious pizza terms to pizza slang.

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Glossary of Pizza Terms and Definitions

Whether you’re a pizza aficionado or just a casual fan, this guide will introduce you to the delicious world of pizza.

From traditional toppings to modern twists, this glossary covers the essential vocabulary you need to know to fully appreciate the art of pizza-making. So take a slice of this knowledge pie and expand your pizza horizons!

This pizza glossary will define common pizza terms and ingredients and some interesting pizza slang.

So let’s dive in and explore the savory world of pizza together!


Pizza Glossary

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  • San Marzano Tomatoes Definition San Marzano Tomatoes are plum tomatoes grown in the volcanic soil of San Marzano, Italy. They are ideal for pizza sauce due to their low sugar content and juicy flesh. Here are our favorite San Marzano tomatoes. [lasso(...) Read More
  • Pizza Screen Definition A pizza screen is a firm aluminum shallow pan with a mesh structure for baking or cooling a pizza. Here's our favorite pizza screen.
    Winco Seamless Aluminum Pizza Screen

    Ensure an evenly baked, crispy crust when you choose this aluminum mesh pizza screen from Winco.

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  • Sea Salt Definition Sea Salt is a form of salt formed from the evaporation of seawater. It has a larger particle size than ordinary table salt. Sea Salt comes in different particle size gradations, including very coarse, which may require grinding in a mill or mortar and pestle before(...) Read More
  • Self-Rising Flour Definition Self-Rising Flour is produced using low-protein flour with protein content and double-acting baking powder. Check our self-rising flour article for more information. Here's our favorite self-rising flour. [lasso(...) Read More
  • Semolina Flour Definition Semolina Flour is a coarse, granular flour product with bright yellow color produced by milling durum wheat, a high-protein, high-gluten wheat. Read More
  • Sheeting Definition Sheeting is the process of rolling pizza dough into a very thin and uniform sheet using a dough sheeter. Here's our favorite pizza dough sheeter. [lasso(...) Read More
  • Sicilian Pizza Definition Sicilian Pizza is a thick-crust, often square-shaped pizza topped with sauce, meats, vegetables, and cheeses. Check our Sicilian pizza recipe to learn how to make it. Read More
  • Sinatra Definition Sinatra is a pizza slang term used mostly in Newark, PA. It refers to a pizza that comes out perfectly. Read More
  • Skin Definition Skin is a term used by pizza makers to describe a dough round that has been shaped and stretched in preparation for dressing and baking. Read More
  • Slack Dough Definition Slack Dough is a pizza slang used to describe an overly wet dough with no elasticity or spring-back. Read More
  • Slap Out Some Skins Definition Slap Out Some Skins is a pizza slang term used to describe the process of stretching out dough balls. Read More
  • Snag ‘N’ Drag Definition Snag ‘N’ Drag is a term popularized by Scott Wiener that refers to taking a slice of pizza from the tray—you must snag, then drag, horizontally to ensure nothing slips off the crust. Check out Scott Wiener's pizza tours.
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    Scott's Pizza Tours (New York City)

    Scott's Pizza Tours runs public and private tours of New York's vast pizza landscape by bus and on foot. Every tour stops at multiple pizzerias, each highlighting a different phase in the evolution of the dish from its humble beginnings as a street snack to its current position as New Yorkers' food of choice.

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  • Soggification Definition Soggification is a pizza slang term when the crust gets damp from too much liquid on top or from the enclosure in the pizza box. Read More
  • Sourdough Definition Sourdough refers to any dough that is made using wild yeast. The wild yeast is harvested by mixing flour and water together, usually in equal quantities, to form a starter. This starter is regularly topped up with fresh flour and water to create yeast. The flavor(...) Read More
  • Staglio A Mano Definition Staglio A Mano s the term used to describe turning Neapolitan pizza dough into small balls by hand. Read More
  • Starter Definition Starter refers to a dough that contains active yeast and is made to add to another dough later. The starter leaven (proof/rise) the dough instead of directly adding yeast. Once alive, a starter can last indefinitely. A starter or pre-ferment can be in the form of(...) Read More
  • Steel Plates Definition These rectangular or square metal plates are made of steel and can be used with many standard home ovens to bake pizzas. Steel plates are also known as baking steels. Here's our recommended steel plate or baking steel. Read More
  • Stucco Definition Stucco is a plaster-like mixture used to finish ovens in the traditional “igloo style.” Read More
  • Stuffed Pizza Definition Stuffed Pizza is similar to a Chicago-Style Pizza as it’s made in a deep dish, but then the ingredients are topped with another layer of thin dough, sauce, and cheese. Read More

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