Pizza Lingo 101: The Essential Glossary for Pizza Lovers

Glossary of Pizza Terms and Definitions

“Pizza” is a word that any language can understand.

Welcome to the most comprehensive pizza glossary and terms definitions on the internet.  We carefully added what we think are all words related to pizza and pizza ovens. 

You will find the pizza term definitions, related pizza terms, and related pizza articles to that term. 

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We have from the most serious pizza terms to pizza slang.

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Crumb Definition Crumb is the structure of the inside of a baked pizza crust or…

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Glossary of Pizza Terms and Definitions

Whether you’re a pizza aficionado or just a casual fan, this guide will introduce you to the delicious world of pizza.

From traditional toppings to modern twists, this glossary covers the essential vocabulary you need to know to fully appreciate the art of pizza-making. So take a slice of this knowledge pie and expand your pizza horizons!

This pizza glossary will define common pizza terms and ingredients and some interesting pizza slang.

So let’s dive in and explore the savory world of pizza together!


Pizza Glossary

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  • Pizza Box B Flute Definition The B flutes are the waved inner medium of a corrugated cardboard sheet used to give a pizza box strength. Read More
  • Pizza Oven Backer Board Definition The backer board is a non-combustible cement board that is used to facade pizza ovens. Read More
  • Bag-And-Board Pizza Slang Definition Bag-and-Board is a term used by Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours. He explains that some old-school pizzerias like Grimaldi’s still load pizza onto a corrugated cardboard circle inserted into a thin paper bag. Steam can escape the bag,(...) Read More
  • Baker's Percentage Definition Baker's percentage is a mathematical tool bakers use to analyze recipes and to scale or re-size recipes up or down in quantity. It is a weight-based system in which the percentage of each ingredient is stated in relation to the weight of the flour, which(...) Read More
  • Baker's Yeast Definition Baker's yeast is a compressed form of yeast usually found in small cubes wrapped in foil. It is also available in larger blocks for commercial use. Baker's yeast is becoming less common due to its perishable nature. Here's the Baker's Yeast We(...) Read More
  • Baking Stone Definition Baking Stone Is a piece of ceramic used to bake pizzas in average kitchen ovens. It is also known as a pizza stone. Here's the Baking Stone We Recommend
    Our Top Pick
    Unicook Heavy Duty Pizza Grilling Stone Unicook Heavy Duty Pizza Grilling Stone

     Unicook pizza stone is made of all-natural Cordierite, sintered in a 2100°F kiln for hours, with no odor under proper use. Feature of superior strength, durability, heat retention, and excellent thermal shock resistance, built to outlast all others. Heat resistant up to 1,450°F (787°C).

    The special porous structure of the baking stone helps to distribute heat evenly and draw out the moisture from dough efficiently; Make pizza or bread with crispy crusts, avoiding the sogginess that often occurs with metal pans.

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    Read More
  • Barrel Vault Definition Barrel Vault is another word for brick oven. The footprint of the brick oven is rectangular, and the dome is a curved vault or barrel vault. While this oven style works well for large-scale bread ovens, it is a poor choice for a pizza oven. Read More
  • See Dough Scraper. Read More
  • Best Pizza Definition The best pizza is a pizza that features a balanced sauce, high-quality, evenly-distributed cheese, and well-paired toppings. It should have a flavorsome, savory crust; and the best quality ingredients. It has to be memorable to be considered the best, so this(...) Read More
  • Biga Definition Biga is an Italian term that generally means pre-ferment. A biga is made from a mixture of flour, water, a small amount of yeast, and no salt. Biga typically uses hydration sufficient to achieve a generally quite stiff, dough-like consistency, much like the final dough(...) Read More
  • Biochemical Gluten Development Definition The development of gluten in the dough by biochemical means during fermentation as opposed to the development of the gluten by mixing the dough before fermentation. Read More
  • Black Oven Definition A black oven is designed with a fire-in-the-oven that heats the oven and bakes food. For example, a black pizza oven has the wood and coals burning in the same chamber where the food is cooked. After the oven is thoroughly heated, the fire is either moved to(...) Read More
  • Pizza Box Blank Definition Blank is a single sheet of finished fiberboard that includes the perforations and scoring required to build a final, pre-folded pizza box. Sometimes is referred to as a circle of corrugated cardboard. Read More
  • Blown Dough Definition Blown dough refers to the excessively fermented dough and is now one large piece of dough seeping from the bowl rather than several well-defined dough balls. Read More
  • Pizza Bones Definition In pizza slang, bones are the leftover pieces of crust discarded on a plate. Read More
  • Bread Flour Definition Bread Flour is a flour with a protein level of 12.5–13.5%. Ideal for bread and pizza. Higher protein flours make firmer, stronger doughs, while lower protein flours produce softer, weaker doughs. Here's the Bread Flour We Recommend [lasso(...) Read More
  • Bread Oven Definition A bread oven is an oven with the main characteristics of a Barrel Vault. Mainly used to bake bread not suitable for pizza. Read More
  • Pizza Oven Brick Definition A brick is a pressed clay product used in some pizza ovens. Read More
  • Bromated Flour Definition Bromated flour goes through a process in which potassium bromate (bromate) is added to flour to improve baked goods. Adding bromate to the flour helps improve the dough's rise and elasticity. Want to Try Bromated Flour? [lasso(...) Read More
  • Bubble Hook Definition A bubble hook is used to pop bubbles on the pizza dough and move pots or pans around in the oven. Here's the Bubble Hook that We Recommend
    American Metalcraft 30" Aluminum Pizza Bubble Popper

    The aluminum pizza bubble popper is expertly manufactured by American Metalcraft. Bubbles in the dough that rise during cooking can ruin any pizza. When they rise, they create empty spots of plain dough in the middle of the pizza where all the cheese and toppings slid off as the bubble rose in the oven. To prevent these spots from forming, it's extremely important to pop the bubbles in the oven before they rise too much and this pizza bubble popper is the perfect solution. Its 30-inch length makes reaching into a shallow oven or through a window on a conveyer oven easier and safer than ever, while its handle comes coated in red rubber for a more secure, heat-resistant grip.

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  • Buffalo Mozzarella Definition Buffalo mozzarella is a fresh mozzarella produced from the milk of water buffalo. The cheese is generally considered high quality because the water buffalo milk from which the cheese is made is thicker than regular milk. It has more butterfat and more(...) Read More
  • Bulk Fermentation Definition Bulk fermentation is when the dough is allowed to rise in bulk as one large piece immediately after mixing. Because the mass of the dough helps to retain its temperature. Bulk-fermented doughs are generally fermented at room temperature. Bulk fermentation(...) Read More

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