Cotto Refrattario

Cotto Refrattario Definition

Cotto Refrattario is the Italian word for “Baked clay.” Cotto refrattario is usually sourced from Tuscany to be used as the floor of pizza ovens.

To create a pizza oven cooking surface using baked clay, you do not mortar the bricks in place but instead spread a thin layer of paste made from sand, fire clay, and water as a “bed” for the floor. The process is similar to setting ceramic tiles.

installing cotto refrattario


o make the underfloor paste, mix 1 part fine sand and 1 part fireclay with water until you reach the texture of a sticky mortar. Spread the underfloor using a notched trowel, as the ridges will make it easier for you to get your floor perfectly level.

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