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Welcome to the most comprehensive pizza glossary on the internet.  We carefully added what we think are all words related to pizza and to pizza ovens.  You will find the words definitions, related words and related articles to that term.  We have from the most serious terms to pizza slangs. Enjoy!

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The structure of the inside of a baked pizza crust or bread.

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  • 00 Flour
    The "00" refers to the texture of the flour. Flour is designated on a scale indicating how finely ground the flour is and how much of the bran and germ have been removed, ranging from the roughest ground "2" to the finest "00". This flour is also known as Tipo 00 which is highly refined and(...) Read More
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  • Access Panel
    The access panel also known as service panel or air intake panel. The cover on the base of the oven with the controls to the oven behind it and the air intake vent in it.  Read More
  • Active Dry Yeast
    Active Dry Yeast is a dried form of yeast that before combining with other dough ingredients is activated by re-hydration. Active Dry Yeast needs to be mixed with warm water at around 105–115F for about 10 minutes. This process is also called proofing. Read More
  • Air Deck Oven 
    This is a specialized commercial oven that employs air impingement baking technology in a deck-type oven configuration. Read More
  • All-Purpose Flour
    Flour with a protein level of 10 – 12% which is ideal for general baking purposes. Read More
  • Ascorbic Acid
    Ascorbic acid is an organic acid also known as Vitamin C and commonly used as an additive for flour. When added to flour, it acts as an oxidizing agent, which makes it easier to form the gluten network during kneading of the dough. When used with yeast, it acts as a nutrient and provides an(...) Read More
  • Autolyse Method
    This is a method of “presoaking” the flour before baking. This process shortens the final mixing period and reduces the chances of oxidation. This method allows the mixture to rest for about 15–45 minutes, during which flour and especially the protein in the flour fully absorb the water(...) Read More
  • Avalanche
    Avalanche is the result of picking up a slice of pizza fresh out of the oven and all the toppings sliding right off of the crust. Read More
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  • B Flute
    The flutes are the waved inner medium of a corrugated cardboard sheet used to give a pizza box strength. Read More
  • Backer Board
    Is a non-combustible cement board that is used to facade ovens. Read More
  • Bag-And-Board
    Bag-and-Board is a term used by Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours. He explains that some old-school pizzerias like Grimaldi’s still load pizza onto a corrugated cardboard circle that’s then inserted into a thin paper bag. Steam can escape the bag, preventing a soggy crust and the cardboard(...) Read More
  • Baker's Percentage
    A mathematical tool used by bakers to analyze recipes and to scale or re-size recipes up or down in quantity. It is a weight-based system in which the percentage of each ingredient is stated in relation to the weight of the flour, which always has a baker's percent of 100%. Read More
  • Baker's Yeast
    Baker's yeast is a compressed form of yeast usually found in small cubes wrapped in foil. It is also available in larger blocks for commercial use. Baker's yeast is becoming less common due to its perishable nature. Read More
  • Baking Stone
    Baking Stone Is a piece of ceramic used to bake pizzas in average kitchen ovens. It is also known as pizza stone. Read More
  • Barrel Vault
    Is another word for brick oven. The footprint of the brick oven is rectangular, and the dome is a curved vault, or barrel vault. While this style oven works well for large-scale bread ovens, it is a poor choice for a pizza oven. Read More
  • Bench Scraper
    See Dough Scraper. Read More
  • Best Pizza
    Is a pizza that features a balanced sauce, high-quality, evenly-distributed cheese; and well-paired toppings. It should have a flavorsome, savory crust; and the best quality of the ingredients. To be considered the best it has to be memorable, so this is very personal to each individual. Read More
  • Biga
    Is an Italian term that generally means pre-ferment. A biga is made from a mixture of flour, water, a small amount of yeast, and no salt. Typically uses a hydration sufficient to achieve a generally quite stiff, dough-like consistency, much like the final dough into which it is to be(...) Read More
  • Biochemical Gluten Development
    The development of gluten in a dough by biochemical means during fermentation as opposed to the development of the gluten by the mixing of the dough prior to fermentation. Read More
  • Black Oven
    Is an oven design that features a fire-in-the-oven that heats the oven and bakes food. for example, a black oven has the wood and coals burning in the same chamber as where the food is cooked. After the oven is fully heated, the fire is either moved to one side or removed, to enable cooking. Read More
  • Blank
    Is a single sheet of finished fiberboard that includes the perforations and scoring required to build a final, pre-folded pizza box. Read More
  • Blown Dough
    This refers to dough that has excessively fermented and is now one large piece of dough seeping from the bowl rather than a number of well defined dough balls. Read More
  • Bones
    The leftover pieces of crust that are discarded on a plate. Read More
  • Bread Flour
    Flour with a protein level of 12.5–13.5%. Ideal for breads and pizza. Higher protein flours make firmer, stronger doughs while lower protein flours produce softer, weaker doughs. Read More
  • Bread Oven
    Is an oven that has the main characteristics of a Barrel Vault. Mainly used to bake bread not suitable for pizza. Read More
  • Brick
    Is a pressed clay product used in some ovens. Read More
  • Bromated Flour
    This flour goes through a process in which potassium bromate (bromate) is added to flour to improve baked goods. By adding bromate to the flour helps to improve rise and elasticity of dough. Read More
  • Bubble Hook
    Is tool used to pop bubbles on the pizza dough and to move pots or pans around in the oven. Read More
  • Buffalo Mozzarella
    Is a fresh mozzarella produced from the milk of water buffalo. The cheese is generally considered to be of high quality because the water buffalo milk from which the cheese is made is thicker than regular milk. It has more butterfat, and more non-fat solids. (It also has 38% more calcium and(...) Read More
  • Bulk Fermentation 
    In this fermentation process, the dough is allowed to rise in bulk, as one large piece immediately after mixing. Because the mass of the dough helps to retain its temperature. Bulk fermented doughs are generally fermented at room temperature. Bulk fermentation times generally range from two(...) Read More
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  • Caciocavallo
    Is a salty, Italian pasta cheese made out of sheep’s or cow’s milk. Caciocavallo literally means “cheese on horseback,” getting its name from being tied together with a rope and dangled over a wooden board to drain and age. Read More
  • Cake Flour
    A relatively low-protein flour (typically 7–8.5%) milled from soft red winter wheat and used primarily for baking cakes and similar soft baked goods. Read More
  • California-Style Pizza
    Is a thin-crust pizza, often without tomato sauce, notable for its use of fresh, nontraditional toppings not typically used by Italians. You can typically find pizza combinations of fresh vegetables and flavor combinations including ingredients like avocado, smoked salmon and goat cheese. Read More
  • Calzone
    Is a stuffed baked pizza. A calzone is more like a folded over and sealed pizza. Typical calzone fillings include ricotta, mozzarella and pepperoni. Typically served with a side of marinara for dipping. Some variations on the calzone include the Stromboli and the Panzerotti. Read More
  • Caramelization
    Is the process of sugars being exposed to high temperatures and browning. Read More
  • Carbon Burn-Off
    Is the stage in the inside of the dome of a pizza oven reaches about 650°F, the black soot, or carbon, begins to burn off, giving the impression that the oven dome is turning white. You can see the detail of the dome interior, and know that your oven is nearly ready for cooking pizza and that(...) Read More
  • Cart Oven
    Cart ovens are prevalent in and around Naples, where they are used for catering parties and outdoor festivals Read More
  • Catering Oven
    Is any portable or mobile pizza oven, that is used for catering events, and parties. Read More
  • Cazuela
    Is a Spanish cooking vessel made of glazed ceramic; shallow and round.  Great for roasting or baking.  Comes in many sizes. Read More
  • Ceramic
    Is an inorganic nonmetallic material that has usually been processed at high temperatures. Read More
  • Ceramic Insulation
    Is the most efficient material available for pizza oven insulation. Heat resistant to over 2,300ºF, ceramic fiber boards and blankets offer extremely low thermal conductivity and are twice as efficient as Insulating Concrete. Ovens insulated with 100% ceramic insulation provide faster oven(...) Read More
  • Char
    Is the slightly or partially burned parts of the pizza cornicione. Shown by blackened spots on the crust which occurs when the pizza is baked at an extremely high-temperature. Read More
  • Cheese Drag
    It is called a cheese drag when cheese pulls of the top of a slice. This typically happens when there is too much sauce on a pizza and the cheese has not attached to the crust. Cheese drag commonly seen on frozen and delivery pizzas. Read More
  • Cheese Lock
    The placement of cheese on top of the toppings so that it sticks to the crust so it won’t slide around. Read More
  • Cheese Pull
    Is the stretched, stringy connection of cheese from a slice pulled away from the rest of the pizza. The ideal cheese pull typically features nice long strings that cling to the slice as it is lifted from the whole pizza. Read More
  • Chemical Leaveners
    Are chemical substances that cause the expansion of doughs and batters by the release of gases within such mixtures, producing baked products with porous structure. Such agents include yeast, baking powder, and baking soda. Read More
  • Chicago Style Pizza
    Is a heavy, pan-cooked pizza. It features a thick and buttery crust is pressed up along the sides of the pan and covered with about an inch of mozzarella, toppings and a chunky, canned tomato sauce. A deep-dish pizza made in a high-sided pan usually a cast iron pan. The crust is coated with(...) Read More
  • Chimney
    Is a vertical channel or pipe that conducts smoke and combustion gases up from a fire. In a pizza oven the chimney is typically located in the front of the oven. The oven draws in cold air through the oven opening for the fire and exhausts hot air back out through the top half of the oven door. Read More
  • Chimney Manifold
    The part of a pizza oven that connects the end to the chimney. Read More
  • Clay Brick
    Is a basic pressed clay block used for construction. Read More
  • Clear Flour
    See High-Gluten Flour. Read More
  • Coastline
    Is the area that describes the exposed sauce between end of cheese and beginning of crust. Read More
  • Cold Cheese Slice
    Is a slice of pizza that has a mound of cold shredded mozzarella on top, making the hot slice extra cheesy and preventing the burning the roof of the mouth.  Read More
  • Cold Fermentation
    Is the fermentation of a dough under refrigeration, typically for an extended period of time, for the purpose of developing flavor and aroma in the finished crust. Read More
  • Cold Press 
    Is an press used to form the dough without the use of heat. In order to use this press, the dough must have a very soft, extensible characteristic. Read More
  • Combined Technology Oven 
    These are new, high-tech ovens available that can utilize a combination of three or more baking/heat transfer technologies. These ovens will bake a pizza very fast, but they have a very limited capacity. Read More
  • Commercial Pizza Oven
    These are ovens designed specially for commercial purposes. What differentiates a commercial oven from a residential oven is the quality of the refractory material used, and the thickness of the insulation material used for its construction. Due to these specifications they are typically(...) Read More
  • Compressed Yeast
    Is a fresh form of yeast also commonly referred to as "fresh" or "cake" yeast. It is a wet form of yeast that has a moisture content of around 70%, which makes it faster acting than dry yeasts. Read More
  • Convection Oven 
    This is the average kitchen oven where they use forced air circulation in the baking chamber to circulate the air throughout the pizza. The problem with these ovens is that are they generally lack the necessary heat to properly bake a pizza. Read More
  • Cooking Flame
    Is the cooking flame of a wood-fired oven. When food is in the oven, the flame should be 2-3 inches above the holding flame or 10″ in height.  Read More
  • Cooking Floor
    See Oven Floor. Read More
  • Corner Oven
    An oven installation where the oven sits in a corner and the opening faces out at a 45-degree angle. Read More
  • Cornicione
    Is the Italian term for the "lip" or the outer puffy edge of the pizza. In Italian means cornice or molding. In pizza terms, it means the rim or edge crust on a pizza. Read More
  • Cotto Refrattario
    Is the Italian word for “Baked clay”. Read More
  • Cracker Style Pizza
    Is a pizza style typically seen in Pizza Hut. Their crust has a layered, cracker-like texture. Read More
  • Cracks
    Are an intended, naturally forming joints created by the normal expansion and contraction that occurs in ceramic as it heats and cools.  Read More
  • Cross Stacking 
    Is the perpendicular placement of dough boxes, one on top of the other at 90 degree angles. This placement allows the air to circulate around the dough balls while they are being cooled. Read More
  • Crumb
    The structure of the inside of a baked pizza crust or bread. Read More
  • Curing
    Is a process for wood-fired oven in which after your oven has been installed, you need to bring it up to heat slowly to allow the oven itself, and the installation materials to dry. Failure to follow this procedure could result in damage to your oven. Read More
  • Cut
    Is the name for a slice of the style of pizza native to Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Read More
  • Cutter Pan
    Is a circular solid or perforated metal pan used to fit the dough to the pan by rolling a rolling pin over the dough to then cut the dough. Read More
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  • D.O.C. (Denominazione Di Origine Controllate): 
    D.O.C. is a quality assurance label for Italian foods, wines and spirits that authenticates their origins. Read More
  • D.O.P. (Denominazione Di Origine Protetta
    Is a quality assurance label that ensures the product it appears on was cultivated using the approved of techniques in the manner and geographic area necessary for it to be considered authentic. Read More
  • Dairy Whey
    Is a baking ingredient derived as a byproduct of cheese production and processed into a dry form for use in doughs to promote greater crust browning. Read More
  • Damaged Starch
    Is the starch in flour that is damaged during the milling process. It is important because enzymes in the flour work on the damaged starch to produce compounds that are converted to simple sugars for feeding the yeast during fermentation. It also contributes to the residual sugars in the(...) Read More
  • Deck Oven 
    These are oven that have a large flat deck for baking upwards a dozen pizzas at a time. Read More
  • Deep-Dish Pizza: 
    See Chicago-Style pizza. Read More
  • Deep-Fried Pizza
    Is a pizza whose dough is fried in hot oil before being topped with sauce and cheese and then baked in an oven. It is also called “Pizza Fritta” or “Montanara Pizza”. Read More
  • Diastatic Malt
    Diastatic malt is a barley malt used in flours to increase the extraction of sugars from the flours so its use as food for the yeast during the fermentation process. It increases the residual sugars in the dough at the time of baking to promote crust browning. Read More
  • Docking
    Is the process of poking numerous holes into a pizza crust using a specialized tool called a dough docker. This process is done immediately before to topping which helps prevent large air bubbles from forming in the crust during baking. Read More
  • Dome
    See Oven Dome. Read More
  • Donut
    Is a hole that is formed in the dough that needs to be corrected because you don’t want the sauce and cheese to leak onto the oven. Read More
  • Double-Zero Flour
    See 00 Flour. Read More
  • Dough Box 
    Is a plastic box for holding dough balls in the refrigerator. Read More
  • Dough Conditioner
    Is an additive that is mixed with the flour to help improve the quality of the finished product by altering the way dough behaves. There are four categories of dough conditioners: enzymes, oxidizing agents, reducing agents, and emulsifiers. Read More
  • Dough Divider 
    Is a mechanical device for accurately portioning the dough into smaller pieces. Read More
  • Dough Docker 
    Is a tool that is pressed over the dough to crimp the top and bottom layers of the dough. It is used to control the number and size of blisters or bubbles that develop on top of the crust during baking. Read More
  • Dough Fermentation 
    Dough fermentation is the time the yeast is allowed to interact with the dough mixture after mixing but before shaping or forming. Read More
  • Dough Hook
    Is a twisted hook attachment for a stand mixer that can be used to stir and knead doughs, instead of kneading by hand. Read More
  • Dough Relaxer
    Is a baking ingredient used to relax dough that is excessively elastic and prone to shrinking. Read More
  • Dough Rounder 
    Is a mechanical device used for shaping dough pieces and forming them into symmetrical round balls. Read More
  • Dough Scraper
    Is a tool used for handling dough and preventing it from sticking to the work surface. Read More
  • Dough Sheeter 
    It is also called a dough roller and it is designed to sheet a dough ball out to a predetermined thickness. Read More
  • Dough Shrinking
    Is when a dough piece is formed out to the desired diameter, and then within a matter of seconds it shrinks back to a smaller size. The problem is most commonly experienced with doughs made from high-gluten flours. Read More
  • Doughnating
    Is the process of taking dough from the main mix and working it into smaller balls to make it the correct weight and size for a single pie. Read More
  • Dry Milk
    Is a powdered milk product commonly added to dough primarily for crust color or browning. Read More
  • Duct
    Is the ventilation piping taking exhaust from the oven or oven hood.  Read More
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  • Elasticity
    Is the ability of a dough to return to its original shape after stretching. You mostly see this in doughs made with high-protein, high-gluten flours which tend to exhibit this tendency because of their higher gluten content and their more extensive and stronger gluten network. Read More
  • Emergency Dough 
    This dough is designed to be made in the event that you should lose your regular dough. This is a dough that is made as a derivation of your regular pizza dough formula but the dough temperature is increased to 90-95 F, and you add double the yeast that your would normally use. Read More
  • Emulsifiers
    Their purpose is to strengthen the dough or soften the crumb. Read More
  • Enzymes
    These are biological catalysts that accelerate chemical reactions, such as increasing the extraction of sugar from starch. Read More
  • Expansion
    Is the normal process occurring in the ceramic oven floor and dome of the oven; it expands and contracts as the oven heats and cools. Read More
  • Extensibility
    Is the ability of a dough to be shaped and stretched without breaking or springing back to its original shape. Doughs that are made with low-protein low-gluten flours, high hydration levels, and long fermentation times will be more extensible than doughs made with high-protein high-gluten(...) Read More
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  • Facade
    Is the decoration that is added on or around the oven.  Typical facades are Tile, Brick, Stone, Stucco, etc. Read More
  • Fermentation
    Is the process by which yeast metabolizes or consume simple sugars to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol. Fermentation occurs as the yeast in dough becomes active, this is what causes the rising of dough, or proving. Fermentation improves the texture and flavor of the dough. See Dough(...) Read More
  • Finished Dough Temperature
    Is the temperature of a dough after mixing. Read More
  • Finishing Zone
    Is the middle third of the oven from the flame where pizzas are placed for the last few minutes of cooking and other longer cooked foods are placed for a quick finish. Read More
  • Fior Di Latte
    Is the Italian word for Flower of the Milk," a fresh, soft, whole-milk mozzarella cheese made from the milk of a cow. Is usually kept in salted water to preserve it. The cheese has a creamy flavor, a soft texture and a high moisture content. It is similar to mozzarella as they both have(...) Read More
  • Fire Clay Mortar
    Is a mortar made for sand, fire clay, and Portland cement. It is not as heat resistant as true refractory mortar. Read More
  • Firebrick
    These are refractory bricks are used to build the oven dome. Is a typical medium duty firebrick made from 30% to 35% alumina and 60% silica which can withstand rapid heat-up and cool-down cycles without cracking. Read More
  • Flame Height Management
    Is a simple program for adjusting the radiant flame using its manual control knob. It helps manage a consistent balance of the floor heat and top (dome) heat. Read More
  • Floor
    Is the cooking surface of the oven. Read More
  • Absorption
    A measurement established by flour producers to describe the capacity of a flour to absorb water and achieve a desired dough consistency. The value is expressed in terms of percent of water absorbed by a flour. Read More
  • Ash
    Ash is a term used in relation to flour to indicate its mineral content. The higher the ash count, the more minerals are present in the flour, and vice versa. Read More
  • Flue Collar
    Is the exhaust collar extending from the oven which exits into the ducting or hood.  Read More
  • Flute
    These are the waved inner medium of a corrugated cardboard sheet used to give a pizza box strength. Read More
  • Fly Pie
    This phrase implies that you need a pizza fast. Read More
  • Focaccia
    Is an Italian yeast bread. It is baked in sheet pans, is made of a dough that uses more yeast than pizza creating its higher rise, and is usually flavored with olive oil and topped with herbs and spices. Read More
  • Focaccia Style Pizza
    Is a style of pizza that has no sauce. They are topped with oils, grilled vegetables and other toppings. Read More
  • Foundation
    Is the area where the oven sits, typically a concrete pad. Read More
  • Friction Factor (Ff)
    Is a value that is expressed as temperature, that represents the amount of frictional heat imparted to a dough by the particular machine. For example, the friction that imparts a stand mixer, food processor, or bread machine used to mix and knead the dough. Read More
  • Front Door
    Is the main opening of a coal-fired brick oven. Read More
  • g
  • Gabled Enclosure
    Is a form of outdoor oven enclosure that features a basic walled structure and gabled roof. Read More
  • Gluten
    Is an elastic, sticky substance that results when certain proteins in flour, namely glutenin and gliadin, are mixed with a liquid. Kneading activates the gluten development. Prior to mixing and kneading the gluten does not exist. When the gluten in dough is properly kneaded, a strong and(...) Read More
  • Grandma Pizza
    Is a style of pizza made at home in a sheet pan. The dough is pushed out to the edge, and then topped and baked. The crust is usually thin because the dough doesn't proof enough making it a lot denser. Read More
  • Gum Line 
    Is a gum-like line that can develop between the crust and the cheese topping. It can be caused by pre-saucing a skin without first applying a light coating of oil to the dough surface. Read More
  • h
  • Hand Forming 
    Is the process of shaping a dough ball into a pizza skin using one’s hands. Read More
  • Hearth
    Is another name for the floor of the oven. Read More
  • Heat-Up Flame
    Is the radiant flame that results from turning the burner all the way to full height. Read More
  • High-Gluten Flour
    Is a flour with high protein content. Read More
  • Hipped Enclosure
    Is a form of outdoor oven enclosure that features a basic walled structure, hipped roof, and a chimney centered over the oven dome. Read More
  • Holding Flame
    Is an approximately 8″ flame, it holds the current temperature of the oven steady.  It is used when the oven is empty. Read More
  • Hole Structure
    Is the pattern of the network of gluten shown as pockets of air that compose the area under the crust. It is also known as the crumb. Read More
  • Hood
    It is also called a ventilator. This is a metal box mounted above the oven into which the oven can vent its exhaust, and this exhaust passes through filters before moving onto to the duct.  Read More
  • Hot Press 
    Is a press that can either have a hot top surface or a bottom hot surface used to shape the dough. Read More
  • Hydration
    Is a term that refers to the capacity of flour to absorb water. Hydration is usually shown as a baker's percent, or ratio, that is equal to the weight of water divided by the weight of flour. Read More
  • Hydroscopic / Hygroscopic
    This term is sometimes spelled hygroscopic. It's a formula that measures the capacity of a substance to absorb moisture from its surroundings. Read More
  • i
  • Igloo
    Is the form of the oven enclosure where the exterior oven walls follow the basic shape of the oven chamber to form an igloo, dome, or beehive. Read More
  • Infra-Red Burner
    Is an under floor gas burner utilizing super-efficient infra-red heat.  This burner is not seen when looking inside the cooking chamber.  It is a support burner that will not drive temperature by itself but when used provides a thermostatically controlled assisting source of heat. Read More
  • Instant Dry Yeast
    Is a variation of dry yeast that has a smaller particle size than active dry yeast. Usually it does not need to be re-hydrated, in water or other liquid to activate it and can thus be added directly to the flour and other dry ingredients. Read More
  • Insulation
    Are the layers that enclose the oven dome and floor, and stops heat from escaping. Without proper insulation, heat will conduct through the oven floor and enclosure, making the outside of the oven hot to touch. Read More
  • Isosceles
    Is a slice of pizza that is compared to an isosceles triangle where it has one with two sides of equal length. Read More
  • k
  • Knead
    Is the process of stretching and working the dough repeatedly to develop elasticity and flexibility creating gluten strength. Read More
  • Kosher Salt
    Is a form of salt produced through the use of evaporation processes. Kosher salts usually contain no additives. Read More
  • l
  • L-Cysteine
    Is an ingredient that is used in flour as a treatment agent to aid in the relaxing of gluten in doughs. Read More
  • Lagging
    Is the metal exterior skin of the oven.  Read More
  • Landing
    Is an unspecified area of an oven. It could be the Vent Landing or the Oven Landing. The Vent Landing is the smaller space directly in front of the oven door and below the vent, or a larger area at the front of the oven, called the Oven Landing. Read More
  • Large Peel
    Is a peel that has a large, flat, fairly flexible circular head and short handle; is used to put pizzas and other flat breads into the oven. Read More
  • Laser Infrared Thermometer
    Is a laser thermometer utilizes infrared radiation in order to determine the temperature of a surface. Read More
  • Leopard Spotting
    Is the process whereby small bubbles along the rim of a pizza puff up and are burned black. Mostly happens in the intense heat of a wood-fired ovens. Read More
  • Levain
    Is a French term for a natural preferment. In the US is called sourdough. Read More
  • Lo-Mo
    Is a term used to describe low-moisture mozzarella cheese. Read More
  • Low-Moisture Mozzarella
    Is a cheese used to make most NY-Style pizzas. Low-moisture mozzarella is saltier and slightly more yellow than fresh mozzarella. According to the USDA it most has a moisture content that exceeds 45% . Read More
  • m
  • Make-Up Board
    Is another term for peel. Read More
  • Mantle
    Is the work shelf in front of the door of the oven.  Read More
  • Milwaukee Style Pizza 
    Is a cracker-thin crust, that should be crispy and typically cut in “Tavern Cut” square pieces with classic toppings. Read More
  • Montanara Pizza
    See Deep-Fried Pizza Read More
  • Mother Yeast
    Is an Italian expression for Starter or Preferment. Read More
  • Mozzarella
    Is an Italian fresh milk cheese, traditionally made with Buffalo’s milk. Mozzarella is generally kept in a brine solution in order to preserve it. The cheese has a creamy flavor with a soft texture and the high moisture content. It has exceptional melting properties, making it perfect for(...) Read More
  • Mozzarella Affumicata
    Is cold-smoked mozzarella. Read More
  • Mozzarella Di Bufala
    See Buffalo Mozzarella. Read More
  • Mustard Pie
    Is a pizza with a thin layer of mustard between the crust and the cheese, then topped with tomato sauce. Read More
  • Mutz
    Is short for Mozzarella. Read More
  • n
  • Napoletana Oven
    Is a style of pizza oven that features a lower Oven Dome height and more aggressively curved dome shape — seen in and around Naples and in ovens built by Neapolitan builders throughout Italy. Read More
  • Napolitano
    It means Neapolitan-style, a traditional style of pizza cooked very quickly at high temperatures. Read More
  • Neapolitan-American-Style Pizza
    See New York Style Pizza. Read More
  • Neapolitan Pizza
    Is a hand-tossed, medium-thickness crust pizza, topped with simple sauce made from fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. This style originated in Naples, Italy. The pizza is cooked at very temperatures up to 950F for a short amount of time 60 – 90 seconds in a wood fired oven using authentic(...) Read More
  • Neapolitan Pizza Dough
    Is the dough is made for making Neapolitan pizza and consists of only flour, water, salt, and a very small amount of yeast. Read More
  • New York-Style Pizza
    Is a style of pizza that originated from Italian-American immigrants in New York City. Consisted of a thin-crust pizza made from hand-stretched dough that is topped with a cooked sauce made from pureed tomatoes, oil, salt, sugar, and oregano, mozzarella cheese, and any variety of meat and(...) Read More
  • o
  • Old Dough
    See Pate Ferment. Read More
  • Old Forge Pizza
    Is a style of pizza originated in the former coal-mining town of Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Old Forge Pizza is very similar to Sicilian-style but higher and with a crust that is less crunchy and without color. It’s characterized by a rectangular, thick crust, with a coat of cheese. Read More
  • On Deck
    Means pizzas that are ready to be loaded into the oven. Read More
  • Ooni/Uuni Pizza Oven
    Is a pizza oven brand that designs and manufactures domestic pizza ovens. They offer a range of ovens, utilizing various types of fuel, including gas and wood pellets. Every Ooni oven is capable of reaching very high temperatures in order to cook Neapolitan pizza. Most of the ovens they offer(...) Read More
  • Organic Flour
    These are flours that have not been treated at all or may have limited treatment. Read More
  • Oven Brush
    Is a soft copper or brass brush used for cleaning the oven floor. Read More
  • Oven Dome
    Is the curved vault of the pizza oven. The parabolic, round shape of the dome is efficient with wood fuel, and evenly reflects heat back down on the oven floor for cooking perfect pizza. Read More
  • Oven Door
    It is what covers the opening of the wood-fired oven. You use the oven door to regulate air intake and the strength of your fire during oven firing, and to close the oven for retained heat cooking. An insulated door improves a pizza oven’s ability to retain heat for longer periods of time. Read More
  • Oven Enclosure
    Is the structural and decorative components of the pizza oven that provide the base for the oven, and the walls that enclosure the insulation. Read More
  • Oven Firing
    Is the fire inside the oven chamber that heats the refractory material that comprises the oven. Read More
  • Oven Floor
    Is the cooking surface of a pizza oven. Read More
  • Oven Landing
    Is the area in front of the oven where you place food going in and out of the oven. Read More
  • Oven Opening
    Is the entrance to the oven chamber. The size of the opening should be large enough to accommodate pots, pans, grills, and of course pizza. Read More
  • Oven Spring
    Is the rapid increase and final burst in the expansion of dough once it is loaded into the oven. Read More
  • Oven Stand
    Is the support of a pizza oven. Read More
  • Oxidation
    Is a chemical reaction that takes place when air is incorporated into the dough, as by mixing and kneading. If the dough is kneaded too long in can suffer from oxidation and result in a loss of color and flavor in the finished crust. Read More
  • Oxidizing Agents
    These are agents that improve the dough strength by forming bonds between the protein chains. Read More
  • p
  • Pan Pizza
    Is a thick-crust pizza that gets its name because it's cooked in a pan. See also Chicago Style Pizza. Read More
  • Panetti
    These are small balls of pizza dough weighing between about six to nine ounces and portioned by hand through the staglio a mano process and then stretched, topped and cooked. (See also “Staglio a Mano”). Read More
  • Par-Bake
    Is the partial baking of the crust, without anything on it, to be used to prepare a finished pizza at a later date. Read More
  • Parchment Paper
    Is a paper that has been treated with sulfuric acid and coated with silicone. The sulfuric acid makes the surface of the paper smooth so that it resists grease and moisture and tolerates high oven temperatures. The silicone coating prevents foods from sticking. Read More
  • Parmigiano Reggiano
    Is the most widely known variety of cheese, the most important cooking cheese in northern Italy. Read More
  • Party Cut
    Is a circular pizza that is cut into squares. It is mostly found in St. Louis. Read More
  • Pasta Filata
    Is a process that gives certain cheeses a stringy, stretchy quality. After milk is curdled, curds are cut into pieces, steeped in a hot water, drained and then kneaded until they achieve a soft, stringy texture. Read More
  • Pastry Flour
    Is a relatively low-protein flour typically milled from soft white red winter wheat and primarily used for pastries. Read More
  • Pate Fermente
    Is a French term that means slightly-aged pre-fermented dough. Read More
  • Peel
    Is a long-handled spade-shaped tool that is used by bakers for getting pizza into or out of the oven. Peels generally come in wood and metal versions. Read More
  • Pie
    Is a word commonly used to describe an entire pizza. Read More
  • Pizza
    As per Merriam-Webster, “pizza is a food made from flat, usually round bread that is topped with usually tomato sauce and cheese and often with meat or vegetables. Read More
  • Pizza Al Metro
    Is the Italian word for ‘pizza by the meter,’ which is the manner in which Roman pizza, usually a thin, meter-long rectangular pizza is sold in Italy. Read More
  • Pizza Bianca
    Is the Italian word for “white pizza.” It is Roman flatbread pizza without tomato sauce, flavored with salt and olive oil. Read More
  • Pizza Bones
    Are the leftover, uneaten crusts or dough lip usually bare of cheese or sauce. Read More
  • Pizza Cossaca
    Is an Italian Neapolitan-Style Pizza consisting of tomato sauce, hard cheese parmesan or pecorino), basil, and extra virgin olive oil. Read More
  • Pizza Crust
    Is the dough that serves as a base for the pizza that is prepared, formed into a circular, square or rectangular shape, baked and then topped with pizza ingredients. Read More
  • Pizza Diavola
    Is the Italian word for "Devil", so this is one hot pizza! A Neapolitan pizza diavola typically consists of tomato sauce, mozzarella, hot salami , and chilies. Read More
  • Pizza Dough
    Is a mix of primarily flour and water, and a small amount of yeast to enable fermentation. Depending on the style, pizza dough is also seasoned with salt and sometimes oil and sugar. Read More
  • Pizza Margherita
    It was created in 1889 by Raffaele Esposito in honor of Italy's Queen Margherita. So he created the classic Neapolitan pizza, consisting of crust, San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala (or fior di latte) and fresh basil. Esposito wanted the pizza to have the colors of the Italian(...) Read More
  • Pizza Marinara
    A classic Neapolitan pizza that consists of pureed tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, oregano, and sometimes anchovies. There is no cheese on a marinara pizza. Read More
  • Pizza Oven
    Is a traditional, round-domed Italian wood fired oven optimized for baking pizza. The best pizza ovens have a pizza stone or steel and utilize a naked flame, powered by either solid fuel such as wood or gas. Read More
  • Arch
    The arch is a circular, arched vault, the opening into the pizza oven chamber, which can use either a flat or arched top, and the opening into the vent landing, which can also be constructed either as a rectangle, with a flat top, or with an arch, either brick, stone, stucco or refractory material. Read More
  • Pizza Palate
    Is a slang word for a burn on the roof of your mouth from pizza that’s too hot. Read More
  • Pizza Peel
    Is a large wooden paddle used to lift pizza to and from a hot oven. Read More
  • Pizza Screen
    Is a round screen used for cooling pizza. It's used to let cool the pizza without steaming the bottom. Read More
  • Pizza Steel
    Is a thick steel plate that is used for cooking pizzas. Compared to ceramic or stone, steel holds its temperature more effectively and is much less prone to warping, cracking, and shattering. Read More
  • Pizza Stone
    Is a hard, heat-safe surface for baking pizzas. Usually made polished stones or man-made materials. They imitate the effect of brick or stone ovens and facilitate home cooks in creating crisp-crusted breads and pizzas. Read More
  • Pizzaiola/Pizzaiole
    Is the feminine forms of pizzaiolo. Read More
  • Pizzaiolo
    Is a highly respected craftsman that has mastered the art of pizza. Read More
  • Poolish
    Is a French term with Polish origins that means Preferment or starter. Perferment is a dough that is made with equal amounts of flour and water with a hydration of 100%, and a small amount of yeast, but usually no salt. A poolish imparts a sweet flavor and a chewy texture to the final dough.(...) Read More
  • Pot Cheese
    Is a slang word for ricotta cheese. Read More
  • Pre-Bake
    It is the process of partially bake a dough, for a few to several minutes, without anything on the dough, for the purpose of creating a greater rise in the crust or, to allow the crust to dry out before adding sauce, cheeses and other toppings and completing the baking. Read More
  • Proof / Proofing
    Is a term often used to describe the final rise of the dough just prior to baking. Read More
  • Protein
    Are the dominant proteins found in wheat flour, namely are glutenin and gliadin which, when combined, form gluten. See Gluten. Read More
  • Provolone Cheese
    Is an Italian cheese, similar to pasta filata or stretched curd cheeses. In these stringy-textured cheeses, the curd is cooked to a relatively high temperature and is pulled and molded while hot into various shapes. The name provolone is derived from the Neapolitan word "prova," meaning(...) Read More
  • r
  • Radiant Burner
    Is the visible flame gas burner utilizing radiant heat inside the dome.  By design it is a yellow flame to maximize the heat distribution.  It is the primary heat source in any wood stone oven utilizing gas.  Read More
  • Rapid-Rise (Quick-Rise) Yeast
    Is a type of Instant Dry Yeast. Its typically used for bread machines as it act very quickly. It is not recommended for pizza. Read More
  • Raw Landing Zone
    Is the area on the oven floor farthest from the flame. Read More
  • Reducing Agents
    Their purpose is to weaken the protein by breaking bonds between proteins during mixing, thereby reducing the mixing times and dough elasticity. Read More
  • Refractory
    Is a material that is designed to withstand heat and high temperatures. Read More
  • Release Agent
    Its a substance which helps prevent an unbaked pizza from sticking to the pizza peel so that the pizza will slide off easily into the oven. Read More
  • Retained Heat Cooking
    This is the style of cooking where you rake the fire and coals out of the pizza oven, and cook using the heat held in the refractory material. Read More
  • Retarded Dough
    See Cold Fermentation. Read More
  • Retarder 
    Is an area where the temperature is held at 35-40 F. Read More
  • Ripen
    Is a term commonly used to describe the maturation of the preferment. Read More
  • Roadie
    Is a slang term for a slice of pizza that is taken for the road. Read More
  • Roccbox Pizza Oven
    Is a domestic pizza oven offered by the company Gozney. Unlike other pizza oven manufacturers that have focused mainly on solid fuel ovens, Gozney have concentrated on gas. Although less portable and more expensive than other pizza ovens, the Roccbox is one of the best performing ovens on the(...) Read More
  • Rocker
    Is a mezzaluna or curved blade for cutting Chicago Deep-dish pizzas. Read More
  • Roller
    Is another word for a pizza-slicing wheel. Read More
  • Romano Cheese
    Is an Italian, sharp cheese resembling Parmesan cheese. Read More
  • s
  • San Marzano Tomatoes
    These are plum tomatoes that are grown in the volcanic soil of San Marzano, Italy. They are ideal for use in pizza sauce due to their low sugar content and juicy flesh. Read More
  • Screen
    Is a firm aluminum shallow pan with a mesh structure that is used for baking or cooling a pizza. Read More
  • Sea Salt
    Is a form of salt formed from evaporation of seawater. It has a larger particle size than ordinary table salt, and can come in different particle size gradations, including very coarse, which may require grinding in a mill or mortar and pestle before using for applications. Read More
  • Self-Rising Flour
    Is a flour that is produced by using a low-protein flour with a protein content and double acting baking powder. Read More
  • Semolina Flour
    Is a coarse, granular flour product with bright yellow color produced by milling durum wheat, a high-protein, high-gluten wheat. Read More
  • Sheet / Sheeting
    Is the process of rolling dough into a very thin and uniform sheet. Read More
  • Sicilian Pizza
    Is a thick-crust, often square-shaped pizza topped with sauce, meats, vegetables, and cheeses. Read More
  • Sinatra
    Is a slang term used in mostly in Newark, PA. It refers to a pizza that comes out perfectly. Read More
  • Skin
    Is a term used by pizza makers to describe a dough round that has been shaped and stretched in preparation for dressing and baking. Read More
  • Slack Dough
    It a term used to describe an overly wet dough with no elasticity or spring-back. Read More
  • Slap Out Some Skins
    Is a term used to describe the process of stretching out dough balls. Read More
  • Snag ‘N’ Drag
    Is a term popularized by Scott Wiener that refers to the action of taking a slice of pizza from the tray—you must snag, then drag, horizontally to ensure nothing slips off the crust. Read More
  • Soggification
    Is a slang term used to describe when the crust gets damp from too much liquid on top, or from enclosure in the pizza box. Read More
  • Sourdough
    It refers to any type of dough that is made using wild yeast. The wild yeast is harvested by mixing flour and water together, usually in equal quantities, to form a starter. This starter is regularly topped up with fresh flour and water in order to create a yeast. The flavor achieved with(...) Read More
  • Staglio A Mano
    Is the term used to describe the process of turning Neapolitan pizza dough into small balls by hand. Read More
  • Starter
    It refers to a dough that contains active yeast and is made for the purpose of adding to another dough later. The starter is used to leaven (proof/rise) the dough, instead of directly adding yeast. Once alive, a starter can last indefinitely. A starter or pre-ferment can be in the form of(...) Read More
  • Steel Plates
    These rectangular or square metal plates made of steel that can be used with many standard home ovens to bake pizzas. Read More
  • Stucco
    Is a plaster-like mixture used to finish ovens in the traditional “igloo style”. Read More
  • Stuffed Pizza
    It is similar to a Chicago-Style Pizza as it’s made in a deep dish, but then the ingredients are topped with another layer of thin dough, sauce and cheese. Read More
  • t
  • Tare
    Is the weight of a container that is deducted from the gross weight to obtain net weight. Most digital scales allow you to perform this task easily by placing the empty container on the scale and pressing the tare button. Then, when the container is filled, only the weight of its contents is(...) Read More
  • Test Kitchen
    Is a kitchen used for the process of developing and testing new kinds of recipes.  Read More
  • Thermal Cleaning
    Is the process of heating the chamber of the oven to 600-650 degrees for 3 hours to help “self clean” the oven. Read More
  • Thermal Layer
    It includes all of the material in the pizza oven that absorbs and retains heat for cooking, or is exposed to fire and high temperatures. These include the oven floor, oven dome, and oven vent. Read More
  • Thermal Mass
    It describes the volume of refractory material in the oven that you have to heat up in order to prepare your oven to cook. Read More
  • Thermocouple
    Is a small probe and wire cable that is installed in the pizza oven that will output the temperature of the oven at that spot in the oven to a temperature display. Read More
  • Three Bears-Style
    is a slang terms that is used to describe a pie is cut in unequal size slices. Momma Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear slices—too large, too small, just right. Read More
  • Tile
    is the facade material for the ovens. Read More
  • Tiles
    These are unglazed, fired, quarry clay tiles used in arrangements of one or more layers on an oven rack or grill for use as an alternative to pizza stones for baking pizzas. Read More
  • Tipo "00" Flour
    The finest ground flour in Italy, with a high-gluten content. It’s used to make Neapolitan Pizza and is a required ingredient in any pizza designated as VPN or True Neapolitan Pizza. Read More
  • Turning Peel
    Is used to turn pizzas while cooking in an oven especially wood fired ovens and home pizza ovens. Read More
  • Tuscan Oven
    This oven features a slightly higher oven dome and less aggressive inward slope than the Napoletana Oven. This shape provides a slightly better heat retention for baking and roasting . Read More
  • u
  • Upskirt, Or Under The Hood
    Is a slang term used to describe when on is checking out the bottom of the crust to inspect char marks. Read More
  • Utility Peel
    This peel has a smaller slightly thicker head, longer handle and is not flexible. It is used to move or remove food and cooking vessels from the oven. Read More
  • v
  • Vent
    It is located in front and above the oven opening, and collects the smoke and hot air that is exhausted from the top half of the opening. Read More
  • Vent Landing
    Is the small landing directly in front of the oven opening. Read More
  • Vera Pizza Napoletana
    Vera Pizza Napoletana is an organization whose goal is to promote and protect the name and the product Pizza Napoletana; a style of pizza and tradition found in Naples. The term Vera, or Verace, means true, genuine, or real. Read More
  • Verace Pizza Napoletana
    The Verace Pizza Napoletana specification was originally created at a meeting of Naples’ most venerated Pizzaioli, who came together to define the perfect pizza — they even signed a public declaration supporting the specification. Today, there are two aspects to VPN. First, there are(...) Read More
  • Vital Wheat Gluten
    Is a dried wheat protein of high-gluten, hard wheat grain that has had all of the starch removed and is then dried. It is frequently used to supplement other flours to increase the overall protein level of such flours. Read More
  • VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana)
    Stands for Vera Pizza Napoletana, which is a designation awarded by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association of Italy that guarantees that member pizzerias make their pizzas according to strict Neapolitan standards. Read More
  • w
  • Wet Mutz
    It a slangs that refers to fresh mozzarella. Read More
  • White Oven
    A white oven features a separate firing chamber below the oven cooking chamber, where the heat of the fire is vented into the cooking chamber. Read More
  • White Pizza
    Is a pizza without tomato sauce. Read More
  • Wood Fired Oven
    This is an oven made from large bricks or clay that cooks Neapolitan pizza using real wood fire. Read More
  • Wood-Fired Pizza
    These are ovens that tend to cook faster because of the very high heat, plus they show bits of “char” around the edges and have a hint of smoky flavor. Read More
  • Wood Pellets
    These are small cylindrical pieces of compacted wood. They can be made of various types of wood and food grade wood pellets are available. These pellets are ideal to use in home pizza ovens as they contain no additives and are designed to burn at high temperatures. Read More
  • y
  • Yeast
    Yeast is a living microscopic, single-cell organism that as it feeds, converts sugars and starches into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This trapped carbon dioxide gas is what causes doughs to rise, or leaven. Read More

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