Hot Honey Pizza: Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

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Hot Honey Pizza

It’s no secret that pizza tastes even better when you add ranch-flavored dipping sauce.

But most people don’t ever consider other flavors that might highlight and enhance the taste of your pizza.

Now you can learn how a little help from one of nature’s oldest friends will change your mind when it comes to a pizza dipping sauce or even better, a hot honey pizza!

Are you up for the challenge?

So let’s try something new!

How Dipping Pizza in Ranch Dressing is a Thing of the Past

While most people can’t agree when dipping ranch sauce on pizza all began, it is popular on Buffalo wings since the mid-80s.

Even though the herbs and spices added to buttermilk cream will neutralize oils in mozzarella cheese and spice pepperoni, it’s just added sodium and saturated fats.

In our modern society that’s growing more and more aware of health risks, today’s pizza artisans are using age-old chemistry to their advantage.

It seems that the pizza cooking community has been quickly sharing a new dipping sauce that has proven medical benefits!

Not only that, but it also adds a whole new layer to flavors that can be unlocked in your pizza recipe.

Here’s what people are raving about, hot honey pizza.

How is that?

Just simply add hot honey to your pizza as soon as is done and voila! But which hot honey? The one and only:

Mike’s Hot Honey!

Mike’s Hot Honey is the Best Drizzling (Dipping) Sauce for your Pizza

Our Top Pick
Mike's Hot Honey

Mike’s Hot Honey combines two of nature’s most unique and wonderful flavors: honey and chili peppers. The balance of sweetness and heat adds a perfect kick to just about any food, without overwhelming it. It’s not too mild or too wild, so you can taste the flavor, not just the fire.

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What is Mike’s Hot Honey?

Mike’s Hot Honey it’s simply honey that has been infused with Brazilian peppers. This condiment has been changing the way we eat pizza. 

Also, pizza chefs worldwide are counting Mike’s Hot Honey as a pizza ingredient, just like any other topping, only bringing a sweet and hot profile to their pizzas.

Don’t worry; if you haven’t heard about this sauce before, you’re not alone. But that is what we are here for, to bring you a new experience.

History of Mike’s Hot Honey

Mike’s Hot Honey sauce has a fantastic journey that began nearly 20 years ago. But here’s the spoiler alert if you don’t know anything about this unique product.

Mike’s Hot Honey’s main ingredient is pure grade wildflower honey from upstate New York beekeepers.

But there is another secret ingredient, Brazilian Peppers, we’ll talk more about it in a little bit.

Mike’s Hot Honey has taken a while to get up to speed unless you’re a local to Brooklyn, New York. That narrows the amount of info you would have heard about, but Mike’s innovation was first introduced at Paulie Gee’s pizzeria.

Even though this was back in 2010, it was a local product until it featured on a CBS television morning show in 2015. The real news happened when his creation premiered on Amazon in late 2020.

Pro Tip

It would be best if you do not heat up honey. Honey that is heated becomes one-dimensional. It loses the subtle nuance of flavor that raw honey contains and becomes overly sweet and cloying. At room temperature, it will last forever, without any crystallization.

What’s in Mike’s Hot Honey?

Mike’s Hot Honey is a local product that is very common in the United States and contains local honey mixed with chili pepper oil.

With all respect to Mike Kurtz, a student studying abroad, who discovered this local flavor. It was intended to be put on to meat pies; however, Mike decided to drizzle it onto a pizza slice.

The excitement that he got from this flavor combination is what won him over.

It’s a great success story that’s essentially reinventing the wheel, yet the original recipe of honey and chili pepper oil is culturally unique to indigenous Brazilians.

They use a common pepper called the Malagueta Pepper, which is very common in Portugal and Brazil. This might be the best hot honey for pizza since it ranges from mild to hot.

If you don’t think that this is good for your health, here are some of the better attributes that chili-infused honey can provide. Try comparing this to any calorie results for ranch dressing in pizza combinations.

Wildflower Honey for Making Hot Honey Pizza

Pure-Grade wildflower honey

Mike’s Hot Honey is made with 100% pure honey, real chili peppers, and vinegar.
Mike’s Hot Honey is all-natural, gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and contains no artificial sugar or preservatives.

Benefits of Honey

Here are some benefits of consuming honey:

Contains antioxidants

We all know how antioxidants are beneficial for boosting your immunity and fending off cancer and common diseases. You might say that antioxidants help to keep you healthier and less prone to getting a cold or influenza.

Helps lower blood pressure

Another significant aspect of honey is that it will help to lower blood pressure naturally and effectively. This helps to reduce daily stress on your kidneys by reducing daily blood pressure.

Increased amounts of Vitamin A, B, and C

With plenty of vitamin A, it’s excellent to improve your eyesight and preventing night blindness. There are also ample amounts of vitamin B, so it also reduces the risk of heart disease and cardiovascular issues. The advantages of vitamin C will also help improve your immune system and contribute to better skin and hair.

Malagueta Pepper

Malagueta Pepper

By themselves, Malagueta peppers definitely fit right into the hot category of peppers. Not scorching hot like ghost pepper, but definitely hot. This pepper is pretty much in line with Thai peppers. The heat is about double a cayenne pepper or, about 20 times spicier than the average jalapeño. However, combined with the sweetness of the honey brings down the spiciness.

When to Put Honey on Pizza

Hot honey is a finishing sauce and it should be put on pizza as soon as the pizza is out of the oven.

What Does Mike’s Hot Honey Taste Like?


The combination of sweet and spicy is not so overpowering. The sweetness from the honey prevails over the heat of the peepers, creating this wonderful sweet yet hot flavor profile that balances amazingly well.

Their honey is collected from local beekeepers in NY and uses only Wildflower honey. The second ingredient is the Malagueta Pepper which is common in Brazil and Argentina.

There is a touch of vinegar that is not easy to taste, but we’re sure it’s used to help thin the honey so it can be more pourable in its consistency.


In terms of heat, Mike’s Hot Honey spiciness can be compared to the spiciness of a Peperonccini also known as  Tuscan peppers or sweet Italian peppers. Rated among the mildest hot peppers.

There are different levels that Mike’s Hot Honey now offers so each version will be mild to super spicy.

What it does to pizza is even more interesting since sweet and spicy honey will enhance pizza flavors.

The flavor profile allows for the sweetness to start at the front of your mouth while the chili’s heat is starting at the back of your mouth.

This is what makes hot honey sauce for pizza so appealing.

Pizza Pun

How was honey discovered?

A guy thought “I’ve gotta see what’s all that buzz about”

How to Use Mike’s Hot Honey

This chili-infused honey is drizzled all over your pizza any way you like. It can also be dipped into honey if you want, but that might just be going overboard.

Add just as much honey to your pizza to allow the flavors to come through. 

Hot Honey on Pizza

Mike’s Hot Honey

Adding too much honey to your pizza slice would overpower other natural flavors found on your pizza. Depending on the style of your pizza, adding honey might not complement the overall taste.

Is Mike’s Hot Honey Good on Pizza?

As Mike likes to recommend, his hot honey can be drizzled on nearly any kind of food that you want. It started out being added to pizza and has caught on over the years.

Especially for greasy New Jersey-style pizza, adding sweet chili-flavored honey helps all that surface oil mix well with each slice.

It might not taste so well on pizzas with anchovies or pizzas that have seafood, but that’s really up to your taste preference.

Hot Honey Pizza

Hot Honey Pizza

Mike’s Hot Honey goes very well with meat lovers’ pizza. Any pizza with pepperoni, Italian sausage, or any other meat of your preference.

Other Mike’s Hot Honey Pizza Ideas

If you’re making pizza at home, you can test your recipes using Mike’s Hot Honey sauce. You can try it on pizza sticks, twisted pizza strips, and cheese-filled pizza bites.

How to Use Mike’s Hot Honey

When it comes to any pizza, you want to add this hot honey mixture after taking a pizza out of the oven.

This method will allow flavors baked into any pizza to remain original and aren’t affected if you add honey to a pizza before cooking it, which could end up burnt due to the pizza’s high cooking temperature.

Another great idea is to focus on pizza toppings that compliment the flavor of honey.

These will include pepperoni, ham, Canadian bacon, and salami.

Most cheese will also taste great with you add honey on top of melted cheese. It doesn’t hurt to try a little on every pizza type to see what tastes good to you.

Hot Honey Pizza adding Mike's Hot Honey

Mike’s Hot Honey

Mike’s Hot Honey’s convenient packaging is small enough that you can easily take it with you in the event you are not making pizza but rather going to a restaurant.

How to Store Mike’s Hot Honey?

Store your hot honey can be in your pantry without refrigeration or on your kitchen counter. Is best kept at room temperature.

After opening any bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey, it may go through a process where it can crystallize.

This crystallization is caused when natural sugar crystals form within honey after a long period.

If you aren’t using honey and it remains still for too long, these crystals will form. It can be put into a microwave and heated until these crystals have remelted.

Where to Buy Mike’s Hot Honey?

In November of 2020, Mike’s Hot Honey finally launched its official Amazon store, which opens up its product to a global audience. They also have a website where they also sell their products.

Most people will agree that buying anything online provides buyers with a certain amount of protection. This also gives people living across America and greater Europe better access to Mike’s Hot Honey products.

Our Top Pick
Mike's Hot Honey

Mike’s Hot Honey combines two of nature’s most unique and wonderful flavors: honey and chili peppers. The balance of sweetness and heat adds a perfect kick to just about any food, without overwhelming it. It’s not too mild or too wild, so you can taste the flavor, not just the fire.

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The Last Slice

Do you have any more doubts about putting chili-infused honey onto your favorite pizza?

You might never go back to slathering ranch dressing on your pizza ever again.

Hopefully, we’ve given you more than enough reasons to switch over and make your next home-cooked hot honey pizza even better as a result.


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