Cutter Pan

Pizza Cutter Pan Definition

Cutterpan is a circular solid or perforated metal pan used to fit the dough to the pan by rolling a rolling pin over the dough to cut the dough. The pan perforations allow direct heat over the crust, making it crispy.

How to Use a Pizza Cutter Pan

  • Place the pizza dough on top of the cutter pan.
  • With a rolling pin, press the dough to form a circle across the cutter pan.
  • With a sharp knife, cut any excess to shape a perfect circle.

Here’s Where You Can Get It

2 Pack Pizza Cutter Pan

Non-Stick pizza cutter pan makes achieving that perfectly crispy pizza crust and base easy – whether store-bought, frozen or baked fresh. It features a thick, non-stick carbon steel construction and a series of perforations that help circulate hot air around your base (which means no hot spots).

The perforated pizza pan measures 32 cm (12½”) in diameter. As well as being big enough for generously sized pizzas,

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