Catering Oven

Catering Oven Definition

A catering oven is any portable or mobile pizza oven used for catering events and parties.

Here’s Our Recommended Catering Oven

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Alfa Allegro Outdoor Countertop Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

The Alfa Allegro is an elegant, high-quality outdoor wood-fired oven designed for pizza enthusiasts seeking the ultimate cooking experience. Crafted in Italy, this oven not only creates authentic, flavorful pizzas but also excels in cooking various types of dishes with remarkable efficiency.

The dome's high arching form traps heat and evenly cooks food, while the built-in thermometer lets you track interior temperatures.

You may cook everything in your Alfa pizza oven that you would typically prepare in your home oven, including roasts, veggies, desserts, and more, without the need for curing.

  • Authentic wood-fired taste
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Efficient heat-up and retention
  • High-quality, durable construction
  • Expensive investment
  • Requires outdoor space
  • Longer heat-up time compared to electric ovens
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning needed
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