Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker

Enjoy a hot and delicious pizza at home with the Hamilton Beach pizza maker. No preheating is required and it cooks a 12″ Pizza up to 40% faster than a regular kitchen oven. The viewing window lets you watch as it cooks.


Here we have another pizza oven that uses an unconventional circular pizza oven design, and it likewise boasts a dark red design. All of this helps the Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker stand out amidst the wide variety of stainless steel rectangular pizza ovens on the market.

Oven Overview

This unit measures 7.13” x 13.38” x 15.88”. How well it fits on your countertop, however, will be governed a lot more by how well its unique circular design fits on your countertop. It can handle 12” pizzas and is very accessible, allowing you to cook with ease.

Where to install it

It is best to treat this model as you would a pancake maker, and store it accordingly. You may want to store it in a cabinet and plug it in only when you need it, as the circular design and shallow grill makes it less versatile than rectangular units that can handle all manner of other cooking jobs in addition to pizzas.

Who is this oven for?

This is a good option for those looking for a budget and easy-to-use pizza maker that is made in a circular style.

Product Features

Even though this is a circular unit, it still has a transparent viewing window, which is a rare combination.

  • This model also comes with a 30-minute cooking timer and an auto-shutoff.
  • The latter is definitely a welcome feature that can prevent you from accidentally burning your pizza.
  • You do not need to heat this model, and the heat controls are easy to adjust.
  • This model is also quiet, energy-efficient, cooking faster than other models while being as much as 52% more energy-efficient than rival kitchen pizza ovens.
  • Hot & delicious pizza, snacks & appetizers
  • Cooks a 12-inch pizza
  • Rotates for even cooking
  • The viewing window lets you watch food as it cooks.

All of this makes this a more niche yet still intriguing pizza oven for those willing to embrace the circular design.


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