Ceramic Insulation

Ceramic Insulation Definition

Ceramic insulation is the most efficient material available for pizza oven insulation. Heat resistant to over 2,300ºF, ceramic fiber boards and blankets offer extremely low thermal conductivity and are twice as efficient as Insulating Concrete.

Ovens insulated with 100% ceramic insulation provide faster oven heat up, better heat retention, and use less space.

Here’s Our Recommended Ceramic Insulation for Pizza Ovens

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Baffle Fire

With this White Ceramic Insulated Baffle Blanket, you will be getting 1 Roll that measures 25' (300") x 24" x 1". This can be used for Fireplaces, Kilns, Wooden Stoves, Furnaces, Stoves Pipes, Blacksmithing, Forging, Soldering, Pottery Kilns, Boilers, and various other applications It is able to withstand 2400F or 1315C temperatures and the product is Non-Toxic. The rolls are easy to lay out and cut with a sharp knife/blade.

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