How to Prepare Mushrooms for Pizza – The Easy Way!

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How to Prepare Mushrooms for Pizza

We will show you if you are curious about how to prepare mushrooms for pizza. 

Mushrooms on pizza are becoming increasingly popular as a pizza topping. Why? 

Mushrooms offer a savory flavor and add to the pizza’s overall appearance. 

Furthermore, mushrooms are one of the healthiest toppings because of their minerals and vitamins. 

Therefore, whether on a diet or not, everyone can have mushrooms on their pizza because it contains zero calories. However, preparing mushrooms can be complicated for beginners

So keep on reading to understand more about mushroom preparation while answering some common questions.

Let’s get started!

How to Precook Mushrooms for Pizza?


You can adequately cook mushrooms by grilling or sauteing. But not everyone has a grill in their home, right? 

So to saute the mushrooms, you need to preheat the pan with olive oil

Saute mushrooms
Saute Mushrooms

Then add the mushrooms to your pan. Be patient for the mushroom to soften. Mushrooms contain water, making your pizza soggy if you don’t properly cook them. 

So, we usually cook them in a cast-iron pan at high temperatures to ensure the water evaporates.

Here you have the option of making your mushrooms more flavorful by adding more of your favorite slices, like garlic. After some minutes, add some salt and pepper. 

Cook for a few minutes, then place the mushroom on your pizza with the other toppings. You can now place your pizza dough with the rest of the ingredients in your preheated oven.


Don’t hold back on your grilling expertise; you can also grill your mushrooms for those interested. Grilling is another excellent option for cooking mushrooms because these fungi have water. 

Grilling lets the water in the mushrooms evaporate. The flavor intensifies when mushrooms lose water, including every other ingredient added. 

Soaking your mushrooms in an oil-based marinade some hours before or for the whole night will add flavor to your mushrooms before grilling. However, flavoring should continue throughout the grilling process.

Grilling mushrooms
Grilled Mushrooms

You can involve other family members by asking them to hit your grill for a few minutes and placing your mushrooms on it. 

For the smaller mushrooms, like cremini, you can skewer them across the cap before placing them on the grill. 

That is because smaller mushrooms are harder to turn on the grill. They can fall between the grills. On the other hand, you don’t need to skewer large mushrooms like large shiitakes and Portobello.

 Do you know how sometimes food gets stuck between the grills? Well, you can reduce that by brushing olive oil on the mushrooms.

Common Mistakes People Make When Pre-Cooking Mushrooms

The flavor and appearance of your toppings contribute to the overall taste of the pizza. That means you need to avoid the following mushroom mistakes to master cooking your homemade pizza.

  1. Do not wash your mushrooms. Mushrooms contain water and act like sponges, soaking up any liquid. As a result, they become waterlogged when you soak them.
  2. It would help if you did not cook mushrooms on low heat. The water in the mushrooms quickly evaporates before they touch the pan due to the high heat. However, using low heat will steam the mushroom, giving you a soggy mushroom in the end.
  3. It would be best if you did not slice every mushroom. Small mushrooms are great when you precook them as a whole. On the other hand, wilder-looking mushrooms with great texture are tasty when torn.
  4. Overcrowding the pan and not using enough oil make your mushrooms soggy. Overcrowding your pan or using a little oil will reduce the mushrooms’ space for water to evaporate. Therefore, your mushroom will simmer, giving you a soggy mushroom. If you also use a little oil, the spongy mushroom will soak up the oil in the pan.
  5. Don’t undercook your mushrooms. Leaving the mushrooms on your stove for a long time will give the mushrooms enough time to get rid of the excess water. It would be best to eliminate the excess water to increase its flavor.

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How to Prepare Fresh Mushrooms for Pizza?

Preparing fresh mushrooms is different from precooking. You must clean your mushrooms and chop them into pieces before cooking. 

We don’t recommend washing your mushrooms with water. Why? Before slicing, you can wipe the mushrooms with a dry paper towel or bristle brush. 

Mushrooms are porous, and they can absorb more water when you clean them with water. We also don’t want your pizza to be soggy and tasteless.

If some of your friends or family don’t like the inconsistent flavor or texture of the stem, you can remove them. 

Remember, we are removing the stem because of people’s preferences. 

Hold the mushroom by the cap and loosen the stem by moving it sideways. Otherwise, the stem is also edible! You can remove them while the mushrooms are still whole. 

Then, twist to detach the stem from the cap completely. You can keep them and use them for other meals, like mushroom soup. 

However, you should assess the stems because mushroom stems are woody and need cutting.


What size of mushroom do you prefer? Some people like chopping their mushrooms into halves, quarters, or slices. 

You can also chop your mushrooms, depending on the type. The size of the slices will also influence how long you cook the mushrooms.

How to Prepare Shitake Mushrooms for Pizza?

Shitake mushrooms require cleaning, plucking stems, and slicing before cooking. 

Like any other mushroom, you would love to know about its many nutrients. 

Besides, they are more popular because they have rich, earthy, and umami flavors. Before the preparation stage, you should ensure that your Shitake is plump and firm without wrinkles or slime.

Shitake mushrooms
Shitake Mushrooms

For a tasty result, you should follow these steps when preparing Shitake mushrooms:

Step 1: Trim the steps. Shitake is one mushroom that has woody stems. You don’t want the crunchiness or sour taste of the mushroom stem on your pizza. So, trim them with a knife or twist them using your hands.

Step 2: Wipe your Shitake! Since Shitake is muddy, you can wipe them with a paper towel or a wet kitchen towel.

Step 3: Slice them up. Since Shitake has massive crowns, you can slice them into small pieces or chop them. Your Shitake is now ready for precooking.

Step 4: Precook your Shitake by grilling or sauteing before placing them on your pizza. 

How to Prepare Portobello Mushrooms for Pizza?

Portobello mushrooms are large, and you need to trim the stem, remove the gills and chop them into pieces. If you have watched children’s stories, you must have seen the large Portobello mushrooms with gills below. 

Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello are Cremini, or baby Portobello that grew. We think the creminis are the best mushrooms for pizza. Their stems are usually tough and woody.

Besides, they also contain gills that contain a solid musty or muddy flavor that can overpower the mushroom taste.

While shopping for Portobello, checking whether they are fresh is vital. The Portobello should have dry gills but not be squishy or soggy. 

Therefore, are you ready to follow these steps in preparing Portobello?

Step 1: Trim the Portobello stems. Start by using a knife to cut out the woody Portobello stems.

Step 2: Remove the gills. You can use a spoon to scrape the gills inside the crown. Rotate the spoon as you remove the gills to make your work easier. Also, perfectionists, you don’t have to get every single gill.

Step 3: Wipe the surface. Remove the dirt or mud by wiping the surface with a paper towel or wet kitchen towel.

Step 4: Grill or saute; the Portobello mushroom and place them on your pizza topping for baking.

How Do You Prepare Canned Mushrooms for Pizza?

You can follow these simple steps to prepare your canned mushrooms:

Step 1: Open the canned mushrooms and pour the contents into a bowl. Separate the mushrooms from the liquid.

Step 2: Dry the mushrooms. Canned mushrooms come in cans full of saltwater. You don’t want all that water on your pizza; the excess water can make your crust soggy. 

Wipe the mushrooms using a damp kitchen towel or give them a quick rinse. Remember, mushrooms soak up water when you leave them in water for too long.

canned mushrooms
Canned Mushrooms

Step 3: Cut the mushrooms into pieces. Depending on the mushroom type, you can slice them or chop them into halves, quarters, or small bits.

Step 4: Place the mushrooms on your pizza without cooking. Some companies cook mushrooms before packaging, so you don’t have to cook them. Your mushrooms will become rubbery if you cook them a second time.

Step 5: Add to your pizza toppings and bake.

Here are the Best Canned Mushrooms for Pizza

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How to Add Fresh Mushrooms to Pizza?

When you add fresh or raw mushrooms to your pizza, you risk your crust getting soggy and your pizza getting a watery topping. 

They also give many people a raw mushroom taste, which is very subtle or more of a bland flavor. 

For this reason, we don’t recommend adding the raw mushroom, but if you have to, do it at the end.

Mushrooms contain a lot of water, and it takes a long time to lose moisture. 

So, you can add the mushrooms to your toppings during the last minutes of the pizza baking in the oven.

Therefore, your mushrooms will not have enough time to release all the water onto your pizza toppings and crust.

The Last Slice

Before adding the mushrooms with your pizza toppings, we hope you understand how to prepare mushrooms for pizza and how to pre-cook them. 

You should be aware of some typical mistakes resulting in soggy mushrooms. 

Remember to top your pizza with fresh or raw mushrooms at the end. 

Why don’t we, on the other hand, promote fresh mushrooms on pizza? Yes! Cooking raw mushrooms on pizza for an extended period can result in wet toppings and a soggy crust. 

Now that you know how to prepare fresh, Shitake, Portobello, and canned mushrooms, it is time to start precooking your mushrooms. 

The tips in this article will assist you in baking the most incredible pizza your friends and family have ever tasted. 

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