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Are you looking for a pizza topping station? If you regularly make pizza at home, you know how messy it can be.

In this article, we have hand-picked the best pizza topping stations for the home pizza baker.

Improving your organization skills is crucial for getting the best results of your pizza-making journey.

So, If you are serious about improving your overall pizza-making space, you need these pizza prep stations to see which one is the best for you!

What is a Pizza Topping Station?

What is a pizza topping station, you ask? Well, it’s simple.

A pizza topping station is a long rack of containers that hold all of your pizza’s ingredients. Pizza stations also vary in type with regards to size, cooling method, and functionality.

We’ll be explaining each of these further in the article.

Why Do You need a Pizza Topping Station?

You may think this is nonsense but having a pizza topping station is key to making fast and delicious pizzas in your home as it organizes your toppings from 1st to last. Rather than running all over the place to find the toppings of your pizza, a pizza topping station already makes things easier for you, such as fewer dishes to wash, more energy towards kneading, and organized space for everything you need to create pizzas.

What Toppings Can You Keep in a Pizza Topping Station?

When it comes to pizza toppings, your only limit is your creativity and imagination in making pizzas. It can range from seafood, dairy, vegetables, meat, vegans, and more!

If you’re wondering what toppings you can put in your pizza topping station, don’t worry, you can place most of the toppings for a classic pizza such as basil, parmesan, mushrooms inside the containers of your pizza topping station.

We recommend placing the necessary ingredients such as cheese, marinara sauce, and pepperoni inside the containers as well, as they are the foundations of any pizza.

Difference Between A Refrigerated vs. Ice-cooled Pizza Station

If you’re going to buy a pizza station, you should know the difference between a refrigerated one and an ice-cooled one. You’d be surprised how different they are from each other and how they can affect your toppings in the long run.

First is the refrigerated pizza table. Like any other refrigerator, this type of pizza table uses a compressor to release refrigerant air that will keep your toppings at the right temperature, avoiding spoilage and frozen produce.

Ice cooling, on the other hand, is much simpler and lighter compared to the refrigerated type. It uses ice placed below the pizza topping containers to maintain the ideal temperature for the toppings.

Ideally, an ice cooling station is safer and easier to handle than a refrigerated version as there will be no spillage incidents or machine difficulties. On the other hand, a refrigerated station provides a longer cooling time for a longer cooking time as you don’t need to change the ice often.

What Do You Need To Look Out for When Buying a Pizza Station? 

Now, there are several things that you need to remember when buying a pizza topping station. It’s not just the number of compartments, but you should also look for containers that are easily removable, clean, and safe, and above all else, have lids.

When it comes to the pizza station material, there’s no wrong answer. Stainless steel pizza stations will give you the durability you need in a compartment and faster cleaning time (though it needs to be hand-washed). This is usually the material when you buy refrigerated pizza stations.

If you want plastic or acrylic for your pizza station materials, make sure that the containers, as well as the lids, are food-safe materials and durable enough to keep your toppings safe from bacteria and pests. In general, you want your pizza topping containers to be removable individually so that you have an easier time refilling your toppings.

Should You Go for Cheap or Expensive Pizza Topping Stations?

We are limited by the budget we set. Pizza topping stations are both expensive and cheap, depending on the material and cooling system they have.

Ideally, you want a cheaper yet functioning pizza station. These pizza stations are usually the ones that are ice-cooled which can be handheld. However, if you’re a pizza lover, then going for the more significant and bulkier refrigerated pizza station would be ideal unless you’re willing to spend a few more bucks for it.

Regardless of price, your pizza station should have the necessary stations, lids, and cooling features to be a functional pizza station for your pizza making.

The Best Pizza Topping Stations For You!

Now, if you’re hesitant about buying a pizza station, don’t worry; there are other alternatives that you can still have to create the best pizza in your house. Here are some alternative pizza toppings station ideas that you can get yourself:

Ooni Pizza Topping Station

If you’re a pizza master, then you’re probably familiar with Ooni. If you haven’t heard of them, well, now you are. Ooni provides the best pizza stations for pizza makers out there. The quality, options, and durability of each Ooni product make it the best of the best pizza stations.

This Ooni Pizza Station removes unnecessary bowls and instead gives you the handy tool of plucking your toppings from the get-go without any additional washes in the sink. It holds six containers that can be easily cleaned individually and come with a custom-fit lid for easy storage.


  • Clear lids for each container help you identify which topping you will use next on your pizza.
  • The Ooni Piza Station is made from durable, weather-resistant, and a powdered coated stainless steel frame that makes it easier to transport and store in places.


  • Although the containers can be disassembled individually, you will have to hand wash them separately by hand, not by your dishwasher.
  • It’s ofter sold out because of its popularity.
Our Top Pick!
Ooni Pizza Topping Station Ooni Pizza Topping Station

Get ready for pizza parties in style with the Ooni Pizza Topping Station. It’s the perfect tool for prepping ingredients and toppings. The easy-to-transport system means moving from indoor to outdoor kitchens is a breeze.

The two 1.6L and four 0.8L Ooni Pizza Topping containers ensure you have plenty of toppings to keep the pizza flowing. The custom-fit clear lids for each container means they can be easily stacked and stored in the fridge. The weather-resistant, powder-coated frame and stainless steel cover fit perfectly on our Ooni Modular Tables and it is easy to transport for cleaning and storage. Build your outdoor kitchen and level up your pizza prep with the Ooni Pizza Topping Station.

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Alfresco Pizza Station

If you want the ultimate experience in creating the perfect pizza, you need to buy the Alfresco Pizza Prep 7 Garnish Center. Having a width of 30″ inches wide, this pizza station keeps everything you need for a pizza within your grasp; rolling pin, plates, sauce bottles, condiments, and more!


  • Removable cutting board to do cooking and prepping easier for you
  • Four mid-sized removable containers to arrange your toppings accordingly.
  • Installed storage space for your pizza making tools


  • No trash bins and paper holders included
Alfresco Pizza Prep & Garnish Center Alfresco Pizza Prep & Garnish Center

The Alfresco Pizza Prep and Plating Center is the ultimate in cooking convenience. Keep plates, pizza pans, spices, and other necessities within reach with this restaurant-style center. The removable plastic cutting board is perfect for prepping your meals and the ice-cooled pan rail is ideal for storing pizza toppings and other condiments.

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Alfa Functional Pizza Station

Are you looking to take your pizza making to the next level? The Alfa 51-inch Steel Base & Prep Station will make it accurate.

Although is made by Alfa you can place any portable pizza oven on top of it.

This pizza station is HUGE and efficient; it includes a steel base for various ovens to bake your pizza after you’re done prepping it on this product’s built-in prep station. Durable, mobile, and have ample storage space; this pizza station will do wonders in your pizza art.


  • It has a steel base that works with most outdoor pizza ovens
  • Durable and coated with black powder, it protects it from wear & tear
  • Built-in handles, tool hooks, bottle openers, peel holder for maximum efficiency


  • Comes with a manual for installation. No instructions are stated on the product site.
  • It contains chemicals that may cause complications in the state of California.
Alfa Stainless Steel Multi-Functional Base & Prep Station Alfa Stainless Steel Multi-Functional Base & Prep Station

Designed for convenience and versatility, this Alfa Multi-Functional Base and Prep Station feature a 51-inch wide by 35 1/16 inch deep working surface finished with 2mm thick 304 stainless steel, black powder-coated legs with 4 professional-grade casters (2 casters with brakes), an aluminum side handle finished in black, 3 stainless steel tool hooks, a pizza peel rack, bottle opener and bottom shelf for convenient storage space.

This multi-functional table can also be used as a mobile base for Alfa 4 Pizze, 5 Minuti, Ciao, Brio, One, and Stone Oven Medium outdoor countertop pizza ovens.

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Ooni Fyra 12

Are You Still Baking Pizzas in Your Kitchen Oven?
You Might Regret It, Don’t Miss Out!

Are you up for trying something new?

Go from a soggy pizza to the perfect pizza! How? With an Ooni pizza oven.

You might be thinking, a what?

With an Ooni pizza oven, you can bake your pizza in as little as 90 seconds.

They are not only affordable but you can take them anywhere. 

Let’s check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Best Alternatives for a Pizza Station

Now, if you’re hesitant about buying a pizza station, don’t worry; there are other alternatives that you can still have to create the best pizza in your house. Here are some alternative pizza topping stations that you can get yourself:

Ice Cooled Condiment Serving Tray

Handy and straightforward, this Ice Cooled Condiment Serving gives your toppings the temperature it needs to have a flavorful pizza.

Ice Cooled Condiment Serving Container Chilled Garnish Tray Ice Cooled Condiment Serving Container Chilled Garnish Tray

This Chilled Garnish Tray Bar Caddy is great for home, work, or restaurant usage! It contains 6 removable compartments that can hold various fruits, olives, or even toppings when dinner is a taco bar, potato bar, or build-your-own salad and pasta. It's great for mixed generation crowds because you can include something for everyone!

  • 6 Individually removable containers
  • It fits standard rails and bars when prepping
  • Dishwasher safe means less hand-washing
  • May lack space for ice inside the container
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Winco 5 Condiment Container

Another simple condiment dispenser, the Winco 5, is perfect for both in the kitchen and the bar, giving you the convenience of arranging and organizing your toppings and ingredients on the get-go.

Winco 5 Compartment Condiment Dispenser Winco 5 Compartment Condiment Dispenser

Winco has been a trusted and reliable brand in professional kitchens for over 20 years. Our commercial lines of products, ranging from tabletop to kitchen utensils to food preparation supplies, are used by all foodservice and hospitality industry experts worldwide. While our products are made to meet the high demands of a restaurant kitchen, we are excited to now make them available for the serious home chef.

  • Clear lid for visible ingredients
  • Durable and simple design makes it a favorite
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The lid may appear broken when delivered
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New Star Foodservice Condiments Container

A durable yet simple dispenser, the New Start Condiment Dispenser has everything you need to prepare pizza on pizza; a clear lid, commercial-grade material; this condiment container is the best of both worlds condiment dispenser for your kitchen and bar.

New Star Stainless Steel Condiment Dispenser New Star Stainless Steel Condiment Dispenser

Organize your serving station with this multi-compartment condiment dispenser. Made of stainless steel, it sleek appeal that provides ultimate durability and is stain and rust-resistant.

Separate plastic compartments make up this dispenser, so you can store your garnishes! Bottomless design and individually removable inserts, this unit is both easy to refill and assemble.

Unit has a hinged, clear acrylic lid, you can easily open and close to keep fruit and other garnishes sanitary and protected from debris. The lid is also clear, so you can always see when your supply is running low.

  • 6 Food safe plastic containers
  • Design and containers are perfect to match both your bar and your kitchen
  • Works well on both the front and back ends of the house to provide efficiency to the kitchen.
  • Ice containers are sold separately
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San Janmar Non-Chilled Condiment Containers

Stainless steel and an enormous container, the San Jammer Garnish Tray will be your condiment container for a very long time.

San Jamar Stainless Steel Non-Chilled Tray San Jamar Stainless Steel Non-Chilled Tray

Non-chilled garnish trays have an attractive stainless steel construction for years of use. stainless hinged lids will not rust and protect garnishes from spills and contaminants. The split-lid design allows you access to the garnishes you need while keeping others covered. Transparent plex lids allow for easy viewing of garnishes.

  • 6 Containers that have a large capacity with them. Suitable for high foot traffic places.
  • Hinged Lids prevent rusting and allow visibility of garnishes
  • Interchangeable parts allow for more versatility and flexibility
  • Easy-to-clean garnish center with a single wipe
  • No bottom container to place ice
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you!
12/06/2021 12:12 am GMT

Arctic Air Refrigerated Condiment Container Station

A refrigerant and a condiment container in 1, the Arctic Air Prep Table has it all when you need to store multiple condiments while getting them cooled at the right temperature.

Arctic Air Countertop Refrigerated Condiment Prep Table Station Arctic Air Countertop Refrigerated Condiment Prep Table Station

The Arctic Air ACP40 refrigerated countertop prep unit measures 39.5 inches in width by 15.5 inches in depth by 11 inches in height, and it includes six sixth-size stainless pans and covers. Its capillary tube system is self-contained, and its temperature ranges from 33 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can control temperatures with the electronic thermostat, which is designed with an external digital LED display for ease of use. For durability, the Arctic Air ACP40 dipper-style condiment dispenser is made of simple-to-clean stainless steel. Its plastic feet won't scuff countertops, and it runs on environmentally-friendly R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant.

This dispenser comes with a cover to help maintain temperatures in its refrigerated section. Operators can turn the machine on and off with its backlit switch, and stainless pan supports are included.

  • 6 Stainless steel storage containers with matching handles
  • Built durable and sturdy with stainless steel
  • The built-in refrigerant that provides cooling air for the condiments
  • 2-button switch for easy use in the kitchen
  • Pricey compared to other condiment stations
  • Product may be dented or damaged upon delivery
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KoolMore Refrigerated Condiment Container Station

A condiment container that can come in different sizes, the KoolMore Condiment Prep Station is an excellent alternative to massive pizza stations because of its versatility, features, and build.

KoolMore Refrigerated Countertop Condiment Prep Station KoolMore Refrigerated Countertop Condiment Prep Station

This 40” 3 pan countertop prep rail is a perfect solution for establishments with limited space, keeping key ingredients within reach, and ensuring that they are always kept at optimal temperature.

Built with smooth, durable, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel that will stand up to the high volume commercial kitchen environment, retain an attractive finish, and is easy to clean. Includes three removable stainless steel 1/3 food pans that have a capacity of 6. 1 qt. each.

This unit can also accommodate 6 smaller 1/6 food pans. Fill the pans with salad toppings or pizza and sandwich ingredients; each pan is 12 5/8 "L x 6. 78” W" x 6”H. The front digital temperature display makes the temperature easy to monitor and control. The stainless steel lid provides easy access and ensures that food remains fresh when not in use. A glass sneeze guard (sold separately) can also be attached to turn this unit into a self-serve buffet station. 

  • Has 6-8 pans available for putting in condiments depending on the size your purchase it
  • Digital temperature display for easy temperature monitoring
  • Its versatility works well in different places like restaurants and food trucks
  • May come damaged when delivered
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you!

Should You Go For Smaller Condiment Containers or Big Pizza Stations? 

When creating a pizza, you should already have everything set on your prep table, from the condiments to the utensils and even your station; making sure everything is organized is the first step.

If you make pizzas every day, 24/7, then we recommend that you get yourself an excellent and versatile pizza station for your restaurant or home. Compared to condiment containers, pizza stations have everything you need; storage space, cooling mechanism, digital temperature, a sturdy table, and including a condiments station.

However, if you make pizzas now and then for your family and friends, then a simple condiment container would suffice.
When making pizzas, the vital tool that you need is a functioning brick or steel oven. I mean, you can’t cook pizzas without, right?

The Last Slice

Now that you have an article that gave you insights and pizza station topping ideas on different aspects of pizza making, it’s now time to start creating your very own pizza masterpiece.

Whether it’s a big pizza station or just simple condiment containers, cheap or expensive, and regardless of the type of your pizza station, consider what you can afford and how often you will create pizzas.

Overall, we would recommend the Ooni Pizza Making Station under the condiment container alternatives. The Ooni is just a fantastic tool to create homemade pizzas, and you will immediately feel confident with your pizzas.

When it comes to the giant pizza stations, we recommend going for the Alfresco 30-Inch Pizza Prep & Garnish Center. It has everything you need to create excellent pizzas: reachable storage space, removable cutting boards, condiment containers, and more!

We hope we have given you the correct information to create your first pizza at home. Happy kneading!


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