Pizza Docking Definition

Pizza docking involves poking numerous holes into a pizza crust using a specialized tool called a dough docker.

This process is done immediately before topping, which helps prevent large air bubbles from forming in the crust during baking.

Here’s the Pizza Docker We Recommend

Winco Dough Docker

The Winco Dough Docker is a practical and efficient tool for pizza lovers and bakers. This dough docker helps create the perfect thin-crust pizza by preventing unwanted air bubbles and puffiness during baking. Its durable and sturdy design features rows of stainless steel pins that easily and evenly pierce the dough's surface, ensuring a consistent and uniform crust.

The comfortable handle allows for easy and precise control while the docker is in use. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, the Winco Dough Docker is essential to elevate your pizza-making game to perfection.

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