Pizza Lingo 101: The Essential Glossary for Pizza Lovers

Glossary of Pizza Terms and Definitions

“Pizza” is a word that any language can understand.

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We have from the most serious pizza terms to pizza slang.

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Glossary of Pizza Terms and Definitions

Whether you’re a pizza aficionado or just a casual fan, this guide will introduce you to the delicious world of pizza.

From traditional toppings to modern twists, this glossary covers the essential vocabulary you need to know to fully appreciate the art of pizza-making. So take a slice of this knowledge pie and expand your pizza horizons!

This pizza glossary will define common pizza terms and ingredients and some interesting pizza slang.

So let’s dive in and explore the savory world of pizza together!


Pizza Glossary

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  • Pizza Oven Facade Definition The pizza oven facade is the decoration that is added on or around the oven.  Typical pizza oven facades are tile, brick, stone, stucco, etc. Read More
  • Pizza Dough Fermentation Definition Fermentation is the process by which yeast metabolizes or consumes simple sugars to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol. Fermentation occurs as the yeast in dough becomes active; this is what causes the rising of the dough, or proving.(...) Read More
  • Finished Dough Temperature Definition The finished dough temperature is the temperature of the dough after mixing. Read More
  • Pizza Oven Finishing Zone Definition The finishing zone is the middle third of the oven from the flame, where pizzas are placed for the last few minutes of cooking, and other longer-cooked foods are placed for a quick finish. Read More
  • Fior Di Latte Definition Fior Di Latte is the Italian word for Flower of the Milk," a fresh, soft, whole-milk mozzarella cheese made from the milk of a cow. Fior Di Latte is usually kept in salted water to preserve it. Fior Di Latte has a creamy flavor, a soft texture, and a high(...) Read More
  • Fire Clay Mortar Definition Fire Clay Mortar is a mortar made of sand, fire clay, and Portland cement. Fire clay mortar is not as heat resistant as authentic refractory mortar. Read More
  • Firebrick Definition Firebricks are refractory bricks are used to build the oven dome. Firebrick a is typical medium-duty firebrick made from 30% to 35% alumina and 60% silica which can withstand rapid heat-up and cool-down cycles without cracking. Read More
  • Flame Height Management Definition Flame height management is a simple program for adjusting the radiant flame of a gas pizza oven using its manual control knob. It helps manage a consistent balance of the floor heat and top (dome) heat. Read More
  • Pizza Oven Floor Definition The pizza oven floor is the cooking surface of the oven. Read More
  • Flour Absorption Definition Flour absorption is a measurement established by flour producers to describe the capacity of flour to absorb water and achieve the desired dough consistency. The value is expressed in terms of the percent of water absorbed by the flour. Read More
  • Flour Ash Definition Ash is a term used concerning flour to indicate its mineral content. The higher the ash count, the more minerals are present in the flour, and vice versa. Read More
  • Flue Collar Definition Flue Collar is the exhaust collar extending from the oven, which exits into the ducting or hood. Read More
  • Flute Definition Flutes are the waved inner medium of a corrugated cardboard sheet used to give a pizza box strength. Read More
  • Fly Pie Definition In pizza slang, the phrase fly pie implies that you need a pizza fast. Read More
  • Focaccia Definition Focaccia is an Italian yeast bread. It is baked in sheet pans, is made of a dough that uses more yeast than pizza creating its higher rise, and is usually flavored with olive oil and topped with herbs and spices. Read More
  • Focaccia Style Pizza Definition Focaccia Style Pizza is a style of pizza that has no sauce. Focaccia Style Pizzas are topped with oils, grilled vegetables, and other toppings. Check our pizza styles article for more information and other pizza styles. Read More
  • Pizza Oven Foundation Definition The pizza oven foundation is the area where the oven sits, typically a concrete pad. Read More
  • Friction Factor Definition The friction factor is a value expressed as temperature, representing the amount of frictional heat imparted to a dough by a particular machine. The equation for friction factor is dough temperature multiplied by 3 minus the sum of the flour temperature,(...) Read More
  • Pizza Oven Front Door Definition In pizza slang, the front door of a pizza oven is the main opening of a brick oven. Read More

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