Pizza Lingo 101: The Essential Glossary for Pizza Lovers

Glossary of Pizza Terms and Definitions

“Pizza” is a word that any language can understand.

Welcome to the most comprehensive pizza glossary and terms definitions on the internet.  We carefully added what we think are all words related to pizza and pizza ovens. 

You will find the pizza term definitions, related pizza terms, and related pizza articles to that term. 

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We have from the most serious pizza terms to pizza slang.

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Glossary of Pizza Terms and Definitions

Whether you’re a pizza aficionado or just a casual fan, this guide will introduce you to the delicious world of pizza.

From traditional toppings to modern twists, this glossary covers the essential vocabulary you need to know to fully appreciate the art of pizza-making. So take a slice of this knowledge pie and expand your pizza horizons!

This pizza glossary will define common pizza terms and ingredients and some interesting pizza slang.

So let’s dive in and explore the savory world of pizza together!


Pizza Glossary

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  • D.O.C. (Denominazione Di Origine Controllate) Definition D.O.C. (Denominazione Di Origine Controllate) is a quality assurance label for Italian foods, wines, and spirits that authenticates their origins. Read More
  • D.O.P. (Denominazione Di Origine Protetta) is a quality assurance label that ensures the product it appears on was cultivated using the approved of techniques in the manner and geographic area necessary for it to be considered authentic. Read More
  • Dairy Whey Definition Dairy Whey is a baking ingredient derived as a byproduct of cheese production and processed into a dry form for use in doughs to promote more excellent crust browning. Here's Where You Can Get It [lasso(...) Read More
  • Damaged Starch Definition Damaged starch is the starch in flour that is damaged during the milling process. It is essential because enzymes in the flour work on the damaged starch to produce compounds converted to simple sugars for feeding the yeast during fermentation. It also contributes(...) Read More
  • Deck Oven Definition Deck ovens are ovens with a large flat deck for baking upwards of a dozen pizzas at a time. Check our types of ovens article for more information. Read More
  • See Chicago-Style pizza. Read More
  • Deep-Fried Pizza Definition Deep-fried pizza is a pizza whose dough is fried in hot oil before being topped with sauce and cheese and then baked in an oven. It is also called “Pizza Fritta” or “Montanara Pizza”. Read More
  • Diastatic Malt Definition Diastatic malt is a barley malt used in flour to increase the extraction of sugars from the flour, so it's used as food for the yeast during the fermentation process. It increases the residual sugars in the dough during baking to promote crust browning. Check(...) Read More
  • Pizza Docking Definition Pizza docking involves poking numerous holes into a pizza crust using a specialized tool called a dough docker. This process is done immediately before topping, which helps prevent large air bubbles from forming in the crust during baking. Here's the Pizza(...) Read More
  • See Oven Dome. Read More
  • Pizza Dough Donut Definition In pizza slang, a donut is a hole in the dough that needs to be corrected because you don’t want the sauce and cheese to leak into the oven. Read More
  • See 00 Flour. Read More
  • Dough Box Definition A dough box is a plastic box for holding and fermenting dough balls in the refrigerator. Here's the Dough Box We Recommend
    Pizza Dough Proofing Box - Stackable

    These dough-proofing boxes are generously sized at 17.25 x 13 x 3.54" with covers and are sturdy enough to stack while you wait.

    Made with food-grade white plastic, you can rest assured your customers are being served the highest quality bread and pizzas.

    Durable construction with covers, our proofing boxes will become a staple in your kitchen for years to come.

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    Read More
  • Dough Conditioner Definition A dough conditioner is an additive mixed with flour to help improve the quality of the finished product by altering how the dough behaves. There are four categories of dough conditioners: enzymes, oxidizing agents, reducing agents, and emulsifiers. Check(...) Read More
  • Dough Divider Definition A dough divider is a mechanical device for accurately portioning the dough into smaller pieces. Read More
  • Dough Docker Definition A dough docker is a tool used to press over the dough to crimp the top and bottom layers of the dough. A dough docker controls the number and size of blisters or bubbles on the crust during baking. Here's the Dough Docker We Recommend [lasso(...) Read More
  • Dough Fermentation Definition Dough fermentation is when the yeast is allowed to interact with the dough mixture after mixing but before shaping or forming. Check our pizza dough fermentation article for more information. Read More
  • Dough Hook Definition A dough hook is a twisted hook attachment for a stand mixer that can be used to stir and knead the dough, instead of kneading by hand. Check our Dough Hook vs. Dough Paddle article for more information. Read More
  • Dough Relaxer Definition A dough relaxer is a baking ingredient used to relax dough that is excessively elastic and prone to shrinking. Check our pizza dough enhancers article for more information. Here's the Dough Relaxer We Recommend [lasso(...) Read More
  • Dough Rounder Definition A dough rounder Is a mechanical device used for shaping dough pieces and forming them into symmetrical round balls. Read More
  • Dough Scraper Definition A dough scraper is a tool used for handling dough and preventing it from sticking to the work surface. Here's Our Recommended Dough Scraper
    Dough Scraper Bowl Scraper

    The Lasenersm 2 Pieces Dough Scraper Bowl Scraper is a versatile and handy tool for every baking enthusiast. Made from food-safe plastic in white and green colors, these scrapers are safe to use with various doughs, cake batter, fondant, and icing.

    The flexible plastic construction allows for easy maneuvering, making it perfect for scraping, cutting, and shaping your culinary creations. Whether you're working with bread dough or decorating a cake, these multipurpose food scrapers are designed to assist you in achieving professional-looking results. Compact and easy to clean, these dough scrapers are a practical addition to any kitchen for all your baking and pastry needs.

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  • Pizza Dough Sheeter Definition A dough sheeter also called a dough roller, is designed to sheet a dough ball to a predetermined thickness. Here's the Pizza Dough Sheeter We Recommend [lasso(...) Read More
  • Dough Shrinking Definition Dough shrinking is when a dough piece is formed out to the desired diameter, and then within a matter of seconds, it shrinks back to a smaller size. The problem is most commonly experienced with doughs made from high-gluten flours. Check our pizza(...) Read More
  • Doughnating Definition In pizza slang, doughnating is the process of taking dough from the main mix and working it into smaller balls to make it the correct weight and size for a single pie. Read More
  • Dry Milk Definition Dry Milk is a powdered milk product commonly added to dough primarily for crust color or browning. Read More
  • Pizza Oven Duct Definition The pizza oven duct is the ventilation piping taking exhaust from the oven or oven hood. Read More

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