Dough Relaxer

Dough Relaxer Definition

A dough relaxer is a baking ingredient used to relax dough that is excessively elastic and prone to shrinking.

Check our pizza dough enhancers article for more information.

Here’s the Dough Relaxer We Recommend

Scratch Premium Dough Conditioner Relaxer

The Secret to Great Bread - Scratch dough conditioner is a bread improver powder that strengthens the gluten and starch of your dough to create smoother, longer-lasting bread loaves and dough.

Add Scratch Dough Conditioner to any of your favorite bread recipes. When using Scratch Dough Conditioner as a dough enhancer for whole wheat bread, add Scratch Vital Wheat Gluten to the mix to achieve the ideal texture. Make great-tasting bread with a consistent crust and great bread texture.

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