Chicago Brick Oven Built-In Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven CBO-500

Experience the ultimate in outdoor dining and entertainment experience with a Chicago Brick Oven – Built-In Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven. Made in the USA, this wood-fired pizza oven will become the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen for its versatility, durability, and performance.


Since it first took off in 2006, Chicago Brick Oven has been a staple in home wood-fired pizza ovens. Hard as that idea was to realize at the time, Chicago Brick Oven made it work, has continued to do so for 15 years, and this model is a continuation of that desire to have fire-seared pizza in the comfort of your own home.

Where to Install it

Given the presence of a flue, earlier Chicago Brick Ovens were meant to be used outdoors. One of the big boasting points of this model, however, is its smaller footprint with a 27″ x 22″ cooking surface that makes it ideal for placement in smaller niches.

Who is this oven for?

As mentioned, Chicago Brick Ovens have always been targeted at the residential market. If you dream of cooking incredible authentic Neapolitan pizzas and other wood-fired culinary goodness at home, this may be the model for you.

Product Features

Among this unit’s most notable features are:

  • Its ability to trap heat faster and for longer than other residential pizza ovens at an excess of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A five-piece setup that includes the two-piece heart, archway, dome, and decorative door
  • An easy-to-use pizza oven DIY kit that includes an anchor plate, steel plate, mortar, and an insulating board and blanket to help ensure those high temperatures don’t get out of control
  • An infrared thermometer gun to check your pizza’s temperature on the fly
  • A convenient pizza peel and brush combo

What to Watch Out for

The main thing to watch out for is that you can handle the extreme heat of this unit’s bringing. Don’t just assume you can, and don’t deviate from directions. Improper installation now could mean big problems later on.

Price Value

At nearly $2,300, this is both high-range price-wise but also about as affordable as you can reasonably expect an elite home model to be. If you want a commercial-grade cooking experience at home, this is the price you can expect to pay, and an established brand such as Chicago Brick Oven knows what ingredients make for a scintillating home built-in pizza oven.


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