Clear Flour

Clear Flour Definition

Clear flour is left over when the premium white patent flour is removed from the wheat. It’s also known as high-gluten flour.

Contrary to its name, clear flour has a more robust flavor than regular flour and is darker in color. It is used in whole grain and rye bread due to its grey tint.

Additionally, it has a higher gluten concentration, which enables it to contain significant amounts of rye, whole wheat, and other components.

Because clear flour contains more protein, ash, and bran than patent flour, it is more nutrient-dense.

Although this flour has more protein than patent bread flour, the gluten it produces is of inferior quality and performs less well.

Clear flour is the least priced and has the lowest quality of all commercial flour.

Here’s Our Recommended High-Gluten Flour

King Arthur Flour Sir Lancelot Hi-Gluten Flour

This unbleached flour is milled from the finest 100% hard red spring wheat to give an extra chew to your bread and a higher rise to your whole-grain loaves. As the highest-gluten flour around (14%), it's key to helping you bake lusty, chewy artisan bread and whole-grain bread with a hearty, lofty texture. It's good for bread that requires long fermentation, like no-kneads, and great for dense, chewy bread like bagels, crusty rolls, artisan hearth bread, and pizza crusts.

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