Pizza Spinner: A Game-Changer Tool You Need to Try Today!

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Are you up for trying a pizza spinner?

Most often than not, you might be already know how important it is to have a perfect and evenly baked pizza. You might have often seen your pizza unevenly made, nice and crispy in some areas, whereas soggy and uncooked dough in other areas.

To overcome this, we recommend a lot of techniques and tools. Among all the tools and techniques, the one tool that stands out and apart is the Pizza Spinner. 

But what is it? Let’s find out!

pizza spinner

Pizza Spinner

A pizza spinner or pizza fork is a tool that comes pretty handy in turning your pizza for even cooking and baking. It avoids having the pizza dough burn on one side and raw and uncooked on the other.

While your pizza is cooking, turning your pizza for even cooking with the hand may be a difficult task. There are chances you burn your fingers and hands due to the high oven temperatures.

In this piece, we will talk in length about what spinners are and how they help in baking a perfect pizza, along with all other aspects. So let’s take a spin and dive right in!

What is a Pizza Spinner?

A pizza spinner is also known as a tuning fork or a pizza hook; it is a handy tool that can turn the pizza around inside an oven. These pizza spinners come with long handles to protect the user from the oven heat. 

pizza spinner variations

Different Pizza Spinners

The pizza spinners are pretty helpful. They come with teeth or tynes used to turn and move around the pizza in the oven more easily. Spinners also hold the pizza well to be lifted to check if the pizza is baked correctly and thoroughly.

These pizza forks are available in the market in a single piece or as pairs. Buying them in pairs makes more sense since they can help the user hold and control the pizza inside the pizza oven better.

Why you need a pizza spinner?

A pizza spinner is a valuable tool while making a pizza; here is why.

Most types of pizza ovens have one or multiple sources of heat, and such the heat is not distributed evenly throughout the pizza’s surface.

You may have a floor that has a varying temperature or an uneven heat through the surface. This heat distribution varies according to the type of oven you are using.

Due to inconsistent temperatures of the different areas within the oven, the pizza tends to cook unevenly, and as such, you must turn the pizza around from time to time to bake evenly.

Doing that with your hands or with the standard kitchen tongs can be harmful to your skin and may burn your fingers, and such, using a spinner is the best way to do it.

Pro Tip

If you have a portable pizza oven that can reach high temperatures, we recommend turning the pizza 45 degrees every 15 seconds to achieve even cooking.

How to Use a Pizza Spinner

The two primary purposes of pizza spinning in the oven, and check if the pizza bottom has been cooked properly.

Let us find out how it is used for each of these purposes.

Use it to Turn the Pizza

Turning is the primary purpose of using a pizza fork: to hook, pizza, rotate, or spin the pizza. Once you place the pizza inside the oven, you will have to wait for some time before you start turning the pizza.

You will need to wait till the pizza turns crisp before you start spinning the pizza, or else you will begin to make holes in the pizza crust or tear and spoil the pizza.

When you observe that your pizza has started getting crisp and that one side of the pizza looks more cooked and baked than the pizza’s other side, then you should turn it around.

To turn the pizza:

  • Place the pizza fork so that the teeth are facing down and toward the pizza edge inside the oven.
  • Carefully turn the pizza so that the uncooked portion is facing the heat.
  • While doing so, ensure that you do not puncture the pizza crust or make holes in the pizza dough so that the pizza is not spoilt completely.

Use it to check if the bottom is cooked

Lifting is the second way to use it – to check if the bottom of the pizza is cooked thoroughly.

To check the crust:

  • You can do this by placing the pizza fork inside the oven with the teeth facing up. Insert it beneath the pizza and tilt it slightly to check if the bottom is cooked thoroughly.
  • You can also use a pizza peel, but using just one tool is a better and efficient way of doing it, and hence a pizza spinner is recommended to do this.
  • If you see that the bottom is pretty close to getting burnt, using one tool would ensure you can turn or remove it as soon as possible.

Use it to remove the pizza from the oven

You can use the pizza fork even to remove the pizza from the oven.

To remove the pizza:

  • Hold the pizza with the pizza fork and drag it out to either a cutting board or a serving plate.
  • You can, however, do this with a pizza peel as it is a more convenient option of doing that.

Pizza Pun

What do you call a spinning potato


Difference Between Pizza Turning Peels & Pizza Spinners

Pizza Peel vs. Pizza Spinner

When talking about pizza-making tools, pizza spinners and pizza turning peels are often clubbed together as one. Turning peels is a prevalent alternative to turn the pizza while it is in the oven.

Turning Pizza Peel

Pizza Turning Peel

A turning peel is a device that looks different from that of the spinner. It comes with a slight round peel used for the same purpose as that of the pizza spinner; however, the pizza spinner offers a better hold and control over the pizza due to the teeth that it has to hold the pizza move it around.

Chef Pomodoro Turning Peel

The turning peel has a comparatively larger handle than that of the pizza spinner, making it convenient to use in larger ovens. 

These metal peels can be made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. For smaller-sized home ovens, a pizza spinner is the best alternative to pizza turning peels.

Benefits of Pizza Spinners

Often people who make their pizzas prefer pizza spinners over the turning peels. Listed below are some of the benefits of using pizza spinners:

Easy to Use

The reason why pizza spinners are so prevalent than turning peels is that they are straightforward to use. If you have never used a turning peel before, you would need a certain amount of practice.

While using a pizza turning peel, you need first to move your pizza to the oven entrance, and then you turn it around there. Then the pizza is to be transferred back to the same spot.

Placing it somewhere else will have the risk of the pizza baking fast and may get burnt. You may set the pizza at a hot spot which may lead to the pizza getting burnt.

However, with a pizza fork, you do not need to move your pizza to the entrance for turning it; you can simply hold and turn it without moving it from its spot.

You can still pull it to the entrance to have a good look at it. This implies that using a spinner is much easier and ensures that the pizza can be controlled easily.

Smaller in Size

Pizza spinners usually are much smaller in size and are compact than the turning peels, making the pizza forks much more convenient to use in homes and apartments.

Turning peels come with a long handle that makes them somewhat tricky to use and store in small spaces.


Pizza spinners are pretty convenient in terms of their price as well. They cost somewhere between 10 and 30 dollars which makes them much cheaper than the turning peels.

Pros and Cons of Pizza Spinners

Now that we have seen the pizza spinners’ benefits let us know some of the pros and cons of pizza spinners.


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • It makes controlling and handling the pizza easier.
  • It helps in turning the pizza around quickly.
  • It helps in cooking the pizza evenly.
  • It comes with teeth to hold the pizza well.
  • Smaller and compact.
  • Easy to maintain as are small in size.
  • It does not require the pizza to be dragged to the entrance each time.
  • Easy to handle and store.


  • May result in holes and punctures in the pizza crust.
  • Come with small handles.
  • Not suitable for large ovens.

What to look for when buying a pizza spinner?

Now that you are aware of the pros, cons, and other aspects, let us see what to look for in a pizza spinner:

Durability and Sturdiness

You must check the material and the build quality of the pizza spinner. It should be highly durable and extremely sturdy and of a material that can stand extreme hot oven temperatures. Also, you need to ensure that it is sturdy and durable enough for heavy-duty use. So tick these points of durability and sturdiness before you select your pizza spinner.


The design of the pizza spinner is also a deciding factor. The standard pizza spinner comes with teeth to ensure it can be used to move around the pizza inside the oven without any hassles. They should have a good handle to hold and grip to get easy to control and move around the pizza inside the oven.


Though the pizza spinners are not that expensive, you need to ensure you are putting your money into the right product. The product should deliver what it promises, and as such, it is crucial to ensure that you make sure the pizza spinner you are ordering is good enough and justifies the cost.

Best pizza spinner for wood-fired oven or outdoor gas oven

There are many variants of pizza spinners for various oven types. In wood-fired ovens, there is a burning fire that is heating the entire oven.

The fire is placed in the middle to heat the oven floor and then is moved to the other sides.

This process ensures that apart from the floor, the floor’s different areas are also heated for even distribution. 

There is a single heat source for outdoor gas ovens that evenly heats the floor, which is then radiated inside the oven. Since these ovens are comparatively bigger, you would need pizza spinners with comparatively longer handles.

You can choose one of the best pizza spinners by Cuisinart from Amazon for wood-fired or outdoor gas ovens.

Cuisinart Pizza Spinners

This ingenious tool has forked ends that are bent at 90 degrees, making it easy to grasp and turn pizzas while they bake. Forked tines are perfect for puncturing large air pockets in the crust as the pizza bakes.

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04/21/2022 01:15 am GMT

Best pizza spinner for home oven

In-home convection ovens, you would not have an issue with the temperature difference. The heat distribution may be uneven, but since you can bake longer in convection ovens, the pizzas cook better. As such, you can use a standard pizza spinner. 

Aluminum Pizza Spinner Turning Fork

With this Pizza Spinner (2-Pack), you have the ability to easily and safely handle your pizza as it cooks. Stay over a foot away from the hot oven without sacrificing any maneuverability. The aluminum alloy fork is angled to give you control over your pizza in the oven. The wooden handle and leather strap give it an authentically rustic appearance that will look great hanging on any grill or pizza oven.

  • 17.5" Length
  • Detachable Aluminum Alloy Fork
  • Real Wooden Handle with Leather Strap
  • 110 Degree Bend 

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The Last Slice

To conclude and to summarize, the secret to making a perfectly crispy pizza is to ensure that the pizza is evenly cooked without any raw portions. You can achieve this by using specific tools such as the pizza spinner and the pizza turning peel.

Having read and seen everything about pizza spinners, we can easily conclude that pizza spinners are the best tools to use when it comes to making perfectly baked pizzas.

Many manufacturers are selling pizza spinners and use this piece as a guide to select the best pizza spinner. So, now that you have the best tools in hand, you sure can bake the best pizza. Happy Baking!!


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