Bubble Hook

Bubble Hook Definition

A bubble hook is used to pop bubbles on the pizza dough and move pots or pans around in the oven.

Here’s the Bubble Hook that We Recommend

American Metalcraft 30" Aluminum Pizza Bubble Popper

The aluminum pizza bubble popper is expertly manufactured by American Metalcraft. Bubbles in the dough that rise during cooking can ruin any pizza. When they rise, they create empty spots of plain dough in the middle of the pizza where all the cheese and toppings slid off as the bubble rose in the oven. To prevent these spots from forming, it's extremely important to pop the bubbles in the oven before they rise too much and this pizza bubble popper is the perfect solution. Its 30-inch length makes reaching into a shallow oven or through a window on a conveyer oven easier and safer than ever, while its handle comes coated in red rubber for a more secure, heat-resistant grip.

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