Perfect Pizza at Home with Peter Reinhart ***FREE CLASS***

Perfect-pizza-at-home with Peter Reinhart free class. Learn from the best with this free class. Unique opportunity to learn from the best!


Stretch your dough and your imagination as Peter guides you through each step of making a pizza. You’ll make pizza sauces, consider cheese options, and bake five types of dough in your conventional home oven. Impress Italian purists with a slice of your Sicilian-style homemade pies, cook creative flavor combinations for more adventurous palates, and even provide gluten-free pizza lovers with mouth-watering meals.

Peter, the instructor of Artisan Bread Making, will fill your head with professional pizza-making tips so you can fill your table.

Sign up today for Perfect Pizza at Home to learn the secrets of building and baking the perfect flavor delivery system!

What You’ll Learn

*To make five types of pizza dough: Sicilian (pan), country-style, American Neopolitan, Classic Napoletana, and gluten-free

*Four fresh sauce recipes: Tomato, basil pesto, herb oil, and spicy garlic oil

*Sophisticated and simple cheese choices

*Baking decisions that result in golden brown, bubbling crust


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